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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

The Swimming Carnival

The Swimming Carnival.

This portion of the second day's Jubilee events was a most pronounced success, and was patronised by fully 6000 people. These were conveyed across the harbour to the wharf at the Calliope Dock by the ferry steamers, and by the time the first race started, at noon, the whole of the spacious enclosure was alive with people, the caisson, sides, and all the ledges of the basin to the water's edge being literally packed with spectators, who betrayed very keen interest in all the contests, as they were, from the splendid opportunity offered them by the conformation of the dock, able to see and follow without trouble all the events as they were run. All the officers of the Auckland Swimming Club worked very hard to have all the arrangements perfected, and the proceedings passed off without a hitch. Mr. J. E. Cooke acted as starter with conspicuous success, while the judges, Major Anderson and Mr. A. M. Myers, who were ably assisted by the patron of the club, Mr. John Marshall, gave satisfaction in all their decisions. The exhibition of swimming throughout was very creditable, the boys especially showing great improvement since the last gala. The Rarotongan events were very popular. In the long dive the winner, W. Allen, made a phenomenal record of 75 yards, but was greatly exhausted at the finish, and would have sunk had it not been for the plucky conduct of Messrs. A. M. Myers and J. Marshall, who jumped into the water and hauled him ashore. The Jubilee Championship was a desperate fight, and was won by a few feet by H. J. Bailey. It is worthy of remark that Bailey, as well as last year's champion, W. Von Stunner, was trained by Prof. Pannell, and in addition the following of his pupils snowed the benefit of his experienced coaching by securing prizes during the day:—P. J. Missen, N. White, A. McLean, and H. N. Cossar. The races were as follow:—

Maiden Race, 100yds.—A large field of about twenty started, and though they were despatched in rather an uneven manner a fast swum race took place, which resulted, M. Scott. 1; A. Gold water, 2; P. J. Missen,

Boys Under 12, 50yds.—This race like all the juvenile events was very exciting, and a close struggle for victory ended, N. White, 1; J. Graham, 2; W. Kenny, 3.

Long Dive.—A good field of seven competed in this event, but though some very creditable diving was done, the winner, W.J, Allen, was a good way ahead, his record being given as the wonderful one of 75yds. He was much exhausted at the finish. Some of the other competitors have, we understand, protested against Allen on the ground of wrongful entry.

Boys Under 14, Handicap.—This race was over a course of 60yds length, and was very keenly contested. W. Kenny had a good lead and looked like winning, but stopped a few yards off the tape and the others being close up did not gain a place, the race resulting W. E. Cossar, 1; F. Mc-Indoe, 2; J. Pollock, 3.

Jubilee Championship of New Zealand.—This was the event of the day; but, all though theee was a good number of competitors entered, the reported prowess of three caused the balance to retire. The distance was 440yds, and the starters were H. J. Bailey, A. N. Duthie, and P. Madigan, and they were got away on even terms. For a long time it was anyone's race, all keeping well together, but towards the finish Bailey and Duthie drew ahead, and, after a desiderate race, the former won by about a couple of feet his time being 7m., 10s. H. .J Bailey, 1; A. N. Duthie, 2; P. Madigan, 3.

Neat Header.—Eight competitors started, and some pretty diving was exhibited. Nicholson's clean style was much admired; but McLean was even better, plunging into the water without the least splash, in a very graceful style. A. L. McLean, 1; H. Nicholson, 2.

Calliope Handicap, 150yds.—A grand race took place for this event, a field of over 30 starting. The event was gamely contested, and the winner only secured the judge's verdict by a couple of yards, while the second and third men were even closer together. The scratch division swam excellently, but the limits were too long. The result was:—F. Hedges, 30s., 1; E. Jones, 60s., 2; H. Brigham, 40s., 3. Time, 2m. 53s.

Rarotongan Diving and Swimming.—For the long dive five natives started, but their records did not, contrary to expectation, exceed those of the average of the local amateurs. The winner, Tangaia, executed a good dive of about 55yds. In the race of 150yds five also competed, and the overhand style which they used was noted as differing from the European side stroke. The race was won rather easily by Kautai, 1; Pora, 2; Meau, 3.

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Jubilee Handicap, 300yds.—Thirteen faced the starter, and went off well together. Duthie, the scratch man, swam in grand style, but could not catch the leaders, and after an exciting finish down the home turn the race resulted: F. J. Taylor, 50s., 1; A. Goldwater, 50s., 2; H. Nicholson, 15s., 3.

Naval Race, All-Comers.—Six bluejackets competed for this event, but the race was not very exciting, as Murray won rather easily, while Drake and Hayter, from the same ship, were neck-and-neck for second. The race concluded:—Murray (Orlando), 1; Drake (Orlando), 2; Hayter (Orlando), 3.

Back Race, 50Yds.—This was one of the best races of the day, and was contested by a big field. Many showed very pretty style, and a well fought race was won, after a very close finish, by L. M. Meyers. Major Anderson was sole judge in this event. L. M. Myers, 5s., 1; A. Smith, 10s., 2; J. W. Gittos, 8s., 3.

Boys' Race Under 13.—This was a handicap of 75yds, and brought out a large field. The result was:—A. Upton, 10s., 1; H. N. Cossar, 10s., 2; H. Black, 8s., 3.

Citizens' Handicap, 200yds.—Fully thirty competitors started in this race, and a keen competition ensued. Duthie and Nicholson, of the scratch division, went through their men well, but could not quite get up, and tied for third place. The winner Gittos swam well; E. S. Gittos, 35s., 1; A. Smith, 35s., 2: A. N. Duthie, 5s., and H. Nicholson, (10yds), equal, 3.

Naval Race, Officers.—A good race for this event resulted in a victory for F. Pierce (Opal); S. H. Skinner (Orlando) 2; J. Arm-strong, 3.

Among the most interesting and popular portions of the afternoon's sports, was the exhibition of fancy swimming by Professor Pannell, who has been fittingly named the "Water Wizard." He first indulged in a long plunge, and then showed some pretty swimming backwards, and then sculling feet first, and floating in various positions. A pretty revolving feat entitled "The Sun-flower," was displayed, and then some rapid styles of swimming, including the "porpoise stroke. The whole concluded with the Professor exhibiting a roll in the water, and then after being tied hand and foot and cast into the water, still keeping afloat and making progress.