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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

Auckland Racing Club's Jubilee Meeting

Auckland Racing Club's Jubilee Meeting.

The Jubilee meeting of the Auckland Racing Club was held to-day at Ellerslie. Excellent weather prevailed, for though the sun was hidden by clouds, the result was a grateful shade and an agreeable tempering of the heat. The course was in beautiful order; notwithstanding the recent dry weather, the lawn was a picture of colour, the flower-beds immediately in front of the stand and bounding the wall being covered in rich bloom, whilst outside the charming little summer-house near the luncheon rooms, the well-laid-out paths and masses of flowers, completed a beautiful effect. Everywhere the care of the authorities of the club was manifest. In the avenue parallel with the main luncheon room inside the stand, the eye was pleased by knots of flowers and foliage, boxes of trailing plants and evergreens, and a graceful arch which spanned the passage.

Early in the afternoon, before the first race, Lord Onslow, Rear-Admiral Lord Scott,: and Lord Carrington arrived on the course. At about a quarter to one p.m., the vice-regal "drag," a four-in-hand, was seen approaching, Lord Onslow himself driving, whilst there were also in the drag, Rear Admiral Scott, Lord Carrington, Captain: Savile, Captain Barlow (of the Orlando), Hon. Mr. Hislop, Mr. E. C. Meysey-Thompson, His Worship the Mayor of Auckland page 75 (Mr. J. H. Upton), and three other gentlemen. Almost before the public were aware of the presence of the vice-regal party, the "drag" was on the course; and what promised to be an interesting reception was thus to a certain extent spoilt. The carriage approached by way of the racing track until opposite the grandstand, when the Hon. Mr. Mitchelson, who is President of the Auckland Racing Club, received the party at the entrance to the lawn, and conducted them to the grandstand. Sir John Thurston, with Lady and Miss Thurston, also drove out in private carriage, and His Excellency was present on the lawn when the other Governors arrived. The distinguished visitors, during their stay, manifested the greatest interest in the racing. After the Hurdle Race, they proceeded to the stewards' luncheon room, where Mr. T. McEwin, aided by a large staff of assistants, had laid in a most complete manner an excellent luncheon, whilst the table was tastefully decorated with flowers, &c. At the conclusion of the repast, the Hon. Mr. Mitchelson proposed the health of "The Queen," and this toast was followed by that of the health of "Lord Onslow and the other guests of the viceregal party." His Excellency the Governor of New Zealand replied, and thanked the Racing Club for their courtesy. During their stay, the visitors inspected the totalisator in the saddling-paddock, and watched the system of investing, paying out, &c., and the working of the machines, which were explained to them by Mr. Blomfield, the proprietor. At a quarter-past three p.m. the vide-regal party, with the exception of Lord Carrington, left the course, as they were to proceed to the North Shore. After the Juvenile Handicap the drag was brought on to the course proper in front of the lawn, and as Lord Onslow mounted the box and drove off there was a renewal of the enthusiastic cheering with which they had been received. Sir John Thurston left with Lord Onslow. During the journey out to the races and on the return, the party were cheered all along the route. In graceful compliment to their guests, the Club had placed in front of the Governor's box at the grand stand the royal arms flanked by the arms of the houses of Onslow and Carrington; whilst from the centre tower of the stand floated the Royal Standard, and from each of the side towers the Union Jack. Strings of flags were also carried on top of the Derby stand.

In the afternoon the stewards held a meeting, and endorsed the penalty of disqualification for three months imposed upon S. Fergus on Jan. 29 by the Takapuna Jockey Club.

The following are the details of the racing, the numbers before the names of the horses showing the number of investors on the totalisators:—

Maiden Handicap, of 70sovs, second horse to receive 10sovs out of stakes. For three-year-olds and upwards. For all horses that have not won 50sovs at time of starting. One mile and a quarter.

In. Out.
40—73 Mr. R. Burke's ch m Dolosa, 3 yrs, 7st 11lb, by Leolinus—Lure (Wells) 1
51—42 Mr. J. C. Booth's b g Memorandum, 5yrs, 7st 9lb (Katterns) 2
30—50 Mr. H. French's ch h Eruption, 5yrs, 7st 10lb (Fletcher) 3
31—16—30 Mr. J. Carnegie's br m Cartridge, 3yrs, 8st 10lb (Skirving) 9
32—9—11 Mr. J. Maitland's br m Fairy Queen, 3yrs, 7st 7lb (Lindsay)
33—9—13 Mr. Jas. Lowther's ch g Rata-plan, 4yrs, 7st 6lb (Smith)
34—6—9 Mr. A. Joseph's blk h Barber, 5yrs, 7st 4lb (Reid)
35—12—17 Mr. J. Rae's b m Fragrance, 4yrs, 6st 7lb (Cook)
36—3—8 Mr. J. Hapa's b g Mararoa, 6yrs, 6st 3lb (Creamer)
18—24 Mr. W. Walter's b c Ingorina, 3yrs, 6st (Priest)

