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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 62

Relief Channel

Relief Channel.

I visited the Relief Channel and noticed that the floods are gradually widening and deepening it. After the dredging was done on the bar at the head of the channel in 1887, the depth of water was 2ft 6in; at present in a similarly low state of the river the depth is 4ft 6in, and the depth of the main channel opposite is also 4ft 6in, so that now the head of the Relief Channel is as deep as the main river, and I should say that in floods about half of the water passes down the Relief Channel. I think that the floods will continue to deepen and widen this channel until in the course of years the greatest body of water will flow down it. This is what is wanted, as the more that passes down the relief channel the less overflows at the Orawaiti. Mr C. Y. O'Connor was of opinion that dredging should be resumed at the head of the channel. I am of opinion it should be let alone, with exception of keeping it always clear of page 10 snags and drift timber, and in course of time nature will achieve the desired object.