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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 68



[unclear: Official] papers state that the whole of the West Coast of the Middle (i.e. South) [unclear: d] from end to end is one immense forest, and the yield of timber is very high. Professor Kirk reported to the Government that "on the flats and lower levels the [unclear: rage] may be estimated at 40,000 superficial feet per acre for red and white pine."

The Company's Exhibit, which is composed entirely of marketable timber, and [unclear: of] "specimen" pieces, is complete evidence of the splendid quality and great [unclear: ty] of the timbers grown in this district. The supply is practically inexhaustible. [unclear: g] the purposes for which the various woods are specially adapted are house page 50 building, bridges and constructive works of all kinds, piles, sleepers, carriage materials, street paving blocks, joinery, furniture making, Venetian blinds, and for all ornamental purposes.

With the construction of the railway and consequent facilities for export, the [unclear: low] price at which this timber will be able to be placed on the Australian markets will ensure the opening up of a large and profitable trade, as in no part of the Colony is there now such a supply of marketable timber within such easy reach of a port.

Attached hereto is a short description of some of the kinds of timber grown in the district which can be exported in large quantities, and are sure eventually to find a ready sale in Australia and elsewhere as well as in New Zealand. The particulars are taken principally from Professor Kirk's Work on the "Forest Flora of New Zealand."