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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 62

Claims for Damage

Claims for Damage.

Mr Jno. Martin, whoowns the island, has set up a claim for damages on the page 8 alleged ground that the work has caused part of his land to be washed away. I could not see any reason for this claim, as the head of his island has been washing away by every flood for many years, and the branch line across the bye-wash should, when completed, have rather the effect of protecting the head of his island than of assisting to damage it. The blocking of the bridge over the bye-wash by drift timber is an inconvenience that must be endured. In any case it is a trifle that is easily remedied after every flood, and will be to some extent abated when the training wall is carried past the opening, as it will arrest or divert down the main river most of the driftwood. It is now seen, however, that it would have been better to have laid out the branch line along the bank of the river above the bye-wash, and not cross it at all, and so avoid the inconvenience caused by the floods and the plea for damage set up by Mr Martin.