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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 68

Canterbury Court—Continued

Canterbury Court—Continued.

59. Photograph of the Rhodes Convalescent Home, Christchurch, N.Z. This Home has been built of brick and stone and handsomely furnished by the family of the late R. H. Rhodes Esq., and handed over by them to Trustees for the benefit of the Public.

60. Engraving of the Canterbury Plains, 1840—Lent by Mr. J. D. Garwood, Akaroa.

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61. Abraham Morris, Fairlie Creek—New Zealand Manufactured Wines.

62. E. C Mouldey, Christchurch—New Zealand Manufactured Wines.

63. C. W. Fisher & Co., South Malvern and Christchurch, exhibit a Varied Selection from their manufactures of Glazed Stoneware Pipes, Unglazed Field Pipes, and Fireclay Goods. The attention of visitors is invited to these Exhibits, as showing the superior quality of the Malvern Clays and their great adaptability to this particular Manufacture.

64. C. Anderson, Rangiora—Pioneer Oilclothing Manufacturer in New Zealand. By 15 years' experience, combined with careful study, is now using a preparation which renders his Goods thoroughly watertight. The cut, style, finish, and durability is a speciality, being personally supervised. Tents, Horsecloths

65. J. Petersen—Model Ship in Sugar.

66. Sandford & Parsons, Christchurch—Chancel or Chamber Organ, Ten Stops. Manufactured by Exhibitors.

67. Springfield Coal and Fireclay, Company, Limited—Glazed Drain Pipes, Junctions, Syphons, Bends, Traps, Fire Bricks, Stove Lining, Fire Tiles, Malt Kiln Tiles.

68. Atlas Patent Roller Flour Mills. Henry Simons' System-Erected last year. Most Modern Machinery, capable of making 15 sacks per hour Samples of Wheat, Flour, &c., on view, Canterbury Court, Dunedin Exhibition. Evans & Co.. Limited, Timaru. William Evans, Managing Director.

69. Rayner & Sons, Christchurch—Boots and Shoes.

70. James Clegg, Christchurch—Improved Steel Bodied, Double and Single Hooded Perambulators, with Rubber Tyres, Patent Brake Attachment. Very Highly Commended A. & P. Association, Christchurch, 1889.

71. F. W. Gough, Christchurch—Bicycles.

72. Kent and Corrick, Christchurch—Bicycles.

73. N. Oates, Christchurch—Bicycles.

74. Hudson & Co., Christchurch—Sewing Machines.

75. Keen's Patent Unbreakable Saddle Co., J. Howarth, Manager—Keen's Patent Unbreakable Saddles, with Metallic instead of Wooden Tree.

76. Photographs of Pigs—Bred and Owned by Messrs. D'Auvergne Bros., Rangiora.

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77. Wheat—White Tuscan and White Chaff Red—Grown by Mr. M. Macfarlane, Rangiora.

78. Cocksfoot Seed—Grown at Little River by Mr. G. Black. 20lbs. to the bushel.

79. Oats, Sparrow Bill—Grown by Mr. J. Haydon, Canterbury.

80. Wheat—Grown by Mr. J. Haydon, Canterbury. Yield 80 bus. to the acre.

81. Cocksfoot Seed—Grown by Mr. J. J. Knight, Akaroa. Exhibited by the N.Z. Loan & Mercantile Agency Co., Ltd.

82. Kaye & Carter, Christchurch—Peas, Beans, Tuscan Wheat, Hunter's White, Pearl Wheat.

83. Beans in Sheaf—Grown by Mr. T. Pashby, Kaiapoi.

84. Peas in Sheaf—Grown by Mr. R. Withell, Brookeide.

85. Mr. W Devenish Meares—Statistical Chart. Comparative Table showing the position of New Zealand as a producer of Cereals, Meat, Wool, Flax, and Root Crops.

86. Photograph of Ostriches owned by Mrs. Matson, Papanui, Christchurch.

87. Ignaz Gottfried, Christchurch—Marine Clock.

88. Thos. Gager, Manchester st., Christchurch—Ladies' and Gents' Electric Belts, Chest Expanders, and Protectors, Knee Caps, and Flannel Belts.

