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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

Orange Society's Address

Orange Society's Address.

Mr. R. Farrell (Grand Master of the Orange Society), presented to His Excellency the following address from the Orange institution:—

To His Excellency Right Hon. Karl of Onslow, K.C.M.G.

May it please Your Excellency,—We, the members of the Orange Institution in Auckland, and loyal and devoted subjects of her Most Gracious Maesty, desire to welcome you, her representative, to our city on this auspicious occasion, being not only the Jubilee of the colony of New Zealand, but the Jubilee of the Orange Institution in this colony. We trust that the ties which bind us to the mother country will never be severed, that peace and prosperity, concord and unity, will flourish amongst us; and that nothing will tend to mar the amity which exists in this our adopted country. We feel assured that your fidelity to the laws and constitution of Great Britain and her colonies will add to the happiness of those over whom you rule, and that trade and commerce will take the place of that depression which has reigned throughout our colony for the last few years. We pray that Her Most Gracious Majesty may long reign over a loyal and law-abiding people, and "that nothing shall ever arise which might lead to even a semblance of disruption in the Empire of which she is the esteemed and exalted monarch. We right heartily welcome Your Excellency to this city, and pray the Most High to watch over yourself, your Countess, and family, and that the righteousness which exalteth a nation may spread over the length and breadth of this the land of our adoption.—We are Your Excellency's faithful and loyal servants. (Signed on behalf of the Orangemen of Auckland.)

Robert Farrell, G.M.

James Jamieson, D.G.M.

James Carnachan, G. Secretary.