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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

Schedule B

page 8

Schedule B.

I. The ballot-papers, having been all mixed, shall be drawn out in succession and stamped with numbers, so that no two shall bear the same number.

II. The number obtained by dividing the whole number of good ballot-papers tendered at the election by the number of members to be elected plus one, and increasing the quotient (or, where this is fractional, the integral part of the quotient) by one, shall be called the quota.

III. Every candidate who has a number of first votes equal to or greater than the quota shall be declared elected, and so many of the ballot-papers containing those votes as shall be equal in number to the quota (being stamped with the lowest numerals) shall be set aside as of no further use. On all other ballot-papers the name of the elected candidate shall be deemed to be cancelled, with the effect of raising by so much in the order of preference all votes given to other candidates after him. This process shall be repeated until no candidate has more than a quota of first votes, or votes deemed first.

IV. Then the candidate or candidates having the fewest first votes, or votes deemed first, shall be declared not to be elected, with the effect of raising by so much in the order of preference all votes given to candidates after him or them; and Rule III. shall be again applied if possible.

V. When by successive applications of Rules III. and IV. the number of candidates is reduced to the number of members remaining to be elected the remaining candidates shall be declared elected if they have the quota of votes.

VI. When the voting results in a tie between two or more candidates, or in the number of candidates required having less than the quota, then a fresh ballot shall be immediately taken, under the. provisions of Clause 6, and limited to those candidates having the number of votes nearest to the quota or affected by the final tie.