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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 64

Weale's Scientific Library

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Weale's Scientific Library,

The list contains 204 works, of which a large stock is on hand.

Acoustics of Public Buildings 2s, Agricultural Engineering 3s 6d, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry 2s, Construction of Arches 2s, Orders of Architecture 2s, Arithmetic 1s 6d, Arithmetic for Self. Instruction 2s, Astronomy 2s, Iron Bridges, &c. 2s, Tubular Bridges 2s, Bookkeeping in Four Languages 1s 6d, Brassfounder's Manual 3s Brick and Tile Making 3s 6d, Sheep, Cattle, and Horses 3s, Differential Calculus 2s, Integral Calculus 1s 6d, Examples, do. 1s 6d, Camphor and Dew 1s 6d, Carpentry and Joinery 4s, Chemistry in Agriculture 1s 6d, Civil Engineering 6s, Civil Engineering in North America 45, Clay Lands 1s 6d, Clocks, Watches, and Bells 5s, Combustion of Coal 3s 6d, Coal and Coal Mining 4s, Composition and Punctuation 2s 6d, Cottage Building 2s, Cranes and Hoisting Machinery 2s, Dictionary of Terms used in Arts, &c. 6s, Domestic Medicine 2s 6d, Dairy, Pigs, and Poultry 2s 6d, Draining of Lands 2s. Drawing and Measuring Instruments 3s, Drainage and Sewage of Towns 3s, Engineering Drawing 4s, Electric Telegraph 3s 6d, Electricity 2s, Electro Metallurgy 3s, Embanking of Land from the Sea 2s 6d, Emigrants and Fields for Emigration 2s 6d, Elements of Euclid 2s 6d, Art of Extempore Speaking 3s, Modern Farming 3s 6d, Culture of Fruit Trees 4s, Foundations and Concrete Works 2s, Dictionaries-French 2s, Hebrew 15s, Latin 3s, Italian 9s, German 6s, Economy of Fuel 1s 6d, Elementry Geometry 2s 6d, Gasworks 4s, Geometry applied to Drawing 2s 6d, Practical Plane Geometry 2s 6d, Geometry, Theory of Shadows 2s 6d, Glass Staining and Enamelling 3s, Management of Health 1s 6d, House Manager 4s, House Painting, Graining, and Marbling 6s, Historical Geography 3s, Iron Shipbuilding 4s 6d, Iron and Heat 3s, Engineering Surveying 2s 6d, Lighthouses 4s, Limes, Cements, Mortars, Concrete, &c. 2s, Logarithmic Tables 3s, Machinery 2s, Masonry and Stone Cutting 3s, Mast-making and Rigging of Ships 2s 6d, Magnetism 4s, Timber Measurer 5s, Applied Mechanics 2s, Weights, Moneys and Measures of all Nations 2s, Metallurgy of Silver and Lead 2s 6d, Copper Smelting and Mining 3s, Modern Workshop Practice 3s 6d, Metallurgy of Iron and Steel 5s 6d, Mineralogy 3s 6d, Mollusca 7s 6d, Mining and Quarrying 2s, Mining Tools 3s, Naval Architecture 4s 6d, Natural Philosophy 2s, Navigation 2s 6d, Navigation and Nautical Astronomy 3s, Optical Instruments 2s, Painting on Glass 1s 6d, Perspective 2s 6d, Physical Geology 2s 6d, Photography 2s, Art of Playing Pianoforte 1s 6d, Plane Trigonometry 1s 6d, Power of Water 2s 6d, Power in Motion 3s, Pneumatics 2s, Quantities and Measurements 2s, Railway Working 1s 6d, Railway Construction 3s 6d, Ready Reckoner for Land 2s, Rivers, Torrents and Canals 3s, Construction of Roads and Streets 5s, Roofs 2s, Shipbuilding 9s, Sails and Sailmaking 3s, Naval Architecture 4s, Ships' and Boats' Models 2s, Ships' Anchors 2s, Slide page break Rule 3s 6d, Steam and the Steam Engine 4s, Sewage Irrigation, &c. 3s Soils, Manures and Crops 2s 6d, Steam Engine 1s 6d, Theory of Steam Engine 2s, Steam Boilers 2s, Subterraneous Surveying 3s, Land Surveying 2s 6d, Handbook to Telegraph 3s 6d, Warming and Ventilation 3s 6d, Waterworks 4s 6d, Cranes and Machinery 2s, Navigation Tables 2s, Optical Instruments 2s, Mining and Tools 3s, Colour 3s, Practical Perspective, 3s 6d, Drawing for Bricklayers 2s 6d, Drawing and Shading 2s 6d, Gothic Stonework 2s 6d, Applied Mechanics 2s, Drawing for Stonemasons 2s 6d, Strength of Materials 3s, Elements of Machine Design 3s, Wrinkles and Receipts 10s, Physical Geography 2s 6d, Spherical Astronomy 7s 6d.

G. T. Chapman, Importer of Books, Stationery, Music, Charts, Photographs of Scotch Scenery, Acting Plays, Scientific Novelties, and Fancy Goods.