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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

A Grunting Fish

A Grunting Fish.

A few of us on our return from a morning swim remained watching some Arabs fishing from a breakwater near the Isthmus. We were very interested in the way they were pulling up the finny tribe. The line was no sooner in than up came a fish. We were not long there before a member of a very strange species was hauled up. It was not unlike a hedgehog at first glance. The natives seemed somewhat startled at it. We were particularly so, for the instant it dropped on land it commenced to grunt like a pig, and at every grunt it gave it swelled out so rapidly from about the size of a hedgehog to that of a large wire dish-cover, and not unlike it in shape. "Good heavens!" said one of my companions, "they've caught Old Nick," and he cleared; and as we all wanted our breakfast, we followed. This was the only time I had ever heard a fish trying to tell us of the wonders of the deep.