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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

Green Island, 8th October, 1890. Mr. David Orme, Secretary Mill Employees' Society, Timaru

Green Island,

Mr. David Orme,

Secretary Mill Employees' Society, Timaru.

Dear Sir—I am in receipt of your letter of October 1st, covering rules, &c., of your Society, and same has had my careful attention. As the whole matter will be brought before the N.Z. Millers' Association at their next meeting, for approval or otherwise, I think it is unnecessary for individual firms to express any opinion theron. I may, however, state that I am in favour of Trade Unions, and believe great good will result therefrom if well managed. I was also in favour of the affiliation of Trade Unions up to the time of the present strike, but watching carefully the operations of the present strike, has caused me to somewhat modify my views on the subject of affiliation, and I am driven to the conclusion that "Affiliation" and "Boy-cotting," has acted disastrously to those engaged in the cause of labour in this struggle.

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Hours and Wages—If all the millowners in New Zealand are placed on the same footing with respect to these, personally, I cannot discover any reasonable grounds on which they can object to your proposals. All I contend for is "a fair field and no favour:" this granted, if I cannot make a living at milling, I must turn my attention to some other calling; and if the present margin of profit is not sufficient to meet the extra demands, then clearly the margin must be widened and the burden cast upon the general public.

Rule 48—I understand you have amended this Rule in the direction of allowing Unionists and Non-unionists to work together; if so, I think you have removed grounds on which objection could be founded.

Yours faithfully,

Hy. Harraway.