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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

Takapuna Jockey Club's Jubilee Meeting.

Takapuna Jockey Club's Jubilee Meeting..

The Jubilee meeting of the Takapuna Jockey Club was held to-day on the new racecourse. The attendance was the largest that has ever assembled under the auspices of the club, there being fully 6000 people present. The weather was warm, but enjoyable.

During the afternoon His Excellency Lord Onslow accompanied by Lord Carrington and Lord Scott, Mr. Upton the Mayor, and Mr. Devore, arrived on the ground. They were received by the Hon. Mr. Mitchelson, president of the club, and by the stewards, and were entertained at a luncheon spread in a marquee, and provided in the very best style by Mr. Robson, of the Commercial Dining Rooms. Amongst the guests at dinner besides those enumerated were Colonel Hume, Sir F. Whitaker, Mr. Meysey Thompson, Messrs. J. Marshall, J. Coates, J. M. Phil-son, Mr. P. A. Philips, town clerk, Captain Saville, A.D.C., and others. The Hon. Mr. Mitchelson, as president, occupied the chair, and proposed the health of His Excellency Lord Onslow. His Excellency suitably replied, and proposed prosperity to the Takapuna Jockey Club. The health of Lord Carrington and Admiral Scott were suitably honoured. The distinguished guests were only able to remain on the course for a short time, and on driving off they were greeted with warm and enthusiastic cheering. The following are the results of the races:

Handicap Maiden Plate of 30sovs. For all horses that have not won an advertised race exceeding 25sovs. One mile.

Mr. B. Thompson's br m Torment, 7st, 4lb (Priest) 1
Mr. J. Maitland's br m Fairy Queen, 7st (Lindsay) 2
Mr. J. Lowther's ch g Rataplan, 7st 10lb (Wills) 3

Possum (8st 12lb), Hune (7st 10lb), Orakei (7st 10lb), and Stamford (7st), also ran. Winifred, Parnell, Te Kooti, Phantom, and Elena were scratched. After several rather annoying breaks, Mr. Wattie despatched the field to a good start, and Fairy Queen went off to the front, followed by Rataplan and Hune. Fairy Queen held command to the home turn, where Torment came up with a great rush, and Rataplan also put in a strong claim, the result being a magnificent race up the straight, Torment passing Fairy Queen at the post, and winning by half-a-length; Rataplan a close third. Time, 1m. 49s. There were 418 investors on the totalisator of whom 126 were on the winner, and the dividend was £2 19s. Rataplan was the favourite.

Novel Race of 20sovs. Winner to be sold immediately after the race. Lowest weight 8st 7lb. Five and a-half furlongs.

Mr. B. Thompson's br g Octopus (Carey) 1
Mr. J. Bass' b g Badger (Neilly) 2
Mr. H. Cunningham's b m Nosegay (Katterns) 3

Mr. J. Davies' b m Westmore also ran. A number of horses entered were scratched. Octopus started a warm favourite. The start was a good one, but Octopus at once took command of affairs, and when the back of the course was reached he had a lead of three lengths, his closest attendant then being Badger; but, maintaining his position to the finish, he won by three lengths, about the same distance separating second and third. West mere was outpaced from the start Time, 1m. 15s. Totalisator investments, £220; 125 on Octopus; dividend, £1 11s. The winner was bought in by the owner for £20.

Handicap Hurdles of 75sovs; second horse to receive 5sovs out of stakes; over eight flights of hurdles. Two miles.

