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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 67

The Tenth Annual Report of the Educational Institute of Otago 1886-87

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The Tenth Annual Report of the Educational Institute of Otago

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The Tenth Annual Report of the Educational Institute of Otago. 1886-7.

* Officers * of * the * Institute. *


  • R. Peattie, Esq., M.A.


  • Mr. D. A. McNicoll
  • Mr. R. Pollok.
  • Mr. Jas. Dunbar,


  • Mr. Jas. Rennie.


  • Mr. W. Milne.


  • Mr. Jas. Hendry.
Representatives of Branch Association
Dunedin Mr. W. Duncan.
Waitaki Mr. A. Pirie.
Balclutha Mr. Jno. Nicholson.
Tuapeka Mr. A. W. Tyndall.
Milton Mr. C. Strack
Waihemo & Waikouaiti Mr. C. Smeaton.

Representatives of Institute on the Committee of Management:

  • Mr. J. B. Park.
  • Mr. W. Milne.
  • Mr. D. White.
  • Mr. W. S. Fitzgerald
  • Mr. Jas. Reid.


  • Mr. Alex. Stewart.
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Tenth Annual Report

The Committee of Management have to lay before Members the Tenth Annual Report of the Institute. During the year five meetings of the Committee have been held. The attendance has been satisfactory. Several matters of more than ordinary interest have been dealt with; and the resolutions adopted by the Annual Meeting have received due consideration. These are briefly referred to in the body of the Report.

The New Zealand Educational Institute.

All the Otago delegates—Messrs. W. Milne, W. S. Fitzgerald, Jas. Reid, Alex. Wilson, R. Peattie, and D. White—were present at the Council meeting. The delegates report that the following resolutions sent up by the Otago Institute met with the approval of the Council, and were passed:—

(a), Resolution with regard to Rule VI. Standard Regulations, 1885; (b) In reference to placing Inspectors under the direct control of the Education Department; and (c), That an A certificate should be granted to any candidate who in the M.A. examination of the New Zealand University reaches a standard equal to that required for first or second class honours.

The other subjects that engaged the attention of the Council are fully detailed in the printed report of the proceedings, copies of which will be laid before members. A full statement of the business transacted at the Council will be made at the Annual Meeting by the representatives of the Institute.

Dr. Macgregor'S Circular Re Syllabus.

In accordance with the resolution passed at the Annual Meeting, a Sub-committee was appointed to consider this matter, and report to the Committee of Management. The reply to the circular received prominence and publicity in the press, and need not be referred to further than to say that the Committee have again to thank Dr. Macgregor for his interest and work in this matter.

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Annual Meeting.

In accordance with a direction from last Annual Meeting, the Committee of Management consulted with the Branches regarding the most suitable time of holding the Annual Meeting, and received three replies in favour of the present time and one in favour of the Christmas vacation. The Committee decided in favour of the present time.

Owing to the number of holidays in Jubilee week, the Committee deemed it advisable to alter the time of holding the forth-coming Annual Meeting from the last week in June to Jubilee week. They were confirmed in the advisability of this step by expressions of opinion from most of the Branches in favour of the change.

Election of Delegates.

The Committee took into consideration the method of appointing delegates to the Council of the N.Z.E.I., in accordance with direction of last Annual Meeting. It was resolved that the nomination of candidates for the Council of the New Zealand Educational Institute be held in the forenoon of the second day of the Annual Meeting; that ballot papers duly initialled by the Secretary be issued on the same day; that the ballot close at noon on the third day; and that the result of the election be declared as soon after as practicable.

Interpretation of the Standards.

The attention of the Committee was called to the late examination and report on the Greymouth School by the Dunedin Branch, and they were asked to take what steps they deemed necessary in the matter. The Committee entered very fully into the facts of the dispute between the Inspector and the Head Master, and have asked the New Zealand Educational Institute to take further action in the matter. The issue involved—the interpretation of the syllabus—is a most important one, and one of considerable interest to all teachers.

Branch Reports.

The six Branch Reports are attached, and show that a fair amount of interest is evinced in the work of the Institute, especially on the part of the Country Branches. Considering the distance that many members have to travel, the attendance at the Country Branches is exceedingly creditable.

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Circular to School Committees.

The Education Board, at the request of the Committee, issued circulars to School Committees, recommending them to close their schools during Jubilee week, in order to enable teachers to attend the Annual Meeting. The Committee of Management regret that some School Committees have declined to close their schools during Institute week, and that several teachers who had the option of doing so have not availed themselves of the privilege.

Railway Fares.

