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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 68

Paintings, Photographs, &c

Paintings, Photographs, &c.

  • Max Friedlander, Ashburton—
    • Champion Hampshire Down Ram (Fodor).
    • Champion Hampshire Down Ram (Fodor).
    • "Blackwood Abdallah," American Trotting Horse (Fodor).
  • W. Jamieson, Wakanui—Prize Pair Geldings (Fodor).
  • Mrs. Cyril Hawdon, Westerfield—"Beer Tax," Hunter (Fodor).page 40
  • E. Cookson, Ashburton—" Kingfisher," Thoroughbred Horse (Foder).
  • Mrs. Homersham, Tinwald—Watercolours: Landscape. Sea piece.
  • Mrs. Homersham, Tinwald—Plaques: Peach blossom. Winter scene.
  • John Cochrane, Elgin—
    • An Ashburton "Cockatoo's" Home, (W. Higgs.)
  • D. McLean, Laghmor—
    • Photo—"The Chief of the Laghmor Highlanders"—(The McLean Tartan manufactured by the Mosgiel Woollen Company, Limited, Ashburton Woollen Mill.)
  • Miss M. Sevall, Wheatstone—
    • Berlin Wool Pictures—" Daniel in the Lion's Ben;" "The Samaritan Woman at Jacob's Well."
  • Miss Cass, Wakanui—
    • Berlin Wool Pictures—"Daniel in the Lion's Den:" "The Samaritan Woman at Jacob's Well."
  • W. C. Walker, M.H.R., Valetta—
    • Water Colours—"Ashburton Gorge" (A. D. Barraud); "Alford Forest" (A. D. Barraud.)
  • Miss A. Curtis, Tinwald—
    • Leather Work—Mirror Frame; Bracket.
  • Ashburton Borough and County Council's Photographs of Harvest Scenes (C. Lawrence.)
  • "Dinner Time," Springfield Estate; "In Stook," Longbeach; Residence of D. Cameron, Springfield Estate; Stacks, Longbeach (seventeen stacks in one field); Reaping, Springfield Stooking—P. Chalmers, Ashburton; Velvet Chaff Wheat 50 Bushel Crop, Ashburton; Threshing; Threshing; The Lake, Westerfield; Residence, Westerfield Garden Westerfield; Stacking; Reaping Machines, Spingfield Estate, 24 working in one field; Stacking; Stooks at Longbeach, Tile Works in distance; Reaping; Tuscan Wheat 57 Bushel Crop; Wheat Field, Springfield Estate; stacking at Longbeach; Wheat Field at Longbeach; Harvest at Longbeach.

West Street, Ashburton, Grain Season.

  • D. Thomas', Wool and Grain Store.
  • D. Thomas', Wool and Grain Store. Interior, Wool season.
  • D. Thomas', Wool and Grain Store. Grain season.

East Street, Ashburton

  • Miss. A. Jones, Ashburton—Sampler, year 1840, by late Mr. Jones.page 41
  • Chas. Lawrence, Photographer—Patent Automatic Revolving Camera Front.
  • Waymouth Roberts, Ashburton—Patent Economical Candlesticks.
  • E. Gates, Tinwald—
    • "Miss Kate," dam of Antelope, Sultan, Murat, and Catamount (Fodor). "Milford Sound" (W. Higgs).
  • Ashburton County Conncil (W. Baxter, C.E., County Engineer.
  • Map of the Lower Portion of the Ashburton County, showing Towns, Plantations, Reserves, Village Settlements, and Water Races—illustrating the progress of settlement.

Jephson & Moore, Flaxmillers, Tinwald.

  • Bale and Samples of New Zealand Flax, Ordinary Shipping Quality;
  • Production 25 Tons per Month; Price £25 per Ton.
  • Samples of Dyed Flax as used in the Manufacture of Carpets, Mats, &c. Green Flax.

R. "W. Hart, Winchmore.

  • Honey in Comb and Extracted. (Gold Medals Colonial and Indian and Melbourne Exhibition,) competing against the World.
  • E. F. Wright, Collieries, Quarries, and Burton Lime Kilns, Mount Somers—Coal, Building Stone, Lime Stone, Lime.
  • John Hood, Mount Somers Hotel—Fossil Oysters from Mount Somers, Limestone (50 miles from sea), Maori Weapons from Mount Somers Caves,
  • Stott. Ede and Duncan—Mount Somers Hematite Iron Ore
  • John Grigg, Longbeach—Drain Tiles (35 miles laid at Longbeach last two years). Specimen Ears of Wheat,
  • Ashburton Brewery Company. Ashburton—Ale and Stout in bottle.
  • Lion Brewery Company, Ashburton—Ale and Stout in bottle.
  • Milsom & Co., Ashburton—Ærated Waters.
  • Miss Dawson, Waterton—Butter (made October, 18, 1889)
  • Ashburton County Council (A. C. Claridge, manager)—Irrigation Farm Products.
  • Ashburton Acclimatisation Society—Photographs of Trout.
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