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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 68

Grain and Seeds

Grain and Seeds.

  • Wheat—Champion White—Grown by A. Leatham, Wakanui.
  • Pearl—Jas. Wilson, Wakanui.
  • White Straw Tuscan—Jas. Wilson, Wakanui.
  • White Straw Tuscan—Gould and Cameron, Methven.
  • Purple Straw Tuscan—A. Frisby, Ashburton Forks.
  • Hunter's White—J. Shearer, Ashburton.
  • Oats—Dun—Grown by C. J. Harper, Hackthorne.
  • Sparrowbill—G. W. Leadley, Wakanui.
  • Canadian—R. McIntyre, Ashurton Forks,
  • Tartarian—B, Mclntyre, Ashburton Forks.
  • Danish—E. McIntyre, Ashburton Forks.
  • Black—R. McIntyre, Ashburton Forks.
  • Barley—Grown by A. Dawson, Waterton.
  • —C. G Hawdon, Westerfield.
  • Cape—A. Leatham, Wakanui.
  • Peas—McLean's Little Gem—J. Sealy, Ashburton.
  • Carter's Wonder—J. Sealy, Ashburton.
  • Stratagem—Joseph Hunt, Ashburton.
  • Telephone—Joseph Hunt, Ashburton.
  • Malt Barley—Grown in Ashburton County. Malted by Ashburton Brewing Co.page 38
  • Golden Tares—T. Pearce, Ashburton Forks.
  • Rye—E. G. Wright, Windermere.
  • Linseed—R. Anderson, Greenstreet.
  • Linseed—R. Luscombe, Waterton.
  • Carraway Seeds—T. Andrews, Ashburton.
  • Ryegrass—R. Kemp, Westerfield.
  • Ryegrass—R. Kemp, Westerfield.

G. Jameson, Grain Broker, Ashburton.

  • Wheat—Champion, grown by J. Bonifant, Wakanui.
  • Purple Straw Tuscan—J. Bonifant, Wakanui.
  • Hunter's White—J. Bonifant, Wakanui.
  • Velvet Chaff—J. Bonifant, Wakanui.
  • Lammas—John Harrison, Rakaia.
  • White Straw Tuscan—T. Wilson, Wakanui.
  • Pearl—W. Cochrane, Wakanui.
  • Golden Drop—J. Studholme, Junr., Coldstream.
  • Oats—Sparrowbill—Grown by J. E. Trevor, Lismore.
  • Dun—S. Christie, Mt. Somers.
  • Black—E. Herring, Alford Estate.
  • White Tartarian—W. Baxter & Son, Ashburton Forks.
  • Canadian—O. Digby, Ashburton.
  • Danish—Ashburton County Council Experimental Irrigation Farm, Elgin.
  • Golden Tares—J. Grigg, Longbeach.
  • Rye—R. R. Pitt, Seafield.
  • Ryegrass—G. Murdoch, Lauriston.
  • Cocksfoot—G. Murdoch, Lauriston.

Friedlander Brothers, Grain Merchants, Ashburton.

  • Wheat:—Purple Straw Tuscan, Velvet Tuscan, Essex, Russian White Straw Tuscan, Champion White, Hunter's White, Pearl
  • Oats:—Sparrowbill, Canadian.
  • Barley:—Chevalier
  • Tares:—Golden.
  • Peas:—Prusian Blue, Partridge.
  • Ryegrass:—Italian, Perennial.
  • Cocksfoot Grass.

Canterbury Roller Flour Mills (Ashburton).

  • Wheat—Clean Pearl, Clean Tuscan, Clean Hunter's White, Clean Milling, varied (five samples), Dirty Milling, Rubbish extracted page 39 by Aspirator, Chaff (extracted by Aspirator), Screenings (extracted by Aspirator), Wire Screenings (extracted by magnets), Broken Wheat (extracted by brush machine); Dust (extracted by brush machine), Germ and Dust (extracted by brush machine), First Break, Second Break, Third Break, Fourth Break, Fifth Break, Canterbury Roller Flour (two samples). Bran, Pollard, Semolina, Semolina Purified.