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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 62

Produce of Manufactures

Produce of Manufactures.

New Zealand. Victoria.
1885. 1880-81.
Total value £8,713,000 £13,370,000
Deduct value of materials 2,980,000 7,997,000
£3,733.000 £5,373,000
Hands employed 22,102 38,141
Produce per head £168 £140

The next table shows the total produce of the three industries we have examined, and the average produce, which amounts to £145 in New Zealand, and £111 in Victoria. But this £145 is not the whole result of these industries; to get that we have to include various smaller items that could not be brought into the comparison with Victoria. When these are added we get a total of over 15¾ millions, and dividing this by the number of workers, to which we must add 1297 kauri gum diggers (there are really more, if we could count Maoris, but not enough to affect the present average), we get £155 per head. On making the comparison with Victoria we see that, taking an average of the leading industries, there appears to be no room for doubt that we are much the more productive. This being the case, however disordered trade may have become, we cannot resist the conclusion that our prospects are not merely good, but brilliant.