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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

Refuge Tower at the Isthmus

Refuge Tower at the Isthmus.

This is a structure of some note, perched as it is on the top of a conically-shaped rock. There are two ways of getting up by steps. If my memory serves me correctly, there are 91 steps in one and 93 in the other. Each step is about a foot high. This renders it all the more tedious to get up or down. There are no handrails to assist; therefore it requires a little nerve, to those, at any rate, who are at all timid in ascending to any great height. It would be a difficult place to take, for a dozen men could knock over hundreds as they came up. I only went up once just to say I had been up. I was glad to find that all others had about the same feeling about this as I had. I believe I know people now who would suffer a great deal rather than go up.