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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 62

Fixing of Show Dates

Fixing of Show Dates

The first of these was "Show dates—as they affect judges and exhibitors."

The Sub-Committee of the Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Association had drawn up brief remarks on each subject to lead discussion.

The Secretary (Mr Murphy) read the following remarks on the first subject:—"This question, though standing first on the Order Paper, is not by any means one of the most important. But owing to the clashing of the Show dates, and the consequent difficulty in securing judges last show season, it was then, and still is, though a subject requiring most careful consideration, and was perhaps the chief reason why this Conference was first contemplated; and although, to a great extent, this is a matter for mutual arrangement between the several districts, it will, however, be a great help to exhibitors and judges if this Conference can devise some means whereby the success and convenience of our principal shows can be carried out to the greatest advantage to all concerned."

The Secretary also read the suggestions which had been sent in but had not been printed on the Order Paper.

It was resolved that the questions for discussion proposed by the various Societies, not included in the business paper, be taken in their order.

Mr Bidwell moved—"That, in the opinion of this Conference, it is desirable that the undermentioned shows should be held on the following dates, and that the delegates here present pledge themselves to use their best endeavours with their several Committees to induce them to agree to the dates as suggested by this Conference." The means of communication were now so complete that it would be easy for the various Associations throughout New Zealand to fix their dates once and for all. He thought they should make Christchurch their starting point. That show was the premier one of the colony, and Christ-church was also central. They ought to take the question of climate into consideration as Auckland was some three weeks ahead of other parts. He hoped the delegates would give and take on this important subject so that it might be settled.

Mr Kyngdon (Taranaki) seconded the motion.

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After some discussion, Mr Bidwell said that he would be content to make his resolution to read so that the matter of fixing the dates be referred to a Sub-Committee.

Mr McLaren (Timaru) moved as an amendment—"That the dates of the Hawke's Bay A. and P. Association be taken as the starting dates, and that the meeting now proceed to fix the dates of the various metropolitan shows."

Mr D. Thomas (Ashburton) seconded the amendment.

Captain Willis supported the amendment. If they fixed the date as suggested by Mr McLaren they would have the smaller shows all coming before the Canterbury Show, which might be looked upon as the Royal Agricultural Society's Show in England.

Mr Carswell could hardly see how the amendment would work. They had a number of small Societies all working into centres in New Zealand, and he did not think that they could carry out the idea advocated by Mr McLaren.

Mr E. T. Rhodes asked whether it was possible for the Christchurch Show to alter its dates.

Mr T. Mackenzie said that all the Conference could do was to fix the dates of the metropolitan shows, leaving the smaller Societies in the various districts to arrange with their centres.

The amendment proposed by Mr McLaren was then put and carried.

The question of fixing dates was then discussed.

Mr D. Thomas suggested that they should, as proposed by Mr Mackenzie, only deal with the Metropolitan Show dates, leaving the others to arrange themselves.

Mr J. Holmes moved—That the present dates of Metropolitan shows be taken as a basis." If any delegate present knew of any dates clashing seriously it might be mentioned with a view to it being remedied. He thought that as the present dates were arranged there was no need of clashing. The only clashing was between Oamaru and Wellington. Oamaru had held their show for twenty years on one date, but the Wellington people had selected that date for their show. As far as Oamaru was concerned he might say that though inconvenient he would not make any complaint.

Mr Coleman Philips seconded the amendment.

Mr Wanklyn read a letter from his Society, pointing out that there was clashing of dates with regard to the Egmont Show, and suggested that all the Conference should do would be to deal with cases where dates clashed.

The following were decided upon as Metropolitan shows—Auckland, Hawke's Bay, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Inver-cargill, Oamaru, Timaru and Taranaki.

Mr Holmes amended his motion so as to read—"That the dates of the shows accepted by the Conference as Metropolitan Associations be fixed at about the same dates as last year."

Mr Wanklyn asked whether the Conference would decide as between the smaller shows, where clashings occurred. ("No. no.")

In reply to a question the Chairman said that it was not binding on the various Societies to accept the dates.

The motion was further amended by the insertion of words making the shows to be held within a week of the date fixed last year, and was then carried.

The dates of the various shows, as fixed by the meetings last year, were as follows :—October : Hawke's Bay, 9th and 10th; Timaru, 27th and 28th; November : Auckland, 5th; Canterbury, 12th and 13th; Wellington, 18th and 19th; Oamaru, 19th and 20th; Dunedin, 26th and 27th. December: Taranaki, first Thursday; Southland, 10th and 11th.

Mr Rhodes moved—"That all other Societies be requested to arrange their shows as much as possible without interfering with the shows already specified or with one another.

Mr T. Mackenzie seconded the motion, which was carried.