Mr. Robinson's br g Vanguard, 9st (Burns) 1
Messrs. Russell and Black's ch g Takapau 9st 5lb (Johnson) 2
Mr. M. Hickey's b g Larrikin, 9st (McMiniman) 3

Recruit (10st 9lb), Messenger (10st 4lb) Rossiter (10st), Black Joe (9st 8lb) Par- page 65 nell (9st 5lb), and Hero (9st) also started, and the only horse scratched was Titokowaru, weighted at 9st 5lb. This was considered a very open race. The Taranaki horse Takapau, a half-brother to Silvio, the winner of the Auckland Steeplechase, was considered very good goods indeed by his supporters. Recruit, Messenger, and Black Joe were also well backed, and Rossiter had supporters, but Vanguard and Hero were nearly friendless. Takapau took the lead at the start, and cut out the running, followed by Hero and Recruit. Takapau held the lead during the second nana, and for the greater portion of the third, when Vanguard put in a strong claim, and rising with the favourite at the last hurdle he gained every stride, and won by a clear length. It was a very pretty race throughout, and all the horses jumped cleverly, and Larrikin's performance was a very meritorious one. There was £863 on the totalisator, out of which only nine were on Vanguard, and they received the very handsome dividend of £86 6s.

Zealandia Handicap, of 40sovs. Second horse to receive 5sovs out of stakes. Five furlongs.

Mr. J. Rae's ch m Prudence, 6st 7lb (S. Cook) 1
Mr. R. Burke's ch m Dolosa, 6st 7lb (Manning) 2
Mr. W. Somerville's blk h Teksum, 9st 4lb (Taylor) 3

Tupake (9st), Raglan (9st), Capella (7st 8lb), Blarney (7st 4lb), and Torment (6st), also ran. Tamora and Badger were scratched. Teksum, although top weight, was favourite on the machine and in the betting. Mr. Wattiesent his field away to a moderate start. They all swept round the track of the course in a cluster, but then the leading division cut out the pace so merrily that the others were left behind, and one of the most magnificent struggles ensued in the straight which has been seen here for many years. Prudence secured a victory by half-a-head from Dolosa, and Dolosa beat Teksum by half-a-head for second place, so that only a head separated the first from the third, and the time was 1m. 9s. There was £588 on the totalisator, of which only £25 was invested on the winner, and the dividend was £21 3s.

Takapuna Jubilee Cup Handicap of 150sovs. Second horse to receive 15sovs, third horse 5sovs. Winner of any handicap of 50sovs after the declaration of weights to carry a penalty of 5lbs extra; of 100sovs, 7lbs extra. One mile and a-half.

Mr. D. McKinnon's blk c Loch Ness, 6st 121b (G. Reid) 1
Mr. J. Kean's br c Montrose, 6st 10lb (Lindsay) 2
Mr. W. Bobbett's blk h Patchwork, 8st 4lb (A. Cook) 3

Leorina (8st 2lb) also ran, and was equal favourite with Patchwork. Tamora, Capella, and Torment were scratched. Loch Ness was the first away when the flag fell, followed by Patchwork and Montrose, but at the back of the course Patchwork fell back, and Leorina ran into third place, and maintained a handy position for about half a mile, but when on the final round the back of the course was reached she gave up and Loch Ness went off with a commanding lead, but Montrose and Patchwork put in a strong claim at the finish and a most exciting struggle took place. The judge awarded the victory to Loch Ness by a head, Montrose beating Patchwork by a neck. Time, 2m. 47s. There was £878 on the totalisator, 130 on the winner, and the dividend was £6 1s.

Handicap Pony Race of 25sovs. Second horse to receive 5sovs out of stakes. Six furlongs and a-half.

Mr. A. Collins' b m Lottery, 6st 7lb (owner) 1
Mr. J. Woods' b m Elena, 6st (Smith) 2
Mr. W. B. Lawson's blk m Grace Darling, 9st 21b (McMiniman) 3

Fifteen others also started, and, as might be expected, there was a great deal of difficulty in getting such a large field away in order; but after several ineffectual attempts they were let away in fair order, Little Hilda going to the front, followed by Orphan and Belvidere, Grace Darling, the favourite, holding a good position. The little horses held well together, and after a splendid contest in the straight Lottery just won by a neck, Grace Darling being a close third. Time, 1m 31s. There was £792 on the totalisator, of which only £26 was on the winner, and the dividend was £27 8s.

Handicap Steeplechase, of 150sovs. Second horse to receive 15sovs, third horse 5sovs out of stakes. About three and a-half miles.

