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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 64

British Drama Standard Acting Plays

British Drama Standard Acting Plays.

Othello, School for Scandal, Werner, She Stoops to Conquer, Gamester, King Lear, New Way to Pay Old Debts, Road to Ruin, Merry Wives of Windsor, Iron Chest, Hamlet, Stranger, Merchant of Venice, Honeymoon, Pizarro, Man of the World, Much Ado About Nothing. Rivals, Damon and Pythias, Macbeth, John Bull, Fazio, Speed the Plough, Jane Shore, Evadne, Antony and Cleopatra, The Wonder, Miller and His Men, Jealous Wife, Therese, Brutus, Maid of Honour, Winter's Tale, Poor Gentleman, Castle Spectre, Heir at Law, Love in a Village, Tale of Mystery, Douglas, Critic, George Barnwell, Grecian Daughter, Cato, Beggar's Opera, Isabella, Revenge, Lord of the Manor, Romeo and Juliet, Sardanapalus, Venice Preserved, Hypocrite, Provoked Husband, Clandestine Marriage, Fair Penitent, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Fatal Curiosity, Belle's Stratagem, Manfred, Rule a Wife and Have a Wife, Bertram, Wheel of Fortune, Duke of Milan, Good Natured Man, King John, Beaux' Stratagem, Arden of Faversham, Trip to Scarboro', Lady Jane Grey, Rob Row Roman Father, Provoked Wife, Two Foscari, Foundling of the Forest, Richard III., Bold Stroke for a Wife, Castle of Sorrento, Inconstant, Guy Mannering, Busy Body, Under the Earth, Alexander the Great, The Liar, Brothers, Way of the World, Cymberline, She Would and She Could Not, Deserted Daughter, Wives as they were, &c., Every Man in his Humour, Midsummer Night's Dream, Tamerlane, Bold Stroke for a Husband, Julius Cæsar, All for Love, Tempest, Richard Cœur de Lion, Mourning Bride, Bashful Man, Barbarossa, Curfew, Merchant of Bruges, Giovanni in London, Timon of Athens, Honest Thieves, West Indian, Earl of Essex, Irish Widow, Courier of Lyons, Tancred and Sigismunda, panel, Deformed Transformed, Soldier's Daughter, Monsieur Tonson, The Black Prince, School for Wives, Coriolanus, Citizen, First Floor, page break Foundling, Oroonoko, Love a la Mode, Richard II., Siege of Belgrade, Samson Agonistes, Maid of the Mill, One o'Clock, Who's the Dupe? Mahomet the Imposter, Duplicity, Devil to Pay, Troilus and Cressida, Thieves of Paris, All in the Wrong, Cross Purposes, Orphan, Bon Ton, Tender Husband, El Hyder, Country Girl, Midas, Castle of Andulasia, Two Strings to your Bow, Measure for Measure, Miser, Haunted Tower, Tailors, Love for Love, Robbers of Calabria, Zara, High Life Below Stairs, Marino Faliero, Waterman, Vespers of Palemo, Farm House, Comedy of Errors, The Romp, Distressed Mother, Atonement, Three Weeks After Marriage, Suspicious Husband, Dog of Montargis, Heiress, Deserter, Henry VIII., Comus, Recruiting Sergeant, Animal Magnetism, Confederacy, Carmelite, Chances, Follies of a Day, Titus AnDronicus, Paul and Virginia, Know Your Own Mind, Padlock, Constant Couple, Better Late than Never, My Spouse and I, Every One has his Fault, Deuce is in Him, Adopted Child, Lover's Vows, Maid of the Oaks, Duenna, Turnpike Gate, Bothwell, Miss in her Teens, Twelfth Night, Lodoiska, Earl of Warwick, Fortune's Frolics, Way to Keep Him, Braganza, No Song No Supper, Taming the Shrew, Spanish Student, Double Dealer, Mock Doctor, Fashionable Lover, Guardian, Cain, Rosina, Love's Labour Lost, Hunchback, Raising the Wind, Lovers' Quarrels, Rent Day, Chrononhotonthologos, His First Champaigne, Pericles, Robinson Crusoe, He's Much to Blame, Ella Rosenberg, Quaker, School of Reform, Henry IV., 15 Years of a Drunkard's Life, Thomas and Sally, Bombastes Furioso, First Love, Sonnambulist, All's Well that Ends Well, Lottery Ticket, Gustavus Vasa, Sweethearts and Wives, Miller of Mansfield, Black Eyed Susan, Station House, Recruiting Officer, Tower of Nesle, Henry V., Rendezvous, Appearance is Against Them William Tell, Tom Thumb, Rake's Progress, Henry VI., Blue Devils, Cheats of Scapin, Charles II., Love Makes the Man, Virginius, School for Arrogance, Two Gregories, Mrs Wiggins, Mysterious Husband, Heart of Midlothian, Illustrious Stranger, Register Office, Jacob Faithful, Chapter of Accidents, Hazard of the Die, Hero and Leander, Cure for the Heartache, Siege of Damascus, Secret, Deaf and Dumb, Banks of the Hudson, Wedding Day, Laugh When You Can, What Next, Raymond and Agnes, Lionel and Clarissa, Red Crow, Contrivance, Broken Sword, Polly Honeycombe, Nell Gwynne, Cymon, Perfection, Count of Narbourne, Of Age To-morrow, Orphan of China, Pedlar's Acre, Mogul's Tale, Othello Travestre, Law of Lombardy, Day After the Wedding, The Jew, Irish Tutor, Such Things Are, The Wife, Dragon of Wantley, Suil Dhur, Lying Valet, Lily of St. Leonards, In Quarantine, Housekeeper, Child of Nature, Harvest Home, Which is the Man, Caius Gracchus, Mayor Garratt, Frank Fox Phipps Esq., Midnight Hour, Devil's Ducat, The Purse, Warlock of the Glen, Life Buoy, Wild Oats, Woodman, Love, Law and Physic.