There was very little delay at the post, and at the second attempt Mr. Cutts dipped the flag to an excellent start. When they settled into their strides, Dolosa was the first to show in front, and as they passed the stand she held half-a-length's lead of Rataplan, Fairy Queen being next, with the others close handy. As they swept round the bottom Dolosa increased her advantage to a length and a-half; but, as they ran up the back, Rataplan again closed the gap, and passing the three-quarter mile post, Fragrance too joined issue, and the trio raced almost abreast into the cutting, Ingorina and Eruption being their nearest attendants. As they raced across the top, Dolosa began to draw away again, while Rata-plan and Fragrance died away, and, sweeping round the home turn, Eruption shot up into second place, Memorandum also coming fast on the outside. Dolosa, however, continued to hold her advantage, and though Memorandum got past Eruption in the last fifty yards, he could never get on terms with the Leolinus mare, who won rather easily by a length and a-half, Memorandum beating Eruption by half-a-length for second place. Time, 2m. 14s. Dividends: Inside, £4 7s; outside, £3 8s.

Handicap Hurdle Race of 80sovs. Second horse to receive 1sovs. out of stakes. Over eight flights of hurdles. Two miles.

In. Out.
67—99 Mr. J. Rae's br g Titokowaru, by Dilke—Flora McDonald, aged, 9st (Ghent) 1
31—49 Mr. J. Maitland's ch g Parnell, aged, 9st, (Morrigan) 2
31—41 Mr. D. Harford's blk g Black Joe, aged, 9st (McMinamin) 3
131—170 Mr. A. Ellingham's b g Chemist, aged, 13st 4lb (Hickey)
260 359

When the flag fell, Chemist drew out in advance, but they had scarcely gone fifty yards before Titokowaru was taken to the front, and by the time the cutting was reached he had at least a dozen lengths' lead of Black Joe. Titokowaru's jump at the next obstacle was very faulty, but he negotiated the next in grand style. From thence out the race was simply a procession, for going with a beautiful free stride, Titokowaru never gave page 76 his opponents a chance, and he romped in an easy winner by five lengths in front of Parnell, who was about the same distance ahead of Black Joe; while Chemist, a long way in the rear, whipped in the field. Time, 3m ,59s. Dividends: Inside, £3 9s 6d; outside, £3 5s.

Juvenile Handicap of 120sovs, second horse to receive 10sovs, and third horse 5sovs out of the stakes. For two-year-olds. Six furlongs.

In. Out.
168—166 Mr. W. Somerville's br f Mary, by Nordenfeldt—Frailty, 8st 8lb (Taylor) 1
61—70 Mr. John Lyneh's ch c Leolantis, by Leolinus—Atlantis, 6st 12lb (Cook) 2
72—105 Major F. N. George's ch f Miss Cole, by King Cole—Tenambra, 7st (Reid) 3
36—47 Mr. E. James' br c The Dreamer, by Somnus—Sweet Alice, 7st 8lb (Priest)
38—60 Mr. E. C. Meysey-Thompson's b f Souvenir, by Ingomar—Memento, 7st 5lb (Lindsay)
64—76 Mr. J. Lowther br c Cambria, by Nordenfeldt—Erycina, 7st (Manning)
22—39 Mr. James Carnegie's b c Master Pat, by King Cole—Eileen Alannah, 6st 7lb (Skirving)
461 563

After two breaks away, the flag fell to a straggling start, of which Mary and Miss Cole had the best, and Souvenir and Leolantis the worst. Taylor immediately set to work to make the pace a docker with the favourite, and as they ran out of the cutting she held nearly a length's advantage of Miss Cole, Cambria being close handy next, while the field was closed in by Souvenir. Across the top stretch Miss Cole was almost on terms with Mary, but it was apparently only on sufferance, as Taylor was sitting quite still on the favourite. As they swept round the turn for home Reid had to take out the whip to Miss Cole to keep her in her place, while Leolantis began to go up, and by the time the Derby stand was readied he had Miss Cole beaten; but though he finished very gamely he could not reach Mary, who won with something in hand by half a length; Miss Cole was close handy in third place, and then came Cambria, The Dreamer, Souvenir, and Master Pat in that order. Time, lmin 17sec. Dividends: Inside, £2 9s; outside, £3 1s.

