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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

By Making a Levy Called Rent

By Making a Levy Called Rent.

the oatmeal, and the pork, and the butter, raised in Ireland, went to feed absentees and their dependents, while the producers at home were left to starve. The co-operation of labor to-day is effected by means of money moving wheat from the elevators of Chicago, from the grain heaps of India, and from the ports of the Baltic and Black Seas, to wherever it is wanted to keep labor going. This result is accomplished by what is known as "capital"—the dynamics of money in the hands page 8 of a comparatively few persons. If universal labor had a sufficiently developed organization, the year's production of food might be delivered in rations, like the supplies of an army, so that each worker, having done the task allotted to him for the day, would have no other concern than to take his ration and spend the rest of his time as was most agreeable to his inclination. At present capital means just so much of the result that labor has gained from the soil as has been exacted from the toilers by middlemen, who, while distributing that product, not only kept food enough for themselves and their immediate helpers, but who retained enough of food-value in their own hands to create a new class of persons to produce food specially for the advantage of themselves. These persons are known as tenants, or borrowers, of the very money that the lenders had abstracted from the actual producers in the exchange of commodities that had been placed in their hands. They thus practically say to themselves and their Children by their accumulations,