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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 64

New and Popular Novels

New and Popular Novels.

All Two Shillings Novels, 2s each, or 21s per dozen.

Adam Blair, Adventurers, Adventures of a Beauty, Capt. Hattaras, A Strolling Player, Mr Ledbury, In Australia, Agincourt, Albert Lunel, Alice, All in the Dark, All in the Wrong, Ambition, American, American Senator, An Idle Excursion, Anna Lee, Annals of the Parish, Annis Warleigh's Fortune, Antonina, Arabella Stuart Atherstone Priory, Atonement of Leon Dundas, Ariadne, At War with Society, Aunt Margaret's Troubles, Bad Beginning, Basil, Beauclerks Belton Estate, Ben Brace, Beppo, Berber, Bernard Marsh, Best of Husbands, Betrams, Black and Gold, Black Eagle, Black Angel, Book of Heroines, Border Rifles, Bothwell, By Celia's Bower, Brownrigg Papers, Bound to the Wheel, By Proxy, Bride Elect, Briefless Barrister Brigand, Brothers, Buccaneer Chief, Caesar Borgia, Caleb Williams, Called to Account, Cambridge Freshman, Captain of the Guard. Of the Vulture, Carr of Carrlyon, Carry's Confessions, Caroline. Case of Mr Lucraft, Castle Richmond, Cavaliers of Fortune, Caxtons, Cecil's Tryst, Charles Auchester, Chandos, Gives of Burcott, Chips from an Old Block, Charming fellow, Condensed Novels, Cecil Castlemaine, Christie's Faith, Christine, Circuit Rider, Clara Levesique, Clarissa Harlowe, Clerical Intrigue, Clockmaker, Colin Clink, Colville Family, Constable of France, Convalescent, Convent, Country Gentleman, County Family, Courtship, Cousin Geoffry, Cousin William, Croppy, Cross Purposes, Cruickshank at Home, Crumbs from Sportsman's Table, Cure of Souls, Darnley, Days of My Life, Dark Colleen, Dead Heart, Deeds not Words, Dear Lady Disdain, Deep Waters, Destiny, Devereux, Diamond Cross, Dick Massey, Diamond Cut Diamond, Dick Temple, Doctor Goethe's Courtship, Dog of Flanders, Domestic Stories, Misrepresentation, Dower House Dumbleton Common, Each for Himself, Earl's Promise, Eccentric Personages, Ellen Montgomery's Book-Shelf, Emilia Wyndhan, Emily Chester, Emma, Ensemble, Ernest Maltravers, Eton School days, Eve of St. Mark, Evil Eye, Ex-Wife, Faces for Fortune, Faint Heart, Fair Carew, Fairer than a Fairy, False Colours, Fallen Fortunes, Family Scapegrace, Fatal Error, Fatal Passion, Father Darcy, Fathers and Sons, Felicia, Feathered Arrow, Fight with a Fortune, First Lieutenant's Story, Flood and Field, Flora Macdonad, Flyers of the Hunt, Folle Farine, Fiery Cross, Forgery, Fortunes of Glencore, Fair Saxon, Fated to be Free, Filthy Lucre. Foster Brothers, Francesca Carrara, Frank Sinclair's Wife, Freebooters, Freston Tower, Funny Stories, Gaberlunzies Wallet, Gambler's Wife, Gabriel Conroy, Gaslight and Daylight, George Julian, Gervase Skinner, Gideon Giles, Gilbert Gurney, Gilded Age, Gilderoy, Gipsy, Girl He Married, Girls of Feversham, Guy Waterman, Godolphin Gowrie, Golden Butterfly, Green Hand, Green and the Red, Grunow's Recollections, Guilty or Not Guilty, Gurney Married, Guy Deverell Gwendoline's Harvest, Haji Baba, Half Brothers, Halves Half Sisters, Harry Ogilvie, Held in Bondage, Heiress of Red Dog, Her Mother's Darling, Hector O'Halloran, Heidelburg, He Knew He was page break Right, Helen's Babies, &c., Her Lord and Master, Hester Kirton, Hide and Seek, High Road to Ruin, High