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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 62



I have now touched upon the leading features of the agricultural position and outlook as they have presented themselves to my mind, and I think you will concede that there is much to be done in New-Zealand by the friends of agriculture, if we are to occupy a prominent position amongst the colonies of Australasia, and indeed with the other agricultural nations of the earth.

New Zealand is and must be for a lengthened period an exporting country, and therefore we must not lag behind. We can no longer afford to neglect the greatest interest of the colony, viz., its agricultural industries.

page 23

Combination is the order of the day. Farmers must combine for their own protection. A single stick is easily broken, but a bundle is not so readily defeated.

I have already referred to what Victoria has done. New South Wales and Queensland have followed suit. Each has its State Department of Agriculture. Surely it is not asking too much that New Zealand should follow this good example by establishing at least an agricultural bureau. With such an institution, our best interests would receive that attention to which they are justly entitled.

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Printed at the "Lyttelton Times," Gloucester Street.