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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 62

Sulphide-of-Soda Wash

Sulphide-of-Soda Wash.

This is the most effective wash we at present have for the red spicier, which is such a destructive pest in southern orchards. Growers should be careful to apply this wash before the pest has made much headway; for when a colony of red spider gets thoroughly established under the web it spins on the back of the leaf, it becomes exceedingly difficult to reach the insect with any spray which will not injure the tree. When spray- page 11 ing against red spider, the object aimed at must be to thoroughly damp the under side of the leaves; a Cyclone nozzle is always best for that purpose. The first application should be made when the young red spiders are getting numerous—generally about the 1st of December; another spraying should be given a month later. It may be noted that this wash is also an excellent spray for scale when on the move, and for scab on the apple. Ingredients:—
Soft-soap 30lb.
Sulphur 8lb.
American concentrated lye 31b.
Water 150gals.

Boil the 30lb. soft-soap in 50 gals, water; then boil the 3lb. concentrated lye and 8lb. sulphur in about 2 gals, water. When thoroughly dissolved it is a dark-brown colour; now mix all together with about 100 gals, of water, and it is ready to apply. It should be put on warm; it is more effectual then, and goes further.