89. Photograph—Five Views of Canterbury College.

90. Kaye & Carter, Christchurch—Trophy and Show Case of Canterbury Grain:—
(1)Canadian Oats—Grown by Mrs. Davis, Kaiapoi. Yield 144 bushels to the acre.
(2)Nubian Oats—Grown by Mrs. Davis.
(3)Partridge Peas—W. Fablin, Brookside. Yield 46 bushels.
(4)Prussian Blue Peas—A. Palmer, Richmond. 55 bushels.
(5)White Peas for Splitting—P. O'Reilly, Irwell.
(6)Rye Corn—D. Cameron, Methven
(7)Tick Beans (machine threshed)—F. Spenser, Tai Tapu.
(8)Golden Melon Barley—F. C. Murray, Greenpark. Yield 50 bushels to the acre.
(9)Purple Straw Tuscan—Grown at Waikari.
(10)Hunter's White Wheat—Mrs. Davis, Kaiapoi. Yield 64.
(11)Poland Oats—Mrs. Davis, Kaiapoi. Yield 84 bushels.
(12)Dun Oats—J. Ruddenklau, Cust. Yield 58 bushels.

92. Photographs of Fat Cattle—Bred by Mr. Malcolm Macfarlane, Coldstream, Rangiora.

93. Photograph of Ostriches—Owned by Mrs. J. T. Matson.

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94. Photograph of the Inglewood Flock and Herds, the Property of Mr. P. C. Threlkeld—Lent by Mr. J. T. Matson.

95. Photographs belonging to the Canterbury Committee—
(1)Paddock of Wheat—Owned by W. Boag, Fendalton.
(2)Paddock of Wheat—Owned A. M. Clarke, Temuka.
(3)First Prize Heifer Steer Owned S. Garforth, Spreydon.
(4)"Coldstream" Owned W. Macfarlane, Rangiora.
(5)Southdown Ewes Owned S. Garforth, Spreydon.
(6)Paddock of Oats Owned T. Pashby, Kaiapoi.
(7)"London Maggie" Owned Wm. Boag, Fendalton.
(8)Paddock of Wheat Owned Trott Bros. Spreydon.
(9)"Lady Elmwood" Prize Lincoln Ewe—Owned by T. Pashby, Kaiapoi.
(10)Paddock of Wheat—Owned by A. M. Clarke, Temuka.
(11)Southdown Ewes and Hoggets—Owned by S. Garforth, Spreydon.

96. H. Jewell, Wood Turner—Goods manufactured from 40 varieties of New Zealand Woods; also Pawa Shell and Fern Tree. New Zealand Birds Stuffed—Kiwis, Kakas, Huias, &c. Maori Curios.

97. A. P. Osborne, Christchurch—Caligraphy, Monograms, Engraving, &c.

98. E. C. Buckley, School of Agriculture, Lincoln, Canterbury—Pair of Frames of New Zealand Woods.

99. Photographs, Akaroa—Site where British Flag was planted in 1840; M. J. de Malmache, born at Akaroa, 1840; T. J. Wacherle do.; J. F. Lebeau, do.; Mdmc, Lebeau, do.

100. W. Ingram, Oxford—Chalk from quarries.

101. Trent Bros., Christchurch—Chicory grown in Canterbury. Photos, of Works and Mills.

102. W. H Henning, Akaroa—Cocksfoot Seed, Yorkshire Fog, and Walnuts.

103. John Deans, Christchurch—Native Coal from the Glentunnel Malvern Hills, and Brown Coal from seven foot seam.

104. W. Benn, Amberley—Flax trophy, dressed and baled ready for shipment.

105. J, Haydon, Spreydon—Cocksfoot and Wheat in sheaf.

106. J. Johns, Styx—Case of Wool in Fleece: half-bred Lincoln Ewe, ten months' growth; quarter-bred Romney cross, ten months' growth; quarter-back Romney cross, ten months' growth; quarter-bred Lincoln cross, ten months' growth; half-bred Lincoln cross, ten months' growth.

107. Water-colour Paintings—"Princess Alice," and "Ebor," owned by T. Pashby, Kaiapoi.

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108. Canterbury Committee Photographs—(1) Southdown Ram Hoggets, bred and owned by S. Garforth, Spreydon; (2) Border Leicesters, bred and owned by W. Henderson, Spreydon; (3) Threshing Paddock of Wheat, owned by M. Macfarlane; (4) Threshing Machines, Rangiora; (5) Paddocks of Oats; (6) A Busy Day in Christchurch—Sale of Grain at Matson's Store.

