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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 67

Village Homestead Special Settlements on Perpetual Lease. — [Amended Conditions by Order in Council, Sept. 1, 1886.] — Regulations

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Village Homestead Special Settlements on Perpetual Lease.

[Amended Conditions by Order in Council, Sept. 1, 1886.]


1.The land to be selected under these Regulations shall be held on perpetual lease for the first term of thirty years, and for subsequent terms of twenty-one years, without any right of acquiring the freehold.
2.The rental shall be based on the capital value of the land, which shall in no case be less than £1 an acre.
3.No charge will be made for the lease, which shall be in the form in the Schedule hereto, beyond the sum of 10s. for registering the same in the Land Transfer Department.
4.No lease shall be issued, or any transfer of the interest of a settler allowed, except with the consent of the Commissioner of Crown Lands to be first obtained, until after the payment of the first half-year's rent.
5.Renewals of leases shall be subject in all respects to the provisions of sections 151 to 155 of Part IV. of "The Land Act, 1885."
6.Married men will have preference as selectors under these regulations.
7.No allotment shall exceed in area 50 acres.
8.Subject to the following conditions, and within the first five years of the date of the selection, an advance of a sum not exceeding £20 will be made to assist a selector in the erection of a house on his selection; and in bush lands a further sum not exceeding £2 10s. an acre, up to but not exceeding an area of 20 acres, will be advanced for bush-felling and for grassing:—
(a.)Each settler must begin bush-felling immediately; but in any case where this is not done the Steward should report the circumstance to the Commissioner of Crown Lands for the district.
(b.)Those settlers who may desire advances of money in terms of these regulations will obtain payment monthly from the Steward, on his valuation of work done.page 22
(c.)Advances will be made for the combined operations of under-scrubbing and bush-felling at the rate of £1 5s, an acre, and for burning, grassing, fencing, and other improvements £1 5s. an acre—in all, £2 10s. an acre—up to the limit of 20 acres.
(d.)The erection of a dwelling-house must be completed within six months of the date of selection; but in bush lands this may be deferred until immediately after the first burn, but no longer.
(e.)Applications for advances may be made either to the Commissioner of Crown Lands for the district or to the Steward of Village Settlements.
(f.)No advances will be made on dwelling-houses until they are completed and ready for occupation.
9.The annual rent shall be 5 per cent, on the capital value of the land, together with 5 per cent, on such sums as may be advanced in terms of Clause 8, payable half-yearly, on the 1st day of January or July next ensuing after the lapse of six months from the dates of the selection and advances respectively.
10.All applications for land under these regulations shall be made to the Commissioner of Crown Lands for the district, Where more applications than one are made on the same day for the same land, the right to occupy the land applied for shall, subject to Clause 6, be determined by lot amongst the applicants.
11.Each selector or transferee will be required to occupy his selection as his home, and to make permanent improvements as required by Clauses 12 and 13.
12.Each selector shall, within two years, cultivate one acre, and within four years the half of the remainder of his selection.
13."Permanent improvement" shall mean—
(a.)Fencing the land with timber or other durable materials, not being a brush fence; or
(b.)Breaking-up and laying-down the same in English or other cultivated grass; or
(c.)Breaking-up and planting or sowing root or other crops therein; and, in case of bush lands, the felling and clearing of timber and sowing of grass.
14.Selectors shall not subdivide or sublet their holdings; but, with the consent of the Commissioner of Crown Lands for the district, they may transfer them, provided that all the conditions of these regulations have been fulfilled to date of application to transfer. No person who has an interest in any land of more than an acre in extent in the Colony shall be eligible as a selector under these regulations.page 23
15.No selector shall hold more than one allotment under these regulations, which shall be held for his sole use and benefit, and not for the use or benefit of any other person whomsoever.
16.Any selector who shall fail to comply with these regulations in any respect shall, upon sufficient proof thereof to the satisfaction of the Commissioner, forfeit his interest in the land selected.
17.In case any doubt shall arise as to the construction of these terms and conditions with reference to the selection and occupation or clearing of any land, or otherwise arising thereunder, the same shall be settled by the Commissioner.