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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 65

Cummins and Richards's Bacon Factory

Cummins and Richards's Bacon Factory.

This is an industry of which very few people—even in Wanganui—know the extent, and is carried on in two establishments on Taupo Quay; and at the time the writer visited the establishments there were about 1500 pigs in process of being converted into ham and bacon. The largest building is known as Beaven's store, and the whole of the ground floor was occupied by page 25 the cutting up and salting processes. Tables lengthways, cross-ways, and every way they could be put, with piggy in every stage of dismemberment; go which way you would, men were met with bearing either sides, or hams, or rolls upon their shoulders; some mounting to the upper story, where the array of hams and sides were most attractive, most of them being nearly cured and ready for smoking. Nothing was more striking than the external cleanliness of all the appliances employed, the utter absence of all offensive odour, which is evidently owing to the slaughtering of the animals being done at the abbatoirs some miles away. The accounts of Chicago's chief industry which one has perused, could not help coming into one's mind, and though this industry, as far as Wanganui is concerned, is in its infancy, yet it cannot help but grow, and the time may come when this establishment may rival some of the American ones.