Messrs. Russell and Black's ch g Takapau, 9st 10lb (Johnson) 1
Mr. F. Bell's ch g Rossiter, 10st 41b (G. Laing) 2
Mr. J. McHugh's blk g Messengor, 11st 21b (Collins) 3

Recruit (10st 7lb), and Larrikin (9st 7lb) also ran. Orangeman. Parnell, and Hero were scratched. Nearly every horse starting was well backed, but Recruit had perhaps the call in the betting, although Takapau had again a strong support, and Messenger was not left without backers. When the flag dropped Recruit went to the front, and led over the double hurdles, but here Takapau shot out, and took the lead round the flat, with Recruit second, and Messenger, even at this early stage showed a disposition to maintain a determined rear guard. Takapau led up the hill followed by Recruit and Rossiter, but on clearing the water jump, Recruit was first, his rival Takapau being second. At the back of the flat course Larrikin came into the front, and led up the hill, followed by Takapau and Recruit, and this order was maintained to the water jump, where Larrikin fell and Recruit took the lead round the fiat. There was not very material alteration in the next round, Recruit leading over the water, with Takapau and Rossiter in close companionship. The two leaders joined issue in the home turn on the flat, and then ensued one of the most peculiar exhibitions of jockey ship that has been witnessed for some time. It could be seen that Johnson, on Tapakau, and Fergus, on Recruit, were devoting their attention to each page 66 other instead of to their horses; in fact, it appeared patent that they were lashing each other, and suddenly Fergus dropped off Recruit, and the horse also tumbled. Takapau then came away and won by eight lengths. Fergus was carried into the stewards' room, but he soon recovered, and he made a bee-line for the jockey-room, and went for Johnson so violently that the police were called on to interfere. There were several talks of protests, but none were entered, and Takapau was declared the winner. There was £800 on the totalisator, of which 230 was on the winner, and the dividend was £3 7s.

Selling Race of 30sovs. Five furlongs.

Mr. B. Thompson's b m Capella, 6st 7lb (Priest) 1
Mr. J. Maitland's br g Blarney, 6st 7lb (Lindsay) 2
Mr. B. Thompson's br g Octopus, 8st 1lb, and 4lb over (Carey) 3

Fragrance (8st 2lb), Onslow (7st 4lb), and Lady Lonsdale (6st 7lb) also ran. Capella jumped away when the flag fell, and won easily by two lengths. The winner was bought by Mr. J B. Williamson for £41. The totalisator dividend was £13.

Anniversary Handicap of 80sovs. Second horse to receive 10sovs out of stakes. Winner of the Zealandia Handicap or Takapuna Cup to carry a penalty of 5lb extra, or both, 7lbs extra. 6 furlongs.

Mr. W. Sommerville's blk h Teksum, 9st 21b, (Taylor) 1
Mr. B. Thompson's ch m Leorina, 8st 6lb, (Carey) 2
Mr. R. Burke's ch m Dolosa, 6st 7lb, (Manning) 3

Tamora (7st 8lb), Rataplan (6st 12lb), Torment (6st), and Fairy Queen (6st), also ran. Dolosa and Leorina were quickest away, and the pair raced on terms till nearing the home turn, here Teksum put in his claim, and an interesting struggle down the straight resulted in a win for Musket's son. Dividend, £3 2s.

An Official Inquiry.

Of course the fracas and complaints in regard to the riding of Fergus and Johnson in the Steeplechase could not be overlooked, and the stewards held an inquiry and took evidence, the outcome of which was that the following letter has been forwarded to the Auckland Racing Club:—"In the Handicap Steeplechase a complaint was laid by Mr. J. J.Russell, the owner of Takapau, against Fergus, the rider of Recruit, for wilful interference with the horse; and after evidence was taken, the following decision was given:—'That S. Fergus, the rider of Recruit, be disqualified for three months, and one month for striking Johnson, the rider of Takapau; and that Johnson, the rider of Takapau, be cautioned for striking Fergus with his whip in the race while he held the bridle of Takapau.'"