Jubilee Cup of 250sovs. Second horse to receive 30sovs, and third horse 10sovs out of the stakes. One mile and a-half.

In. Out.
129—138 Mr. H. Harrison's br h Raglan, by Cap-a-pie—Tenambra 4yrs., 7st 10lb (Katterns) 1
33—48 Mr. B. Thompson's ch m Leorina, by Leolinus—Yatterina 6yrs., 7st 12lb (Lindsay) 2
119—106 Mr. T. Page's br m Antelope, by Apremont—Miss Kate 6yrs., 8st (Murphy) 3
119—150 Mr. W. Sommerville's br m Hilda, by Musket—Ouida, 4 yrs., 8st 9lb (Taylor)
99—114 Mr. W. Bobbett's blk h Patchwork, by Piscator—Patch, 4 yrs., 7st 10lb (Cook)
28—42 Mr. C. Beresford's ch c Fabulous, by Leolinus—Atlantis, 3 yrs., 6st 10lb (Smith)
61—47 Mr. J. Kean's b c Montrose, by Ingomar—Dundee's Katie, 3 yrs., 6st 7lb (Priest)
488 645

After two breaks away the flag fell to a beautiful start. Hilda and Patchwork were the first to show in front, but Antelope soon joined them, and at the top turn there was little to choose between the trio, while Montrose was lying close handy. Coming past the stand, Hilda held half a length's advantage of Montrose, Patchwork, Antelope, Fabulous, Leorina, and Raglan following in the order mentioned By the time the bottom turn was reached Hilda had fallen back, and her place was taken by Antelope, who was barely a neck ahead of Montrose, Patchwork and Leorina being next. Racing round the bottom turn Montrose got his head in front, but when they reached the far corner Antelope was again on terms, and the two leaders began to make the pace very fast. When the cutting was gained Antelope was half a length in front of Montrose; and here Patchwork and Raglan set out to tread their way to the leading division. Antelope held her advantage across the top stretch, and she was first to reach the turn for home, but at this point Raglan came like a shot from a gun, and dashing to the front with a run which could not be denied, he had established a two lengths' lead in his favour before the Derby stand was reached, where Leorina passed Antelope, but though the daughter of Leolinus struggled gamely on, she never had a show with Raglan, who romped in a winner by two lengths, Leorina beating Antelope by a length and a-half for second place; then followed Patchwork, Fabulous, and Montrose. Time, 2m. 42s. Dividends: Inside, £4 2s; outside, £4 4s.

Handicap Steeplechase, of 150sovs; second horse to receive 20sovs, and third horse 10sovs out of the Stakes. About three miles and a-half.

In. Out.
90—74 Mr. N. Dickey's ch g Recruit, by Day Dawn—Stella, aged, 10st 9lb (Laing) 1
61—81 Mr. J. McHugh's blk g Messenger, aged, 10st 6lb (Collins) 2
256—332 Mr. J. Rae's b g Orangeman, aged, 12s 4lb (Rae) 3
85—157 Mr. A. Ellingham's b g Chemist, aged, 13st 4lb (Hickey)
132—199 Messrs. Russell and Black's chg Takapau, aged, 10st 7lb (Johnson) 1
624 843

