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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

The Governor's Party

The Governor's Party.

Mr. Featherston, owner of the fine steam yacht Nautilus, kindly placed his vessel at the disposal of the Entertainment Committee, ana they resolved to employ it in taking His Excellency and party to Devonport to see the races there, then to visit the flagship, and to follow the Whaleboat Race. At two o'clock the steamer left the old ferry tee. Amongst those on board were:—Hon. Sir F. Whitaker, Hon. Mr. Mitchelson, Hon. Mr. Hislop, His Worship the Mayor, Messrs. Devore, Rees George, R. Cameron, J. Marshall, A. S. Russell, J. Coates, and Captain Anderson. The Nautilus was steered throughout the day by her owner; and ticklish navigation it was sometimes, as the harbour was simply alive with craft of all kinds. She went alongside the Orlando, where the Governor and party were, and waited for a few minutes, as Lords Onslow and Carrington were watching with keen interest the race in which the boats of the men-o'-war were engaged. After this was concluded they embarked on the Nautilus, and steamed rapidly to the Devonport Wharf. Here His Worship the Mayor of Devonport (Mr. M. Niccol) was in waiting, with carriages to convey the party to the race-ground. Lord Onslow was accompanied by Captain Savile and Mr. Meysey-Thompson, while with Admiral Lord Charles Scott was Flag-lieu'enant Fitzgerald. All the party were, of course, in mufti. They were conducted to seats on the grand stand by Mr. Mitchelson, who is President of the Taka-puna Jockey Club, and Mr. Niccol, who is the Vice-president, and shortly after their arrival, Mr. E. W. Alison, chairman of the stewards, and Mr. W. H. Fenton were introduced to their Excellencies and Admiral Scott. They then saw the race for the Takapuna Jubilee Cup, which was a capital one. Shortly after the party were invited to the Marquee, where an excellent luncheon was set out. Time, however, allowed of only a few toasts being drunk. His Excellency the Governor asked those present to drink the toast of "Prosperity to the Takapuna Jockey Club." The Hon. Mr. Mitchelson then proposed the health of His Excellency the Governor and Mr. M. Niccol then proposed the health of Lord Carrington, and Major: George proposed the health of Admiral Lord Charles Scott. The party were then driven to the wharf, and the Nautilus steamed for the flagship. Arrived there, they went into the cabin, when Mr. J. Marshall, as president of the Regatta Club, proposed the health of His Excellency the Governor, Rear-Admiral Lord Charles Scott, and of Lord Carrington. His Excellency acknowledged the compliment, and proposed "Success to the Regatta Committee." After a brief stay on board of the flagship the Nautilus left, and followed the course of the whaleboat race. When this was concluded, Lords Onslow and Carrington and Admiral Scott were landed at the Queen street Wharf.