Stakes, Holiday House, Hunted to Death, Home Sweet Home, Hood's Whims and Oddities, Hope Vennard, Hotel du Petit St. Jean, Hour and the Man, House by the Churchyard, House of Cards, House of Elmore, Humorous Papers, Humphrey Clinker, Hussar, Ida May, Idalia, Image of His Father, Idle Excursion, Improvisatore, In a Winter City, Indian Scout, Inheritance, Innocents Abroad, In that State of Life, Irish-American Brigade, Iron Cousin, Jane Seton, Jasper Lyle, Jessie Trim, Jesuit, Jumping Frog, &c., John Steggall, Joseph AnDrews, Journey to Centre of Earth, Juliet's Guardian, Katherine and Her Sisters, Kathie Brand, Kellys and the O'Kellys, Kept His Trust, Kiddle a Wink, King's Own Borderers, Ladder of Gold, Lady Lee's Widowhood, Lady Wedderburn's Wish, Last Days of Pompeii, Land and Sea Tales, Laura Everingham, Lavinia, Leah, Legend of Large Mouth, Leila and Pilgrims of the Rhine, Leo, Les Miserables, Less Black than We're Painted, Letter Bag of Great Western, Letty Hyde's Lovers, Life of Elliston, Life of a Sailor, Like Father Like Son, Lindisfarn Chase, Linny Lockwood, Linley Rochford, Lisabee's Love Story, Lizzie Lorton, London Romance, London's Heart, Looking Round, Lord Falconberg's Heir, Lord Lynn's Wife, Lord Mayor of London, Lost Hr Massingbred, Lost Rose, Lotta Schmidt, Lover's Birthday and Poetic Companion, Lovels of Arden, Love and Adventure, Love Stories, Love's Victory, Luck is Everything, Lucky Penny, Lucretia, Lucy Arden, Luttrells of Arran, Mabel Vaughan, McDermotts of Ballycloran, Madeline, Magdelen Hepburn, Maid Wife or Widow, Man of Fortune, Man of Many Friends, Man of the World, Mansfield Park, Marchioness of Brinvilliers, Margaret Catch-pole, Margaret, Mark Twain's Pleasure Trip and Sketches, Mark Twain's Sketches, Marriage, Married Beneath Him, Martins of Cro'Martin, Mary Ann Wellington, Mary Barton, Mary Bunyan, Mary Gresley, Mary of Lorraine, Mary Ogilvie, Mary Seaham, Master of the Hounds, Matrimonial Shipwrecks, Maurice Dering, Maxwell, McDonnell, Melbourne House, Merton, MilDred's Cross and Wedding Military Life, Milly's Hero, Man and Wife, Millionaire, Milly Darrell Miriam May, Mirk Abbey, Miss Misanthrope, Miss Mackenzie,' Miss Majoribanks, Misrepresentation, Miss or Mrs, Modern Accomplishments, Monastery, Money and Misery, Monk, Monks of Thelma, Moonstone, Moors and Fens, Morals and Mysteries, Morley Ernestein, Mortomley's Estate, Mothers and Daughters, Moths, Mountain Marriage, Mr and Mrs Asheton, Mr Miggs of Danbury, Mummy, Munro of Fort Munro, Murphy's Master, My Little Girl My Enemy's Daughter, My Pretty Cousin, My Miscellanies, Mystery of Madame Roget, Mysteries of Paris, Ned Locksley, Nellie's Memories, Nelly of Truro, Netherton on Sea, Never Forgotten, New Magdalen, Newton Forster, Number 17, Nick of the Woods, Northanger Abbey, Not Wooed but Won, Oak shott Castle, O'Donoghue, Ogilvies, Old Helmet, Old Maid's Secret, Old Margaret, Oliver Ellis, Olympia, One Against the World, One and Twenty, One of them, On Guard, Only an Ensign, Only Daughter, Only George, Opera Singer's Wife, Open Sesame, Orley Farm Orphans and Caleb Field, Other Times, Oughts and Crosses, Out of the Depths, O. V. H., Owen Tudor, Paid in Full, Pamela, Parisians, Parson's Daughter, Passion and Principle, Patricia Kemball, page break Pastor's Fireside, Paul Clifford, Paul Wynter's Sacrifice, Pearl