There is no special concession to teachers this year in the matter of railway fares. The general arrangement of the railway authorities for Jubilee week will enable teachers to travel on terms similar to those of last year.

The Committee of Management are indebted to Mr. Pryde for his continued attention to matters affecting the success of the Annual Meeting.

J. R. Pollok,


James Rennie,


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Receipts. 1886. £ s. d. June 12—To Balance ... ... ... ... 22 15 2 " 30—" Subscriptions, Institute Members only ... 1 10 0 " Book Account 4 7 6 July 3—" Balance Proceeds Conversazione ... ... 4 14 10 1887. June, Subscriptions Dunedin Branch ... ... 12 15 0 June 1 " " Milton " ... ... 2 0 0 , " Waikouaiti & Waihemo Branch 2 10 0 " " Waitaki Branch ... ... 5 0 0 " " Balclutha " ... ... 1 5 0 " Tuapeka " ... ... 2 5 0 £59 2 6 Expenditure. 1886. £ s. d. July 3—By Coulls and Culling, Printing ... ... 5 4 10 " Rent Y.M.C.A. Hall ... ... ... 2 10 0 " " Express Hire, &c. ... ... ... 0 3 0 " " Payment to Account Delegates' Expenses to Auckland, 1885 ... ... ... 20 0 0 1887. January—By Treasurer Council N.Z.E.I. ... ... 6 0 0 June—" Advertising... ... ... ... 1 0 0 " " Stationery and Stamps ... ... 2 4 0 " " Exch. Tuapeka Branch ... ... 0 1 0 " 11—" Balance ... ... ... ... 21 19 8 £59 2 6

Educational institute of Otago.

The Following is the Abstract of Accounts Presented by the Treasurer.

Audited and found correct.

A. Stewart.

W. Milne,

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Annual Report of the Tuapeka Branch.

Office-Bearers 1886-87.

This Branch, which has hitherto been characterised for its vitality, has not exhibited that energy and earnestness which we could have wished.

Its members living far from Lawrence attend the meetings under disadvantages (some having to come about 15 miles), consequently they can scarcely be blamed for absenting themselves occasionally.

In addition to due consideration of Dr. Macgregor's circular by a sub-committee, and before an open meeting, two papers were read, viz.: "On School Examinations," by Mr. Selby; "The Utility of Grammar," by Mr. Macandrew.

This Branch sustained a loss in the removal of Mr. Macandrew to Mataura, and made a record of such in its minutes.

Robert Neill,

Secretary & Treasurer.

Annual Report of the Dunedin Branch.

Office-Bearers 1886-87.

During the year eight meetings have been held, at which the average attendance has been about 15.

At six of the meetings papers have been read as follow:—By Mr. John Reid on "The Training of Teachers"; Mr. R. S. Gardner on "Arithmetic"; Mr. J. B. Park on "The Design of Classrooms"; Mr. Rennie on "Writing"; Mr. G. M. Thomson on "Botany as a Primary School Subject"; and Mr. G. H. Smith on "The Schoolmaster out of School."

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Circulars, intimating that the Annual Subscriptions were due, have been sent to the members, and also to a number of others in the profession, who might be expected to join the Branch.

The amount standing to the credit of the Branch is £13 6s.

A. Pirie,


Milton Branch Educational Institute, Otago.

Office-Bearers 1886-87.

There were four meetings of this Branch held during the year. The attendance at these was unsatisfactory, and for this reason some papers which had been promised were withheld.

Several education questions were discussed during the year, amongst which were "The Establishment of a Teachers' Pension Fund," and "The nomination of Delegates to the Council of the New Zealand Educational Institute."

Mr. Mahoney (Milton) will read a paper at the Annual Meeting on "A Comparative View of the Education Systems of the Australasian Colonies."

W. McElrea,

Hon. Sec.

Annual Report of the Waitaki Branch.

Office-Bearers 1886-87.

Eleven meetings were held during the year, of which the attendance of members showed a great improvement on that of former years, averaging 16, and ranging from 7 to 22.

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Three sittings were occupied in discussing Dr. Macgregor's Circular, referring to the Syllabus, and papers were read as under:—"President's Opening Address," "The Standards," Mr. Langley Pope; "Percentages," Mr. R. Peattie, M.A.; "Education in Regard to Public Health," lecture by Dr. De Latour; "A Teacher's Duty," Mr. T. C. Harrison. These, with a discussion re "Prize-giving," constituted the principal business for the year.

At the Annual Meeting of the Educational Institute in July, the Branch was honoured by the appointment of one of its oldest members, Mr. R. Peattie, M.A., to the position of President of the Institute for the following twelve months.

