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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 64

Cheapest Books in the World. — The Cottage Library

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Cheapest Books in the World.

The Cottage Library.

G. T. Chapman, New Zealand Agent for the sale of these Popular Books, is now ready to supply them in quantities, at wholesale prices. There are upwards of 450 different works, of which full supplies are to hand. Detailed Catalogues may be had free on application.

Talmage's Modern Society, Tea Table and Crumbs Swept Up, Æsop's Fables, All for Love, American Receipt-book, Anecdotes of Martyrs, Lord Nelson and Napoleon, Angel and Child, Anna Lee, Annals of the Poor, Annie Benson, Anson's Voyages, Arabian Nights, Artemus Ward, Major Jack Downing, Aunt Dinah's Pledge, Babes in Basket, Carew King of Gipsys, Basket of Flowers, Baxter's Saints Rest, Beams of Silver, Beatrice, Beautiful Gate, Better Land, Biglow and Nasby Papers, Birthday Present, Blind Farmer, Bloomfield's Poems, Bogatzky's Morning and Evening, Book for Lord's Day, Family Worship, Book to Suit You, Boy's Conjuring, Breathings of Love, Breakers Ahead, Bridal Gift, Bridal Eve, Bride's Fate, British Songster, Brown's Concordance, Bruce's Travels, Buchan's Medicine, Buffon's Natural History, Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, Choice Works (5 series) and Holy War, Burns' Poems, Butler's Hudibras, Byron's Poems (3 vols) and Don Juan, Cabin Boy's Story, Cancelled Will, Cast Adrift, Changed Brides, Charlotte and Lucy Temple, ChilDren of the Abbey, ChilDren's Friend, Christian Pattern, Christmas Eve, Christ's Famous Titles, Christian Warrior, Clarissa Harlowe, Clark's Scripture Promises, Clater's Cattle Doctor, Cobbett's and Murray's Grammar, Comic Album, Cooke's Letter-writer, Cook's Voyages, Cooper's Deerslayer, Mohicans, Sea Lions, and Spy, Cottage Gardener, Key to Scriptures, Cottagers of Glenburnie. Minister's Wife, Cowpcr's Poems, Culpepper's Herbal and Doctor, Curse of Clifton, Daily Comforter, Daily Food, David Price, Death-bed Triumphs, Debtor and Creditor, Deserted Wife, Destiny, Dialogues of Devils, National Song Book, Divine Garland, Divorced Wife, Dr Syntax, Dodd's History, Shakespere and Discourses, DodDridge's Rise and Progress, Domestic Cookery, Don Quixote, Doubly False, Down in a Saloon, Comic Orations, Dr Willoughby's Wine, Dryden's Poems and Virgil, Edith Lyle, Edna Browning, Edwin and Lucy, Eliza Clifford, Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen, Ethelyn's Misfortune, Eva Stanley, Evenings at Home, Evergreen, King Arthur, Fair Play, False Key, Farmer of Ingle wood Forest, Fashion and Famine, Fatal Marriage, Fatal Secret, Fatherless Fanny, Fern Leaves, Finney's Revivals, First Love, Fisher's Daughter, Five Nights of St. Albans, Flowers of Knowledge, Language of Flowers, Forget-me-not, Forgive and Forget, Fortune Seeker. Foxe's Martyrs, Franklin's Works, Gates Ajar, Gems by Wayside, Gems of Poetry and Thought, Gipsy Bride, Goldsmith's Poems, Good Time Coming, Great Secret, Guide to Health, Gulliver's Travels, Heaven Abode of Sainted Dead, Home and Recognition, Heber's Poems, Heiress of Bruges, Heiress, Helen's Babies, Earl of Moreland, History of England, History of France, Franco-Prussian War, Inquisition, and Russian War, Holiday Stories, Homestead on Hillside, How He Won Her, How to Please, Hugh Worthington, Hungarian page break Brothers, I Love But Thee, I'll Tell Thee All, Dream and Fortune Teller, Inheritance, Italian, Jacob Faithful, Joys of Childhood, Just Right, Justin Harley, Juvenile Tales, Katharine Allen, Keats' Poems, Kirkwhite's