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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 68



In respect of manufactures, Canterbury is very far from being overdone, there is plenty of unbroken ground for the establishment of new industries, and for the further development of many already page 13 established. The railway now in course of construction between the Fast and West Coasts, which will have the effect of knitting Canterbury and Westland closely together, may be expected to give a great impetus to the manufacturing concerns in and around Christchurch, by bringing coal and timber close to their doors, and by adding a large and thriving district to their constituency. The large production of wool and grain has naturally given rise to numerous factories and mills for the preparation of these products into articles of clothing and food. The Woollen Factories and Flour Mills accordingly bulk largely in the subjoined list, and among these the most important are the Kaiapoi Company's Woollen Mills at Kaiapoi, with their Clothing Factory in Christchurch, and the Timaru Milling Company's Flour Mill at Timaru. The province is also fairly well supplied with engineering establishments (chiefly agricultural), boot and shoe factories, and breweries, while the recent development of the trade in flax (phormium tenax) has brought about an important revival in this industry.

The figures given below are based upon the last census returns of 1886; but great progress having been made in many lines during the last three years, and exact statisticts not being obtainable, they are not put forward as being absolutely correct. The total number of manufacturing establishments in the Provincial District is 450; the total number of hands employed about 5,000, and the approximate total annual output £1,750,000.

The following are the principal industries:—
Number. Employees. Annual Output.
Flour Mills 35 185 £450,000
Woollen Factories 3 1,100 200,000
Engineering and Implement Works 18 600 150,000
Boot and Shoe Factories 6 560 108,000
Breweries and Malt Houses 26 120 100,000
Flax. Mills 25 550 75,000
Saw Mills 27 300 55,000
Carriage Factories 26 160 31,000
Brick, Tile, and Pottery Works 16 150 30,000
Furniture Factories 11 150 30,000
Soap and Candle Works 5 24 17,000