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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

Civil Service

Civil Service.

The growth of the cost of the Civil Services from the Balance-sheets of the colony, issued from the Audit office, is here given in quinquennial periods:—
Cost of Civil Service. Pensions.
1840 £6,551
1845 17,953
1850 30,161
1855 22,695
1860 60,025 £1,700
1865 147,342 2,901
1870 203,861 5884
1875 306,824 8,619
1880 380,510 17,873
1885 570,286 30,195
1888 475,247 27,876

What is included by the Comptroller it the Civil Services does not appear clear, as in the "Introductory Remarks" it is stated that "Postal up to the year 1846 is included in the Civil Services;" "Marine in the earlier years is included in the Civil Services and "Under the head of Lands is comprised all the expenditure on surveys and on the goldfields," but as most people would regard the postal authorities, the surveyors and draughtsmen, and the marine officers as Civil Servants, it would seem that a very large number outside the "Civil Service" roll obtain Civil servants' salaries and Civil servants' employment.

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The total of the pensions paid to 31st March, 1888, amounted to the sum of £658,087 11s 3d, without any regard to sums paid for compensation for loss of office or gratuities to the bereaved or injured. It is no uncommon thing, however, to find among the public accounts the names of men receiving compensation for loss of office on two or more different occasions, having been "retrenched" more than once when an incoming Ministry wanted to appear to set the finances in order.

For compensation for loss of office two periods in the hist decade are notable, those of 1880 and 1888, when some £20,000 on each occasion was paid away to discharged officials.