and Emerald, Pearl of the Andes, Peep-o'-Day, Pelham, Pen Owen, Penruddocke, Percy Effingham, Peregrine Bunce, Perfect Treasure, Petronel, Phantom of the Forest, Phantom Regiment, Philip Augustus Philip Rollo, Phineas Finn, Phineas Quiddy, Pictures of Society, Pilgrims of the Rhine, Poe's Poems and Tales of Imagination, Polly Poor Miss Finch, Post and Paddock, Pottleton Legacy, Prairie Flower Prelate, Preston Fight, Pretty Widow, Prey of the Gods, Pride of Life, Private Life of an Eastern King, Bret Harte's Prose and Poetry, Provost, Puck, Queen's Cadet, Queechy, Queen of Hearts Queen of the Savannah, Queen of Connaught, Rachel Cohen Rachel Ray, Ralph the Baliff, Ralph the Heir, Ready Money Mortiboy, Rebel Privateer, Rebel Chief, Recommended to Mercy Red Track, Reginald Dalton, Rent in a Cloud, Richelieu, Rienri Riverston, Robber, Robert Ainsleigh, Robert Houdin, Robin Gray Rob Roy, Rodney Ray, Roland Cashell, Romance of the Seas Royston Gower, Romantic Tales, Rory O'More, Roughing It, Roxy, Rural Sketches, Russell, Russian Gipsy, Rutledge, Salathiel, Sale Chapel, Sand ford and Merton, Savage Club Papers, Saved by a Woman, Scatter good Family, School Girl in France, Scott and Sebnght Scottish Chiefs, Sea Lions, Season Ticket, Silk and Scarlet, Secret of a Life, Second Mrs Tillotson, Semi-attached Couple, Semi-detached House, Singleton Fontenoy, Sir AnDrew Wylie, Sir Charles Grandison, Sir Jasper Carew, Sir Jasper's Tenant, Sir Roland Ashton, Sir Victor's Choice, Signa, Sign of the Silver Flagon, Six Sisters of the Valley, Slaves of the Ring, Smuggler, Smuggler Chief, Soldier of Lyons Solitary Hunter, Some Folks, Sports in the Highlands, Squire's Legacy Stable Secrets, Stanley Thorn, Star of the South, States General, Story of Avis, Peninsular War, Strangers and Pilgrims, Stuart of Dunleath Sunny South, Surly Tim, Strathmore, Susan Hopley, Sutherland Sword and Gown, Sylvan Holt's Daughter, Tales of all Countries, Talcs for Marines, This Son of Vulcan, Three Musketeers Three Red Men, Tiger Slayer, Tilbury Nogo, Time the Avenger, Tom Cringle's Log, Tom Sawyer, Torlogh O'Brien, To the Bitter End Trappers of Arkansas, Trevelyan, True Hearts' Trials, Tricotrin Tuggs at Ramsgate, Two Destinies, Two Baronets, Two Cousins, Two Kisses, Two Marriages, Two School Girls, Twain's Pleasure Trip Tylney Hall, Two Little Wooden Shoes, 'T was in Trafalgar's Bay Uncle Silas, Under the Greenwood Tree, Under the Red Dragon Under the Spell, Under Two Flags, Under Which King, Unloved One Valentine Vox, Valeric, Vera, Vere of Ours, Veronica, Veronique, Waiting Race, Walter Goring, Waltham, Walton Mystery, Wandering Tew Wandering Willie's Tale, Walter's Ward, Warden, Warp and Woof, Watchmaker, What He Cost Her, Waterdale Neighbours, What Will He Do With It, Way We Live Now, Whiteladies, Which is the Winner, White Cockade, Whitehall, Who is to Have It, Whom to Marry Wide, Wide World, Widow and Marquis, Wife to Order Wilderspin, Wildflower, Wild Hyacinth, Wild Oats, Wild and Wonderful, Wild Sports of the West, Willing to Die, Will He Marry Her, Wilmington's, Wine and Walnuts, Witch-finder, With Harp and Crown Woman's Devotion, Woman's Ramson, Woman's Vengeance, Woman in White, World Well Lost, Woodman, Wortlebank Dairy Wylder's Hand, Young Curate, Zana the Gipsy, Zanoni.

All Two Shilling Novels, 2s each or 12 for 21s cash.