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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 62

Kerosene Emulsion

Kerosene Emulsion.

This is a most useful wash. It acts by contact, and destroys sucking insects, such as aphides and scale. The ingredients are as follows:—
Kerosene 2gals.
Common soap ½lb.
Boiling water 1gal.

Melt the soap in the water, which should, by preference, be rainwater. Hard water is unsuitable : if only such is to be had, make it soft by adding some soda. When the soap has dissolved, pour the solution into the kerosene and thoroughly churn up with a syringe or in an old churn for ten to fifteen minutes. The emulsion then should, if perfect, form a cream which thickens on cooling without any appearance of free kerosene.

Another good formula where skim-milk is plentiful is as follows :—
Kerosene 2gals.
Milk (sweet or sour) lgal.

Churn together ten to fifteen minutes, as above.

One part of the emulsion to fourteen parts of warm water is used as a summer wash against all varieties of aphides or plant-lice, thrips, mussel-scale of the apple when on the move, black-scale, brown-scale of the orange, &c., and mealy-bug.

A stronger solution—one part to nine parts hot water—is used as a winter wash against all scale-insects.