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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 62

An Information Bureau, — Library and Reading Room

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An Information Bureau,

Library and Reading Room,

This Bureau has been established for the purpose of supplying all information concerning the Colony. Books of reference, statistics, colonial statutes, handbooks, trade circulars, newspapers, maps, &c., may be consulted, and an officer is in attendance to assist persons to obtain the Information required.

All enquiries by letter should be addressed to The Agent-General for New Zealand, 13, Victoria Street, London, S.W.

The main lines of steamers and sailing ships are as follows:

The New Zealand Shipping Company 138, Leadenhall Street, E.C.

Shaw, Savill & Albion Co., 34, Leadenhall Street, E.C.

The Union Steam Ship Co., of New Zealand, 18, Walbrook, E.C., (viâ New York and San Francisco).

P. Henderson & Co., 15, St. Vincent Place, Glasgow,

Orient Steam Navigation Co., 13, Fenchurch Avenue, E.C.

Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co., 122, Leadenhall Street, E.C. (No steerage passengers taken.)

The steamers of the New Zealand Shipping Company, and Shaw, Savill & Albion Co., run fortnightly from London and Plymouth for Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland, taking passengers for all other New Zealand Ports. Passengers by other steamers have to trans-ship at one of the Australian ports, and this often involves delay and expense, and, for third class and steerage passengers, higher fares.

All particulars regarding passages and fares to New Zealand, can be obtained by applying to Mr E. A. Smith, Shipping Agent to the New Zealand Government, 13, Victoria Street, London, S.W., or, for persons in Scotland, to Mr. A. O. Ottywell. 6, Shandwick Place, Edinburgh.

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Books, dc., which can be procured at the Information Bureau
Price. Post Free.
"New Zealand Official Handbook, 1892." by E. Von Dadelszen, Registrar-General 1/6 2/-
"Handbook of New Zealand," with Maps. 1886, Sir J. Hector 6d. 9d.
"New Zealand after Fifty Years" (Illustrated), E. Wakefield, 1889 1/- 1/6
"Farming and Labour in New Zealand," by Westby Brook Perceval (Agent-General), 1893 6d. 7d.
"Crown Lands Guide," with Maps 1/- 1/3
"The Crown Lands of New Zealand, with instructions as to the mode of acquisition, Tenures, &c., 1892" 6d. 7d.
"Handbook of the Fishes of New Zealand," by R. A. A. Sherrin 2/- 2/6
"Trout in New Zealand; where to go, and how to catch them," by W. H. Spackman, (President Canterbury Anglers' Society), 1892 2/6 2/9
"New Zealand Customs Tariff" 1/- 1/3
"New Zealand Statistics, 1891." Parts I. to VI., in 2 vols. each vol. 2/6 3/-
"New Zealand; Her Commerce and Resources," by G. W. Griffin (U.S. Consul), 1884 2/6 2/9
"Miner's Guide" (Illustrated) by H. A. Gordon, 1889 5/- 5/6
"Durability of New Zealand Timber,", by T. Kirk 2/- 2/3
"Mining Acts and Regulations," 1891 3/6 4/-
Country Journals (Two Monthly), giving Agricultural and Pastoral information each 2/- 2/3
"Patent and Trade Marks Act and Regulations" 1/- 1/3
"Manual of New Zealand Entomology," by G. V. Hudson, 1892
"Orange Culture in New Zealand," G. E. Alderton 2/- 2/3
"Aorangi, or the Heart of the Southern Alps," by M. Ross 1/- ½
"New Zealand's Lone Lands," by Ro. Carrick 1/- ½
"A Romance of Lake Wakatipu," by Ro. Carrick 1/- ½
"Hanmer Plains Sanatorium," Extracts from Report by Dr. A. Ginders 6d. 7d.
"Thermal Springs of llotoiua," by Dr. A. Ginders 6d. 7d.
"Illustrated Guide to Dunedin, 1883" gratis 3d.

Single Copies of "Statutes of New Zealand, 1884 to 1892 various prices.

"Prospectus of the New Zealand Government Life Insurance Office" Gratis.

"Prospectus of the Public Trust Office" Gratis.

"Prospectus of the School of Agriculture, and Director's and Examiner's Reports" Gratis.

