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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

Notice as to Removal of Restrictions on the Alienation of Land by Natives

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[unclear: Notice] as to Removal of Restrictions on the Alienation of Land by Natives.

Native Office, Wellington,

Clause 5 of "The Native Land Act, 1888," provides that existing restrictions on alienation may be removed or declared void by the Governor in Council, on the application of a majority in number of the Native owners.

Clause 17 of "The Native Land Court Acts Amendment Act, 1889," provides that where application is made to the Governor to remove or make void any restrictions on alienation under the provisions of section 5 of "The Native Land Act, 1888," or where the consent of the Governor to any alienation of the land comprised in any grant heretofore or hereafter to be issued is required by the terms of such grant, then, before such power is exercised or consent given, inquiry shall be made by the Court as therein mentioned.

It is hereby notified that any persons making application under the foregoing provisions must furnish the following information:—

1. The name (if any) of the land granted, and the numbers and dates of the grants or other instruments containing the restrictions sought to be removed, or sufficient other information to enable grants or instruments of title to be traced and identified.

2. Whether the applicant is an original grantee or a successor of an original grantee. If the latter, copy of the succession order must be forwarded with the application.

3. Where consent is required to any partial alienation of land, such as by lease or mortgage, an engrossment of the instrument of alienation to which the consent of the Governor page break is required must be forwarded in duplicate, and one copy will be retained for the purposes of record.

4. Each signature to an application must be attested by a Judge, Registrar, or Licensed Interpreter of the Native Land Court, a Justice of the Peace, a Solicitor of the Supreme Court, a Clerk of Resident Magistrate's Court, or a Postmaster.

5. In cases where the application is written in English, but signed by a Native, in addition to the attestation of the signature, a certificate must be appended, signed by a Licensed Interpreter of the Native Land Court, certifying that the application was read over in Maori, and explained to the Native before signing, and that he appeared fully to understand the same.

6. Any person signing the name of another to any application without sufficient authority will render himself to such penalties as the law provides. In all cases where practicable the authority to sign as agent should accompany the application.

By order.

T. W. Lewis,