109. Engraving of White Heifer—Bred by Robert Colling, Bampton.

110. Cocksfoot in Sheaf—Grown by H. Piper, Duvauchelles Bay.

111. Beans in Sheaf—Grown by T. Pash by, Kaiapoi.

112. G. G. Stead—Exhibit of Seeds, Grasses, &c.

1.Colonial Cow Grass
2.Colonial Red Clover
3.English Cow Grass
4.English Red Clover
5.Swedish Alsike.
6.6. White Clover
8.Rib Grass
9.English Trefoil, Yellow Clover
11.Trefolium Incarnatum
13.Sweet Vernal
14.Meadow Foxtail
15.14. Crested Dogstail
16.Sheep Fescue
17.Meadow Fescue
18.Tall Fescue
19.Perennial Rye Grass
20.Italian Rye Grass
22.Purple Top Turnip
23.Green Top Turnip
24.Devonshire Grey Stone
25.Purple Top Mammoth
26.Fosterton Hybred
27.Swede Hybred
28.Rape, Broad Leaved
29.White Mustard
30.Long Red Mangel
31.Yellow Globe Mangel
32.Belgian White Carrot
33.Intermediate Carrot
35.Golden Tares
36.Winter Vetches
37.Colonial White Clover
38.Prussian Blue Peas
39.White Field Peas
40.Partridge Peas
41.Black Oats
42.Sparrow bill Oats
43.Canadian Oats
44.Dun Oats
45.Chevalier Barley
46.Cape Barley
47.Purple Straw Tuscan
48.Hunter's White
49.White Straw Tuscan
50.Velvet Chaff
51.White Pearl
52.White Champion
53.Red Champion
54.Indian Wheat
55.Buck Wheat
56.Rye Corn
58.Blue Gum
59.Macrocarpa Seed
60.Peppermint Gum
62.Horse Beans
63.Colonial Trefolium Minus
65.Stringy Bark
66.Silver Wattle
67.Prairie Grass

Also about 70 varieties of the most useful Natural Grasses, collected in the Province of Canterbury.

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113. Wool in Fleece, shown in Wall Case, the Property of W. Macfarlane.

114. Mr. P. Cunningham, Christchurch, Grain Exhibit—
(1)Purple Straw Tuscan—Grown by Gould and Cameron, Methven. Yield per acre, 35 bushels.
(2)White Straw Tuscan—Wilder & Warner, Fernside. Yield per acre, 41 bushels.
(3)Velvet Chaff—Gould & Cameron. Yield per acre, 33 bushels
(4)White Pearl—J. W. Prebble, Prebbleton.
(5)Champion Wheat—T. Morland, Rakaia. Yield per acre, 40 bushels.
(6)Hunter's White—C. Hampton, Southbridge. Yield per acre 40 bushels.
(7)Red Champion—C. Storey, Greendale. Yield 48 bushels.
(8)Indian Wheat—T. D. Boag, Dunsandel. Yield 30 bushels.
(9)Chevalier Barley—C. Withell, Brookside. Yield 50 bushels.
(10)Carter's Prolific—J. Smith, Halswell. Yield 60 bushels.
(11)Canadian Oats—T. H. Taylor, Orari. Yield 53 bushels.
(12)Sparrowbill—C. O'Sullivan, Methven. Yield 35 bushels.
(13)Dun Oats—F. Wright, Ashley Downs. Yield 47 bushels.
(14)Prussian Blue Peas—J. Milne, Halswell. Yield 35 bushels.
(15)Partridge Peas—T. Townsend, Tai Tapu.
(16)Early Sunrise Peas
(17)Golden Tares—E. Parnham, Kaiapoi.
(18)Scotch Tares—T. E. Hewitt, Woodend.
(19)Italian Ryegrass—J. Borgfeldt, Papanui. 80 bushels.
(20)Cow Grass—J. Deans, Riccarton. 287 lbs.

115. Oil Painting of "Lady Derwont"—A. & P. Association.

116. photograph—Panorama of the City of Christchurch, six views; Municipal Buildings, two views.

