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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 63


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Art. Page
I. The Basin of the Upper Nile and its Inhabitants.
1. Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile. By John Hanning Speke, Captain H.M. Indian Army, &c. London. 1863.
2. A Lecture on the Sources of the Nile, and on the Means requisite for their Final Determination. Delivered in the Theatre of the London Institution on the 20th January, 1864. By Charles T. Beke, Ph. D., F.S. A., &c. [Not Published.]
3. Address to the Geographical Society of Berlin, on the 6th June, 1863. (Vortrag, &c.) By Dr. Heinrich Barth, C.B.
4. On the Origin of the Gallas. By Dr. Beke. From the "Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science," for 1847 307
II. Strikes and Industrial Co-operation.
1. The Co-operator: a Record of Co-operative Progress. By Working Men. Edited by Henry Pitman. Manchester. 1860-1863.
2. Self-Help by the People—History of Co-operation in Rochdale. By G. J. Holyoake. London. 1858.
3. Companion to the Almanac; or, Year Book of General Information for 1862. London.
4. Manual of Political Economy. By Henry Fawcett, M.A. London. 1863 349
III. The Abolition of Religious Tests.
A Plea for the Abolition of Tests in the University of Oxford. By Goldwin Smith. Oxford. 1864 384
IV. The Prerogative of Pardon and the Punishment of Death.
1. Jeremy Bentham, to his Fellow Citizens of France. On Death Punishment. December 17, 1830.
2. On Capital Punishment for Murder. An Essay. By Lord Hobart. 1861. page ii
3. Capital Punishment in England viewed as operating in the present day. By Sheldon Amos, M. A., Barrister-at-Law. 1864.
4. Suggestions for the Amendment of the Laws of Appeal in Criminal Cases. By Harry G. Palmer, Barrister-at-Law. 1864 398
V. New Zealand.
1. New Zealand in 1842. By T. M. D. Martin, M.D., President of the New Zealand Aborigines Protection Association, and lately a Magistrate of the Colony. Auckland.
2. New Zealand and its Aborigines. By William Brown, lately a Member of the Legislative Council of New Zealand. London: Smith, Elder, and Co. 1845.
3. Plain Facts relative to the late War in the Northern District of New Zealand. Auckland. 1847.
4. The New Zealand Question and the Rights of Aborigines. By Louis Alexis Chamerovzou. London: J. C. Newby. 1848.
5. A Speech delivered in the Provincial Council of Auckland, exhibiting a picture of Misgovernment and Oppression in the British Colony of New Zealand; preceded by a Letter to His Grace the Duke of Newcastle, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Colonial Department. By James Busby, Esq. Auckland. 1853.
6. A Page from the History of New Zealand. By Mέτoικoς Auckland. 1854.
7. The First Settlers in New Zealand; being a Speech delivered at the Table of the House of Representatives, August 1st, 1856. Revised and enlarged. By James Busby, Esq. Auckland. 1856.
8. A Letter to his Excellency Colonel Thomas Gore Browne, C.B., Governor of New Zealand, on "Responsible Government" and "The Governmental Institutions of New Zealand." By James Busby, Esq. Auckland. 1857.
9. Observations on the State of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of New Zealand. By F. D. Fenton, the Compiler of the Statistical Tables of the Native Population. Auckland. 1857.
10. The Right of a British Colonist to the Protection of the Queen and Parliament of England against the Illegal and Unjust Acts of a Colonial Legislature or Government. A Letter to his Grace the Duke of Newcastle, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Colonies. By James Busby, Esq. Auckland. 1860.
11. Illustrations of the System called "Responsible Government;" in a Letter to his Excellency Colonel Gore Browne, C.B. By James Busby, Esq. Auckland. 1860.
12. The Maori King Movement in New Zealand; with a full Report of the Native Meetings held at Waikato, April and May, 1860. By the Rev. Thomas Buddle. Auckland. 1860. page iii
13. The Taranaki Question. By Sir W. Martin, D.C.L., late Chief Justice of New Zealand. Auckland. 1860.
14. Remarks upon a Pamphlet entitled "The Taranaki Question," by Sir W. Martin. By James Busby, Esq., formerly H.M. Resident in New Zealand. Auckland. 1860.
15. Remarks upon a Pamphlet by James Busby, Esq., commenting upon a Pamphlet entitled "The Taranaki Question," by Sir William Martin. By George Clarke, late chief Protector of Aborigines. Printed for private circulation only. Auckland. 1861.
16. Notes on Sir William Martin's Pamphlet. Published by authority of the General Government. Auckland.
17. Memorandum. By Mr. Richmond. Auckland.
18. Remarks on Notes published for the New Zealand Government, and on Mr. Richmond's Memorandum. By Sir William Martin, D.C.L. Auckland. 1861.
19. The Land Question of Taranaki By F. A. Carbington. [Unpublished.] Taranaki.
20. New Zealand Memorial to his Grace the Secretary of State for the Colonies; together with a Memorandum on New Zealand Affairs. London.
21. The War in New Zealand. By William Fox, Member of the House of Representatives. Auckland.
22. One of England's Little Wars: A Letter to the Duke of New-castle, Secretary of State for the Colonies. By Octavius Hadfield, Archdeacon of Kapiti, New Zealand.
23. New Zealand and the War. By William Swainson, Esq., formerly Attorney-General for New Zealand. London: Smith, Elder, and Co.
24. The War in Taranaki during the Years 1860-61. By W. J. Grayling, of the Volunteer Rifles, New Plymouth. 1862.
25. Letter to the Right Honourable the Lord Lyttelton, on the Relations of Great Britain with the Colonists and Aborignes of New Zealand. By Crosbie Ward, a Member of the Government and of the House of Representatives of the Colony. London: Edward Stanford. 1863 420
VI. Taine's History of English Literature.
1. Histoire de la Littérature Anglaise. Par H. Taine. Trois Tomes. Paris: Hachette et Cie. 1863.
2. The Afternoon Lectures on English Literature.
3. English Writers. The Writers before Chaucer; with an Introductory Sketch of the four Periods of English Literature. By Henry Morlby. London: Chapman and Hall. 1864 473
VII. The Philosophy of Roger Bacon.
1. Fratris Rogeri Bacon, Opus Majus à Samuele Jebb. Londini editum. 1733.
2. Fratris Rogeri Bacon: Opus Tertium, Opus Minus, Compendium Philosophiæ. Edited by J. S. Bewer. London. 1859. page iv
3. Roger Bacon: Sa Vie, ses Ouvrages, ses Doctrines. Par Emile Charles. Paris. 1861.
4. Histoire des Sciences Naturelles au Moyen Age. Par F. A. Pouchet. Paris. 1853 512
Contemporary Literature:
1. Theology 547
2. Politics, Sociology, Voyages, and Travels 566
3. Science 584
4. History and Biography 592
5. Belles Lettres 608