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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

The Maoris and the Jubilee

The Maoris and the Jubilee.

The Minister for Native Affairs, the Hon. E. Mitchelson, has received the following communication from Major Kemp, which the latter desired to present to His Excellency the Governor at Wellington, but which he has now forwarded to him and the Jubilee Committee at Auckland:—

Wanganui, January 27th, 1890. The Hon. Edward Mitchelson, Minister for Native Affairs: Sir,—Salutations to you our Minister for Native Affairs. This is a statement of ours to you, and do you make it known to the Governor, Earl Onslow, and to the committee of the Jubilee of New Zealand at Auckland. That is my word with respect to this celebration. Fifty years are now elapsed since Queen Victoria sent her mana and her favour to these two islands, called New Zealand. The proof of which is the Treaty of Waitangi. "In my opinion this is a fitting time to confirm the unity of New Zealand and England under the mana and favour of Queen Victoria and her chieftainship for ever and ever." Sir,—Th s is an urgent word of mine to you, or rather to you and the Governor: Do you cablegraph these words above written, and I will pay for it, although it may cost ten or twenty pounds—"that is, for those words from the words "fitting time" to "ever and ever," as quoted.—From your obedient servant, Meiha Keepa Rangihiwinui.

His Excellency has sent the following reply:—

Sir,—I have received through my Minister for Native Affairs your communication to Her Majesty the Queen, expressing your desire that the union of New Zealand to Britain, as at present existing, should be confirmed for ever and ever. I have, at your desire, conveyed that message to Her Majesty, and have also, as you request, directed that your statement he made known to the Jubilee Committee at Auckland. I am always ready and glad to receive your communications and addresses at any time that you intimate to me your wish to make them. Onslow, Governor.