117. Oil Painting of "Wilberforce "—A. & P. Association.

118. E. C. Buckley, School of Agriculture, Lincoln, Canterbury—Music Cabinet made of New Zealand Woods.

119. Wheat in Sheaf—Grown by Mr. T. Pashby, Kaiapoi.

120. Oil Paintings—"Prince of Clamis," Flock of Southdown Sheep, "Earl of Brunswick," "Melrose," Herd of Cattle, English Leicesters, Flock of Merinos," Queen of the Lothians,"—Kindly lent by the Agricultural and Pastoral Association, Christchurch.

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121. Wool in Fleeces—Of Four-tooth Lincoln Rams and Hoggets—Bred and owned by Mr. H. Overton, Irwell.

122. Wool in Fleeces—Of Lincoln and Southdown Ewe Hoggets—Bred and Owned by Mr. John Deans, Riccarton.

123. Grouped Photographs, representing

(1)The different Families in the Riccarton Herd.
(2)Lincoln and Southdown Ewe Hoggets from the Riccarton Flock. Owned by Mr. John Deans, Riccarton.

124. Photograph of Llamas—Bred and Owned by Mrs. J. T. Matson, Papanui.

125. Photograph of Shorthorn Bulls—Bred and Owned by Mr. John Deans, Riccarton.

126. Photograph of Two Fans presented to Her Majesty the Queen, and H. R. H. the Princess of Wales, by Mrs. J. T. Matson the Feathers having been taken from the first Ostriches reared in New Zealand.

127. Oil Painting, "Lord Dunmore"—Owned by Mr. W. Boag Fendalton.

128. Case of Samples of Canterbury Grain, Seeds, &c.

  • Cowgrass—grown by R. Howard, Ellesmere.
  • Cowgrass—J. Deans, Riccarton.
  • Red Clover—J. Milner, Leeston.
  • Cocksfoot—Henning Bros'., Akaroa.
  • Walnuts—Henning Bros'., Akaroa.

And Twenty-five various Samples.

129. Canon Balls—Fired from French Man-of-war L'Aube, at Akaroa in 1842.

130. A. Gundersen, 251, High Street, Christchurch—Marine Electric Tell-tale Clock for Watchmen, &c. (erected in various parts of the Buildings), made and patented by the Exhibitor.

131. Cocksfoot in Sheaf—Grown by J. Black, Akaroa.

132. James Carmichael, North Canterbury Steam Wood ware Factory, Rangiora—Churns, Cheese Moulds, Milk Vats, Butter Printers etc.; Butter Kegs and Firkins. These always kept in Stock; other Dairy Goods can be made to Order. All Goods at Lowest Prices

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133. Midland Railway Company, Limited.—Specimens of Timber Useful and Ornamental found on the Route of the Line, Specimens of the following Timbers:—
English Name. Native Name Botanical Name
Red Fine Rimu Dacrydium Cupressinum
White Pine Kahikatea Podocarpus Dacrydioides
Silver Pine Monoao Dacrydium Intermedium
Black Pine Maitai Podocarpus Spicata
Red Birch Fagus Fusca
Black Birch Fagus Solandri
White or Silver Birch Fagus Menziesii
Mountain Beech Fagus Cliffortioides
Totars. Totara Podocarpus Totara
Cedar Kawaka Libocedrus Bidwillii
Rats Rata Metrosideros Lucida
Ribbon wood Houi Plagianthus Betulinus
Honeysuckle Rewarewa Knightia Excelsa
Manuka Manuka Leptospermum Scoparium
Black Maire Maire-Rau-Mui Olea Cunninghamii

The Woods are shown in the Rough, Planed, Polished, or Manufactured into:—

Overmantel—A. J. White, Furniture Warehouse, Christchurch. Shafts, Wheel Rims, and other Carriage Materials, manufactured from New Zealand Rata by W. Langdown & Co., Wood-benders, &c., Christchurch.

Venetian Blind, manufactured from New Zealand Cedar by Taylor, son, & Co., Christchurch.

Also, Doors, Paving Blocks, Split Palings &c. (See Appendix at and of Pamphlet).

134. New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Limited—Exhibits of Seeds—
(a)Bed Clover Seed—Grown by Mr. John Milner, Leeston.
(b)Cow Grass Seed—Mr. R. Coward, Ellesmere.
(c)Cocksfoot Seed—Mr. J. T. Knight, Laverick's Bay.

135. W. Henderson, Ch. ch. Agent, Murton & White's Sheep Dip.