When the flag was lowered Takapau and Recruit were first away, with Chemist next, Orangeman fourth, and Messenger last In the order they negotiated the gorse fence, which Takapau jumped in a very slovenly manner. As the horses came in sight again from behind the trees the colours of Takapau were seen in front, and he cleared the post and rail page 77 fence two lengths in front of Recruit, Orange-man being third, and Messenger fourth, ten lengths away. Here Chemist baulked, and took no further part in the race. As they came down the hill Takapau was a length in front of Recruit, with Orangeman eight lengths behind, the same distance separating him in his turn from Messenger. At the sod wall Recruit drew out two lengths in front of Takapau, Orangeman being still third, and thus early in the struggle apparently showing signs of distress, while Messenger, although a long way in the rear, was going kindly and well. There was no alteration in the places as the horses crossed the water jump and stone wall, and when they came in sight again from behind the trees situate at the old water jump. Recruit, running very strongly, had still a decided advantage of Takapau and Orangeman, and racing up the back, he begun to draw still further away. Approaching the hill the horses maintained the places named, but when they shot out from behind the plantation Orangeman was seen to have improved his position somewhat, and, coming down the hill, he deprived Takapau of second place, and, as they negotiated the stone wall, he was scarcely three lengths behind the leader. On the flat, however, Recruit again began to draw away, and he held ten lengths advantage of Orangeman when the sod wall was reached, and the double was crossed in the same order. As they raced to the stone wall, Messenger ran into third place, and making up his ground in splendid style was on terms with Orangeman when the three-quarter-mile post was reached. Racing up the hill Recruit still held a long lead of Messenger, Orangeman being next, with Takapau fourth. The latter ran off at the top of the hill, where Recruit, was ten lengths in front of Messenger, and coming down the hill, his name was on almost everyone's lips, and his victory was loudly proclaimed, but approaching the stone wall at the ton of the straight, Messenger had decreased the gap considerably, and scarcely five lengths separated him from the leader. By dint of vigorous riding on the part of Collins, Messenger still further improved his position, and when the home turn was reached he was barely two lengths to the bad. Here Laing surveyed the position, and sitting down on Recruit he begun to ride in real earnest. At the last hurdle scarcely a length separated the twain, and the excitement grew intense as the horses rose almost together to the obstacle. From thence home a desperate struggle ensued for supremacy. Messenger answered gallantly at first to the repeated calls of Collins, but in the last few strides he ran a bit unkindly, and swerving somewhat, Recruit dashed past the post, all out, a winner by half a length. Orangeman, although not placed by the judge, was third. Time, 8m. 56s. Dividends: Inside, £6 4s 6d; outside, £10 5s.

Flying Handicap of 100sovs. Second horse to receive 10sovs out of stakes. Six furlongs.

In. Out.
111—76 Mr. H. Harrison's br h Raglan, 4yrs, by Cap-a-pie—Tenambra, 8st (Katterns) 1
78—56 Mr. T. Page's br m Antelope, 6yrs, by Apremont—Miss Kate, 8st 12lb (Murphy) 2
79—24—31 Mr. D. McKinnon's blk c Loch Ness, 3yrs, by Ingomar—Albatross, 7st 5lb 3
106—116 Mr. W. Somerville's blk h Teksum, 4yrs, by Musket—Alba-tross 9st
29—25 Mr. W. Bobbett's br h Patchwork, 3yrs, by Piscator—Patch, 8st 6lb
28—22 Mr. J. Carnegie's br m Cartridge, 3yrs, by Musket—Rosalie, 7st 7lb
40—44 Mr. Milien's b g Tupaki, aged, by Anteros—Ratafia, 7st 7lb
20—14 Mr. R. Burke's ch f Dolosa. 3yrs, by Leolinus—Lure, 7st 4lb
436 384

Mr. Cutts slipped the field to a pretty fair start, of which Tupaki had slightly the best. Tupaki led into the cutting, followed by Patchwork and Teksum, while Dolosa whipped in the field. As they raced across the top the field closed up into a compact bunch, and Tupaki was the first into the straight, when Raglan ran to the front, and Tupaki fell away, his place being taken by Antelope. The daughter of Apremont was within a length of the leader as they came to the lawn rails, but Raglan always held her safe, and ran home a winner by a length. Loch Ness being about the same distance behind in third place, Patchwork was fourth. Time, lm. 19s. Dividends: Inside, £3 15s 6d; outside, £4 10s 6d.

Selling Handicap of 50sovs. The winner to be sold immediately after the race. Seven furlongs.

In. Out.
81—101 Mr. J. Rae's ch m Prudence, by Danebury—Discretion, 4yrs, 8st (Dixon)
79—117 Mr. Maitland's br g Blarney, aged, 7st 10lb (Lindsay) 2
69—94 Mr. H. J. Coutts' blk g Holly, aged 7st 5lb (Fletcher)
72—89 Mr. J. Wilson's br g Premier, aged, 6st (S. Cook)
13—33 Mr. Henry Whity's b g The Carter, aged, 6st (Johnson)
50—72 Mr. N. Dickey's g Try Fluke, aged, 6st (Manning)
364 506

A mistake happened in regard to this race. The horses lined up at the six furlongs post, and Mr. Cutts started them from that point, Blarney finishing first. The stewards had no alternative but to send the horses back, and the race was then run from the seven furlongs post, Prudence winning by half a length. Dividends: Inside, £4 6s 6d; outside, £4 10s. A number of persons who had supported Prudence threw away their totalisator tickets when Blarney ran in first, not knowing that the race was void.