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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

Timber Cubes and Waiau-ua Bridge Model Table

page 33

Timber Cubes and Waiau-ua Bridge Model Table.

820 Views on Otago Central Railway.
821 Kauri slab.
822 Akeake (Chatham Islands) slab.
823 Rimu (red pine) slab.
824 Yellow silver pine slab.
825 Kohekohe (cedar) slab.
826 Pukatea slab.
827 Puriri slab.
828 Totara (figured) slab.
830 Tooth leaved beech (red birch), table specimen.
831 Hand specimen.
832 Hand specimen ake.
833 Hand specimen akeake.
834 Hand specimen mapau.
835 Totara (knot), table specimen.
836 Entire leaved beech (black birch), table piece.
837 14in. cube, rimu (red pine).
838 14in. cube, kahikatea (white pine).
839 14in. cube, kauri.
840 14in. cube, rimu (red pine).
841 14in. cube, totara.
842 14in. cube, matai (black pine).
843 14in. cube, rimu (red pine).
844 14in. cube, totara.
845 14in. cube, miro (bastard black pine).
846 14in. cube, totara.
847 13in. cube, kowhai.
848 13in. cube, miro (bastard black pine).
849 13in. cube, kohekohe.
850 13in. cube, kahikatea (white pine).
851 13in. cube, matai (black pine).
852 13in. cube, silver beech (white birch).
853 13in. cube, kahikatea (white pine).
854 13in. cube, totara.
855 13in. cube, northern rata.
856 12in. cube, pahautea (cedar).
857 12in. cube, pahautea (cedar).
858 12in. cube, hinau.
859 12in. cube, matai (black pine).
860 12in. cube, pahautea (cedar).
861 12in. cube, totara.
862 12in. cube, puriri.
863 12in. cube, kauri.
864 11in. cube, yellow silver pine.
865 11in. cube, rimu (red pine).
866 11in. cube, entire leaved beech (black birch).
867 11in. cube, totara.
868 11in. cube, northern rata.
869 11in. cube, kauri.
870 11in. cube, puriri.
871 10in. cube, matai (black pine).
872 11in. cube, pahautea (cedar).
873 11in. cube, entire leaved beech (black birch).
874 11in. cube, matai (black pine).
875 11in. cube, tooth leaved beech (red birch).page 34
876 9in. cube, totara.
877 9in. cube, matai (black pine).
878 9in. cube, rimu (red pine).
879 9in. cube, totara knot.
880 8in. cube, kahikatea (white pine).
881 8in. cube, rimu (red pine).
882 8in. cube, kowhai.
883 6in. cube, totara.
884 6in. cube, puriri.
885 5in. cube, yellow silver pine.
886 5in. cube, northern rata.
887 Horopito (pepper tree) slab.
888 Kauri slab.
889 Tooth leaved beech (red birch) slab.
890 Totara knot, table specimen.
891 Kohekohe (cedar) slab.
892 Maire-rau-nui (black maire), table specimen.
898 Kahikatea (white pine) slab.
894 Totara knot veneer.
895 Maire-rau-nui (black maire) slab.
896 Karaka slab.
897 Pukatea slab.
898 Westland pine, table specimen.
899 Southern rata slab.
900 Toothed lancewood slab.
901 Rewarewa (honeysuckle) slab.
902 Views on Otago Central Railway.
903 14in. cube, entire leaved beech (black birch).
904 14in. cube, matai (black pine).
905 14in. cube, rimu (red pine).
906 14in. cube, totara.
907 14in. cube, miro (bastard black pine).
908 14in. cube, kauri.
909 14in. cube, northern rata.
910 14in. cube, totara.
911 14in. cube, rimu (red pine).
912 13in. cube, matai (black pine).
913 13in. cube, kohekohe (cedar).
914 13in. cube, matai.
915 13in. cube, silver beech (white birch).
916 13in. cube, totara.
917 13in. cube, kahikatea (white pine).
918 13in. cube, totara.
919 12in. cube, northern rata.
920 12in. cube, mountain pine.
921 12in. cube, kohekohe (cedar).
922 12in. cube, matai (black pine).
923 12in. cube, kohekohe.
924 12in. cube, pahautea.
925 12in. cube, pahautea.
926 11in. cube, rimu (red pine).
927 11in. cube, totara.
928 11in. cube, maire-rau-nui (black mairo).
929 11in. cube, kahikatea (white pine).
930 11in. cube, pahautea (cedar).
931 10 in. cube, northern rata.
932 10 in. cube, tooth leaved beech (red birch).
933 10 in. cube, kahikatea (white pine).page 35
934 10in. cube, matai (black pine).
935 9in. cube, yellow silver pine.
936 9in. cube, rimu (red pine).
937 9in. cube, matai (black pine).
938 9in. cube, totara.
939 9in. cube, kahikatea (white pine).
940 8in. cube, totara.
941 Mapau slab.
942 Hand specimen, karaka.
943 Maire (white maire) slab.
944 Rimu knot (red pine), table specimen.
945 Kauri slab.
946 Photograph of Wingatui Viaduct under construction.
947 Titoki slab.
948 Hand specimen, tooth leaved beech (red birch).
949 Mapau slab.
950 Hand specimen, tawhiwhi.
951 Hand specimen, maire-rau-nui (black maire).
952 Tawaapou slab.
953 Titoki slab.
954 Rimu (red pine), table specimen.
955 Model of bridge over the Waiau-ua River, Nelson Province.
956 Photograph, engine shed, Invercargill.
957 Entire leaved beech (black birch) slab.
958 Elevation of new bridge over Waiau River, Hanmer Plains.
959 Hand specimen, titoki.
960 Mingi slab.
961 Tawa slab.
962 Hand specimen, miro (bastard black-pine).
963 Hand specimen, maire-rau-nui (black maire).
964 Mahoe (whitewood) slab.
965 Horoeka (lancewood) slab.
966 Rimu knot (rod pine), table specimen.
967 Rimu (red pine) slab.
968 Tooth leaved beech (red birch) slab.
969 Views of Wingatui Viaduct, Otago Central Railway, during construction
970 Mapau slab.
971 Kauri (figured) veneer table piece.
972 Ngaio slab.
972A Tawa slab.
973 Cement testing machine, as used by Public Works Department.
974 Block of Otago Central schist, 10ft. x 3ft. x 9in.
975 Totara knot veneer.
976 Stone cube, basalt, Mount Eden, Auckland.
977 Stone cube, basalt, Mount Eden, Auckland.
978 Stone cube, basalt, Mount Eden, Auckland.
979 Slab, Caswell Sound marble.
980 Figured kauri veneer.
981 Stone cube.
982 Stone cube basalt, Mount Eden, Auckland.
983 Stone cube basalt, Mount Eden, Auckland.