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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 62

Report of Executive Committee of Canterbury * Employers' * Association

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Report of Executive Committee of Canterbury * Employers' * Association

1. Your Executive has to report that since last general meeting of the members of this Association, held on 30th April, regular meetings of the Executive have been held, and also special meetings when anything has arisen requiring prompt action.

2. During the past six months, the principal business that has engaged the attention of your Committee, has been the consideration of the various Labour Bills that were introduced into Parliament by the present Government. A special Committee was appointed from the Executive, and they carefully examined and reported on the
  • Factories' Bills
  • Shop Hours' Bill
  • Truck Bill
  • Employers' Liability Amendment
  • Industrial Conciliation.

As a result of their investigation, it was resolved to forward a protest to the Government and to Members of the General Assembly, pointing out that certain of the restrictive provisions would, if given effect to, prove vexatious and harassing, and would cripple manufacturers and trade so seriously as to contract the operations of those employing labour, and thereby reduce the amount of work available for wage-earners, and further, that if employment is to be found for the masses, manufacturers and trades should be encouraged and not crushed.

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3. On June 10th a conference of the various Employers' Associations was held in Wellington. The delegates from this Association were Messrs. Booth, Hulbert, and Blackwell. A report of the proceedings of the conference has already been printed and circulated. The conference used all its influence to have the "Labour Bills" amended into a fairer shape, and, doubtless, this led to some of the more objectionable features being eliminated from the Bills.

The Factories' Bill, Truck Bill, Employers' Liability Amendment passed both Houses, and copies are on the table for information of members.

The Industrial Concilliation was dropped in the Lower House, and the Workmen's Lien Bill and Eight Hours' Bill in the Upper House.

4. During the half-year a difficulty occurred in the Boot-trade in Auckland, in consequence of some of the Auckland manufacturers declining to work under a statement that had been agreed upon for the various centres. The Trades and Labour Council approached your Committee and requested that a Sub-Committee be appointed, with whom they might confer with a view to attempting a settlement. This was agreed to, several interviews took place, and efforts were made through the Employers' Association, Auckland, to effect a settlement, but without result. The Auckland manufacturers declined to consider the position, and the dispute was brought to an end by agreement with masters and men immediately concerned, on the basis of the New Wages Statement and freedom of Contract.

5. Your Committee has recently been called upon to prevent threatened trouble between the masters and operatives in the Boot-trade in Christchurch, Wellington, and Dunedin. The masters having adopted a new statement of wages without consulting the men, the latter felt considerable displeasure, and threatened to strike unless the whole matter were reopened in general conference. Your Committee is glad to be able to report that it succeeded in bringing both sides together, and that a conference representing the three centres, has just concluded its sitting, having arrived at a satisfactory settlement under the presidency of one of your Committee, Mr. Reece, who was selected by mutual consent.

6. Labour Demonstration day again came before your Committee. The Trades and Labour Council requested an interview with the object of fixing a day that will be more suitable for Christchurch in the future. Your Committee has agreed to meet them, and will endeavour to fix a day more suitable for this city.

7. A statement of accounts for the year ended Oct. 31st is appended.

8. According to the Rules the whole of the Committee go out of office at this meeting; and it will be your duty to elect a fresh Committee to-day.

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£ s. d. £ s. d. To Subscriptions ... ... ... 482 1 5 By Telegrams, Postages, a/c ... ... 12 16 9 ,, Printing and Stationery a/c ... ... 26 1 5 ,, Office Furniture a/c ... ... 14 12 9 ,, Preliminary Expenses ... ... 15 5 0 ,, Office Rent a/c ... ... 32 10 0 ,, Wellington Conference a/c ... ... 25 18 8 ,, Secretary s Salary, 13 months ... 233 15 0 ,, Fidelity Bond Premium ... ... 3 15 0 364 14 7 ,, Balance to Cr. Nat. Bank N.Z. ... 117 6 10 £482 1 5 £482 1 5 We have examined the Statement of Receipts and have verified the vouchers and Bank Pass Book and find the same to be correct. W. R. Mitchell H. Peregrine Birch Auditors 24th October, 1891.

Dr. Receipts & Expenditure to 31st October, 1891. Dr.