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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

Street Decorations

Street Decorations.

A string of flags stretched across Queen-street from the Civil Service Supply Association Stores to Messrs. Cruickshank and Co.'s warehouse, conspicuous in the line being the Union Jack flanked by the Stars and Stripes and the Royal Standard. Another line of flags was thrown across from Firth's old mill to Mr. Gabriel Lewis's auction room and to Morrin and Co.'s (late H. F Anderson and Co.'s) chandlery premises. The flagstaff of the Victoria Arcade was bedecked with bunting, one or the flags having upon it the words "New Zealand Insurance Company," while from the office of the American Consulate on the first floor, prominently hung the Stars and Stripes. At the adjacent window was suspended the Belgian flag, at the office of the Consul, Mr. Arthur Masey. All the verandah posts of the handsome building adorned with nikau, which, in front of Mr. Wild man's premises was relieved with page 51 bunches of scarlet flowers. The National and South British Insurance Companies' offices also displayed flags. Perhaps the facade of the Bank of New Zealand was about the most tastefully decorated. Along the top cornice of facade was suspended a wreath of foliage with British ensign and Union Jack at flanks. Along the windows were bannerettes, and underneath one in centre the flags of all nations. At base of windows of first floor were placed tufts of pink and white toi grass, and at intervals bannerettes, which had a very pretty effect. On the flagstaff floated the New Zealand flag. The D.I.C. Company's establishment displayed a flag. Another string of flags crossed Queen-street from Morrin and Co.'s warehouses to the British Hotel. The Royal Standard floated from the Union Bank of Australia. At the Albert Park the city flagstaff was adorned with bunting, while the Free Public Library had its minarets adorned with parti-coloured bannerettes, and the firebell tower, at the Albert-street Fire Brigade Station, was likewise tastefully decorated. Messrs. Choyce and Co.'s premises displayed a flag, as also did the United Service. Perhaps the most conspicuous flag during the day was one displayed on one of the windsails of Partington's old windmill, Symonds-street, which has been a land mark to shipping for forty years past. In Victoria-street, Sar-good, Son, and Ewen, Victoria Hotel, Royal Mail Hotel, and Mr Keesing, plumber, displayed flags; Mr. Parkinson, confectioner, tastefully decorated his premises with foliage, nikau, etc., and bannerettes; while the Prince Arthur Hotel, and some of the private residences in Upper Pitt-street, were decorated.