At the same conference, one of our members, Mr. George Macdonald, of Otepopo, read a paper on the "Abolition of the Pupil Teacher System," and, though failing to win over the majority of members to his views, was accorded a hearty vote of thanks for his able defence of his opinions.

During the year, Mr. John Macdonald, who had proved himself a most energetic and painstaking secretary, resigned, and the position has since been temporarily filled by the Treasurer.

Wm. McDonald,

Acting Secretary.

Annual Report of the Balclutha Branch.

Office-Bearers 1886-87.

During the year the meetings of this Branch have been very poorly attended, but latterly it has been gratifying to notice that a somewhat revived interest in the business of the Institute has arisen.

The best attended meetings were:—One in conjunction with the Milton Branch, when a lively discussion was entered into re Dr. Macgregor's Circular; another, at which Mr. C. R. Smith introduced a very interesting discussion upon "Practical Time Tables for Unaided Schools." At this meeting a few ladies were present, and it is to be hoped that they will in future grace the meetings with their presence.

There aree eleven members in connection with this branch.

J. Matheson,

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Annual Report of the Waihemo and Waikouaiti Branch.

Office-Bearers 1886-87.

During the year six meetings have been held. Four papers have been read and one subject discussed. Considering the size of the district the meetings have been very satisfactorily attended. The honorary members have also been very regular in their attendance.

James Grant,


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Rules and Regulations of the Educational Institute of Otago.

I.—Constitution of the Institute.

The Institute shall consist of teachers in the Government schools. Other persons may be admitted to membership in accordance with the provisions of Rule V.

II.—Officers of the Institute.

The officers of the Institute shall consist of a President, three Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Librarian, who shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Institute, and shall hold office for one year, Vacancies shall be filled by the Committee of Management. All elections shall be determined by ballot.

III.—The Committee of Management.

The Committee of Management shall consist of (1) the officers, a representative of each of the Branch Associations, and five members chosen at the annual meeting of the Institute. (2) The Committee shall conduct the business of the Institute, and shall prepare and submit to the annual meeting a report of the proceedings, and abstract of accounts for the year. These shall be printed and circulated amongst members at least one week before the annual meeting. (3) The Committee shall meet quarterly, in the months of February, May, August, and November. Special meetings may be called by the Secretary. Six members shall form a quorum.

IV.—The Annual Meeting.

The annual meeting shall be held at such time and place as the Institute shall determine.

V.—Terms and Conditions of Members.

(1) Candidates for membership, not being teachers, must be nominated by two members, either at a regular meeting of any local association or annual meeting of the Institute, and on receiving a vote by ballot of at least two-thirds of the members present shall be declared elected. (2) Members shall not be page 12 permitted to exercise the privilege of membership until they have paid the annual subscription. (3) Members shall pay to the Treasurer of their Branch, or in the case of those not attached to any Branch, to the Treasurer of the Institute, the sum of 5s. per annum.

VI.—The Library.

The library shall be under the control of the Committee of Management.

VII.—Branch Associations.

Branch Associations shall be formed throughout the Education District. The following are the Branches of the Institute:—Dunedin, Oamaru, Milton, Balclutha, Lawrence, and Waihemo and Waikouaiti. (1) The Committee of Management may sanction the establishment of other Branches. (2) Officers of Branch Associations—The officers of Branch Associations shall consist of a President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Librarian. (3) Meetings—Branch Associations shall meet monthly on the first Saturday of the month; hold their annual meetings one month before the annual meeting of the Institute, and prepare and send to the Secretary of the Institute their annual report and abstract of accounts. (4) The annual subscription of 5s. per annum per member paid to the Branch Association shall be remitted to the Treasurer of the Institute. (5) Branch Associations may, in order to defray local expenses, impose an additional subscription beyond the amount payable to the Treasurer of the Institute.

VIII.—Relation of Branch Associations to the Institute.

(1) Members of the Institute shall be regarded as belonging to the Branch in the District where they reside, and shall pay the annual subscription to the Treasurer of that Branch, but a teacher residing at an inconvenient distance from a Branch centre may become a member of the Institute on payment of the annual subscription to the Treasurer of the Institute. (2) A member of one Branch Association may attend and take part in, but shall not necessarily have the privilege of voting at the meetings of another Association.

IX.—Conduct and Order of Business.

All debates and proceedings of meetings of the Institute and its Branches shall be conducted according to the rules and regulations usually recognised by deliberative bodies,

X.—Additional Bye-Laws.

Branch Associations may adopt other bye-laws for the conduct of business, provided they contain nothing contrary to the general rules of the Institute.

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