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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69



To gum up the facts, which are given at somewhat greater length elsewhere—Bishop Suter was treated with deliberate unfairness at the illegal election of Primate by the Synod in the manner in which it was conducted:

Upon his attention being directed to the irregularity and illegality of the election, he warned Bishop Harper of the probable consequences of his sending in his resignation of the Primacy; pressed him to postpone it and to consider the position; and at the same time informed him of what he, as Senior Bishop, should deem it his duty to do if his resignation were forwarded to him. A similar communication was sent to all the other Bishops prior to the Primate's resignation:

This warning was disregarded:

Bishop Suter then wrote to Bishop Hadfield suggesting that the matter should be referred either to the Standing Commission or to a special meeting of the Synod to be convened at Wellington for the purpose. Bishop Hadfield preferred the former:

Acting in conjunction with the late Primate, and with the knowledge and approval of Bishop Hadfield, Bishop Suter appealed to the Standing Commission to decide upon the legality or otherwise of the election:

He has done all in Lis power since the decision of the Commission, to facilitate the election and consecration of' the Bishop elect of Christchurch:

The sole fault with which he is charged by the Clerical authorities is, that he did not move two other Bishops to request him to convene the Synod, whereas it was the "two other Bishops" who should have taken the initiative:

He has not refused to convene the Synod:

Bishop Suter has been freely charged with allowing himself to be actuated by base and unworthy motives:

In ignorance of the facts, the public have been disposed to accept the charge as true, and from this standpoint have viewed the whole of his actions:

The charge is proved by his letters to Bishops Harper and Hadfield to be utterly groundless.