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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

Form No. 8, Rule 18.—Partition Order

Form No. 8, Rule 18.—Partition Order.

In the Native Land Court, New Zealand.

In the matter of the partition of the land known as_____, _____, heretofore held under_____, dated the_____, day of_____, 18_____.

At a sitting of the Court held at_____, before Esquire, Judge, and_____, Assessor:

It is, as part of the said partition, hereby ordered and declared that the several Natives named in the first column of the Schedule indorsed hereon, and therein numbered from one to_____, both inclusive, are entitled to [or the owners of] that part of the said land which has, on such partition, been named by the Court "_____,"and which part is particularly delineated in the plan indorsed here on in the respective proportions set out after the name of each of them in the second column of the said Schedule; and it is hereby declared that so much and such part of the share page 17 of each owner as is set out in the third column of the said Schedule is inalienable.

As witness the hand of_____, Esquire, Judge, and the seal of the Court, this_____, day of


[Note—If the title is Land Transfer certificate or Crown grant the words "the owners of" should be used in lieu of "entitled to."]