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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 65

He to New Zealand!

page 16

He to New Zealand!

A word or two to people of limited incomes—I refer to those who are driven, for the sake of economy, to continental cities, where they can make both ends meet. I believe they can enjoy a more healthy state of existence, and do better for their sons and daughters in New Zealand on £300 or £400 a year than they can in Europe. Here, the elementary schools are free, and the secondary schools only charge a tithe of what is paid to similar establishments in England. Children of both sexes can be fitted for any profession, can pass the Civil Service examinations, and wait their turn for vacancies that are constantly occurring; or pass on to the study of the law, or some other of the professions. Residence is not insisted on by the New Zealand University, and the educated father of a family can find plenty to do by serving on School Boards, Road Boards, or Harbour Boards, for he will find local-government pervading all departments. The society in the coast towns is not nearly so dull as it used to be in a country town in England thirty years ago. At any rate, his young people will have plenty of picnics, balls, tennis, rowing, riding, and the thousand and one things young people find to amuse themselves with, and their chances of obtaining partners for life are as good as elsewhere. There is, of course, less stiffness in the intercourse of people in the colonies, arising mainly from the fact of there being so few idle people, everyone having something to do, and doing it without being ashamed of it; but it is a mistake to suppose that society, in its main points, is any different to its counterpart at home.