Poems, Kiss for a Blow, Lamplighter, Poetry of Flowers, Law of Kindness, Beecher's Lectures, Lena Rivers, Roderick Random, Robin Hood, Life of Rev. T. Charles, Baron Trenck, Jesus Christ, Colonel Gardiner, Cromwell, Adam Clarke, Joseph (and Death of Abel), Lord Nelson, Mrs Fletcher, Napoleon, Wesley, Washington, and Wellington, Bertha's Secret, Girl's Keepsake, Little Henry and Lucy, Little Hermit, Little Heroine, Little Woodman, Lives of Highwaymen, Robbers, Pirates, and Sea Robbers, Longfellow's Poems and Hiawatha, Looking unto Jesus, Lost Heiress, Lottery Ticket, Love in a Cottage and High Life, Lovers and Husbands Lover's Offering, Lover's Trials, Mabel Clifton, Mabel Lee, Mabel Vaughan, Mabel's Mistake, Pictures from Bible, Man Demon, Man of War Life, Maria Monk, Marion Grey, Marriage, Married in Haste, Mary Derwent, May Flower, Maxwell, Mary Howard, Melbourne House, Memoirs of a Cavalier, Mrs Newell, Rev. John Nelson, Messages of Mercy, Milton's Poems, Minnie Hermon, Missionary Anecdotes 1 and 2, Newgate Calendar, Moore's Poems, Entertaining Anecdotes, Hannah More's Poems, Mothers of Wise and Good Mother Shipton, Mungo Park, Mysteries of New York 1 and 2 Mysteries of Paris and Udolpho, Joe Miller, Pleasing Instructor News from Invisible World, Nina, Nothing but Money, O'Halloran Old Distillery, Old English Baron, Castle of Otranto, Old Helmet Old Manor House, Olney Hymns, Out of Debt, Out of the Fire Paley's Evidences, Natural Theology, Parting Gift, Peter Simple Heman's Poems, Poems for the Year, Poetical Keepsake, Poetry of Love, Poems of Pope, Blair, Gray, and Dodd, Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, Popular Song Book, Pretty Little Poems, Queechy, Queen's Badge, Queen of the Isles, Ray of Light, Reciter for the Million, Rejected Wife, Religious Courtship, Righted at Last, Rob of the Bowl, Robinson Crusoe, Romance of the Forest, Rosa Lee, Rose Mather, Ruby Gray's Strategy, Ruth Hall, Sabbath Musings. Sacred Garland, 1 and 2 Sacred Harp, Sand ford and Merton, Scottish Chiefs, Scott's Marmion, Scripture Truths, Scripture References, Seven Champions, Shady Side, Shelley's Poems, Shipwrecks, Sydney De Grey, Silent Struggles, Silver Star, Simple Susan, Key to Prophecies, Plea for Religion, Sketches by Boz, Rev. J. Smith's Works, 30 sorts, Soldier's Orphan, Songs of Affection, Sprig of Shillelah, St. Clair of the Isles, Stephen's Travels, Stepping Heavenward, Streams from Lebanon, Striking the Flag, Sunday School Reciter, 1 and 2, Sunny Memories, Susan Gray Lizzy Glenn, Swiss Family Robinson, Animals, Birds, and Fishes, Talcs and Stories of Ireland, Tales of Rich and Poor, Tales of Battles, Tales of Fairy Land, Poe's Tales, Temperance Tales, Tempest and Sunshine. Tempted Wife, Thaddeus of Warsaw. Thomson's Poem, Three Sisters, Tiler's Natural History, 1 and 2, Angel of Iceberg, Todd's Lectures, Student's Manual and Sunday Teacher, Tom White Bank of Faith, True Riches, Twice Told Tales, Two Half-crowns, Two Shoemakers, Two Years Before the Mast, Tylney Hall, Uncle Paul's Stories, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Upward Path, Vara, Wandering Jew, War Path, Wars of England, Watt's Logic, on the Mind, Scripture History and World to Come, Wesley's Primitive Physic, White Slave, Who Shall be Victor, Wide Wide World and Dream page break Book. Fortune Teller, Letter Writer and Reciter, Wife's Secret, Wife's Victory, Wilson on Lord's Supper, Wilson's Wonderful Characters, World of Wit, Nature and Art, Wordsworth's Poems, 2 vols Wreath Around Cross, Young Man's Amusement, Companion, and own Book, Young Woman's Companion, 200 Pretty Tales, &c.

Retail Price, 1s 3d each, or 6s for six vols.