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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69



Mesdames Armitage, F. Angus; Misses Anderson.

Mesdames Bewes, S. Browning, Brigham, Berry, Burton, Bailey, Baker, Blair, Bedlington, Balmson, Butt, Brett. Misses M. Bruce, Brett, Berry, Brigham, E. Banks, Banks, Bedlington, Amy Brett, Brett, Brookfield (2), B. Banks, Bailey, E. Barstow, A. Barstow, Bruce, Birsill.

Mesdames Cotter, Churton, Cooper, Ching, Clendon, Lady Chute, Clark. Coates, Cottle, Rupert Clark. Misses Churton, Carr, Clendon, Sissie Coleman, Maggie Coleman, Coates, Chew, Clayton, Chapman, Clark, Chambers.

Mesdames Dignan, Denniston, A. Devore, Moss Davis, Misses Dickey, Durrieu, Da veney, Devore. Mrs. W. Earl.

Mesdames Fraser, Ford, Misses Firth (2), Fenton, A. Fenton.

Mesdames Goodhue, F. Nelson George, Gover, Angus Gordon, S. Goldstein, Misses E. Gorrie, M. Gome, Gruchy, Gordon, Isabel Gordon, Gray, Goodall.

Mesdames Macgregor Hav, Hull, Holland, Haines, Hanmer, Hoeder, Honeyman, Hay; Misses J. Hay, Holland, A. Holland, Hay, Houchen, M. Houchen, Ella Harris.

Misses Isaacs (2), Eva Isaacs.

Mrs. Jones; Misses Joseph, Jervis.

Misses Kissling (2), Gertrude Kempthorne, Keesing, Kilgour, Nelly Kilgour, Kempthorne, Mabel Kissling.

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Mrs. Lewis.

Misses E. Lockett, C. Lawford, F. Levinsohn.

Mesdames Mahoney, MacLean, Mackechnie, MacLaughlin, J. E. MacDonald, Mitchelson, Murray, S. Morrin, McPhellimy, Lady Mainwaring, Misses Metcalfe, Ida McDonald, M. MacDonald, MacDonald, McGlashan, Murray, MacLaughlin, Moss (2), MacDonald, Mulgan, J. Mowbray, Morse.

Mrs. N. A. Nathan.

Mrs. Ormond, Misses Isa Outhwaite, Owen, Kitty Owen.

Mesdames J. Philson, Pierce, Page, Peacock, W. Philson, Payton. Misses Puckey, Purchas (2), Peacock, Mabel Philips.

Mesdames Rigg, J. Russell, Russell, J. Reid, Ruck, Misses Roberton, Rees, B. Rees, Russell, Rewes, Nina Russell, Rookes, N. Ruck, M. Ruck.

Mesdames Saunders, Stubbs, T. Viret Shepherd, Bruce Suttor, F. Sharland, Misses Sealy, Suttie, Stevenson, Stewart, Forbes Shepherd, Shotton.

Mesdames A. H. Taylor, W. Thompson, C. Chambers Taylor, Tennent, Trimnell, H. Thompson. Thomas, G. Thompson, Tolhurst, A. K. Taylor, Thomas, Tewsley, Misses M. K. Taylor, Wright Thomson, Tolhurst, Kerr Taylor, Katie Taylor, Louisa Taylor, Tilly.

Mrs. Upton, Miss Upton.

Mrs. Verdin.

Mesdames Williamson. Worsp, Ware, Reader Wood, Whyte, Webb, E. Waymouth, Misses Worsp, I. Worsp, Whitaker, Worker, Webb, Williamson, Wilkie, West.