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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 64

Chapman's New Zealand Publications

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Chapman's New Zealand Publications.

The Natural Wonders of New Zealand, The Wonderland of the Pacific, Its Boiling Lakes, Steam Holes, Mud Volcanoes, Sulphur Baths, Medicinal Springs and Burning Mountains.

A Reprint of Captain Cook's Description of New Zealand and Australia, with notes, anecdotes to illustrate the text, Facsimile of Cook's Charts and 27 illustrations, 10s.

Traveller's Guide through New Zealand—Geographical, Topographical and Statistical—with views and plans, 1s. (A new edition of this work in preparation.)

Tourists' Guide through the Lake District of Auckland, with map showing route and roads, 1s.

Korero Maori, First Lessons in Maori Conversation, by a Pakeha. Maori, 1s. (A new edition in the press.)

The first Step to Maori Conversation, a Grammar and Phrase-book of the New Zealand Language, by the Pakeha-Maori, 2s.

A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand; or a Vocabulary of its different Productions, Religion, Traditions', Customs, Amusements, &c., with their native names, 2s.

Guide to Farming: Stock and Dairy Management in New Zealand, arranged for the seasons and climate, by Joseph May, 2s 6d.

Grape Vine Manual; or, Plain Directions for Planting and Cultivating a Vineyard, and for Making Wine in New Zealand, 2s.

The Management of the Honey Bee in New Zealand, by an old Beekeeper, revised by H. J. Hawkins and David Hay, 1s

Handy-book for New Zealand Sheep Farmers. How to Select and Manage a Sheep Station, by Joseph May, 1s

The Best Method of Saving Seeds, Time of Sowing and Planting, and how to grow Fruit Trees on Grass Lands, by AnDrew McEwin, 1s.

Settlers' Handbook to the Farm, Garden, and Greenhouse for the seasons and climate of New Zealand, third edition, 2s

The Flower Garden and Kitchen Garden in New Zealand, 6d.

The Pine Tree in New Zealand, by David Hay, 3d

Our Race and its Origin, by Rev. R. Taylor, 3d

The Geological Age of New Zealand, by Rev. R. Taylor, 3d

New Zealand Ball-room Pocket Companion, 1s.

New Zealand Magazine, vol I., 2s

Handy-book of the Laws of New Zealand, 1840 to 1867, 2s 6d

Gazetteer of the Auckland Provincial District, 1s

Gold Ready Reckoner from £2 to £4 an oz., 1s

Chart of the Colony of New Zealand, 6d

Large Map of New Zealand with outline of Australasia, 1s

Map of the North Island of New Zealand, with counties, 1s

Map of the Middle Island of New Zealand, 1s

Enlarged Map of the Northern Counties of Auckland, 1s

Map of the Southern Counties of Auckland (Waikato), 1s

Map of the Eastern Counties of Auckland (Bay of Plenty), 1s

Street Plan, City of Auckland, with key to principal buildings, 1s

New Zealand: Published by G. T. Chapman, Bookseller & Stationer Queen Street, Auckland.