Reports on Sugar Cultivation (Beetroot and Sorghum) in New Zealand Gratis.

New Zealand Grand Tour Map, with description Gratis.

Time Table of New Zealand Railways Gratis.

"New Zealand" A Trip for Tourists Gratis.

Farm Homestead Associations Regulations Gratis.

Village Homesteads Regulations Gratis.

"New Zealand Handbook," 1892, with Map, showing Railways, &c. Gratis.

"Professional Handbook," Dealing with Professions in the Colonies, 1892 Gratis.

"Emigration Statutes and General Handbook," 1892 Gratis.

Statistical Chart, showing the progress and position of New Zealand, by W. D. Meares, 1889 Gratis.

"New Zealand," by Westby B. Perceval (Agent-General), Paper read before Royal Colonial Institute, on 10th May, 1892 Gratis.

page III

Books, &c., which can be seen on personal application at the Information Bureau

The Statutes of New Zealand, 1841 to 1892.

New Zealand Parliamentary Debates, 1854 to 1892.

Parliamentary Papers of New Zealand. 1860 to 1892, classed under the following heads:—Legislative and Political, Finance, Crown Lands, Immigration and Public Works, Education, Postal and Telegraphs, Native Affairs, Miscellaneous, and Reports of Select Committees. These papers include Reports on the following subjects—
  • Dairy Industry.
  • Fruit Growing.
  • Bureau of Industries.
  • Working Railways.
  • Mining.
  • Surveys.
  • Defence.
  • Marine.
  • Manufactures.
  • and Industries.

Journals of the Legislative Council (1860 to 1891), and House of Representatives (1858 to 1891).

New Zealand Government Gazettes, 1859 to 1892.

New Zealand Statistics, 1853 to 1891.

Census Results, 1871 to 1891.

New Zealand Law Reports, 1883 to 1890.

New Zealand Court of Appeal Reports, 1867 to 1877.

New Zealand "Justice of the Peace," &c.

New Zealand Police Act and Regulations.

Education Acts, Regulations, and Reports.

New Zealand University Calendar, and Examination Papers.

Otago do. Calendar.

Auckland do. College Calendar.

Canterbury College Calendar.

"Productions of New Zealand," by Westby B. Perceval (Agent-General)

"Phormium Tenax (New Zealand Flax) as a fibrous plant," Sir James Hector, 1889.

"Report on the Dairy Factories," by R. M. McCullum.

"Cheese, Butter and Bacon in New Zealand," by W. Bowron.

"Handy Book on the Land Transfer Act," 1885.

"Official Handbook of New Zealand," 1883-84, by W. Gisborne, with Maps.

"Notes on the Progress of New Zealand, 1864-1884," by Sir Robert Stout, 1886.

"Brett's Handy Guide to New Zealand."

"Handbook of New Zealand Mines, 1887."

"Gold Miners' Guide," by Vincent Pyke.

"Southland and its Resources," a paper by W. B. Scandrett.

"Ancient History of the Maori," Vols. 1 to 6, by John White.

"Forest Flora of New Zealand," with plates, by T. Kirk.

"Indigenous Grasses of New Zealand," with Illustrations; Issued by Colonial Museum.

"Manual of New Zealand Birds," by Sir Walter Buller.

"New Zealand Scale Insects," by W. M. Maskell, 1887.

Return of the Freeholders of New Zealand in 1882.

Handbooks issued by Shipping Companies.

Wise's New Zealand Post Office Directory, 1892-93, and earlier years.

Provincial Almanacks and Directories of various Districts.

Maps of New Zealand, North and Middle Islands (large Scale).

Do. do. showing Counties.

Do. do. showing Electoral Districts.

Maps of Provincial Districts, (large Scale), as follows:—
(1)Auckland (three sheets).page IV
(2)Hawke's Bay, Wellington and Taranaki.
(3)Nelson, Marlborough, and parts of Canterbury and Westland.
(4)Canterbury, Otago and Westland.
(5)Otago and Southland.

"The Eruption of Tarawera," 1886, S. P. Smith, Asst. Surveyor-General.

"Eruption of Tarawera and Rotomahana," by Professor A. P. W. Thomas.

List of Intestate, &c., Estates administered by the Public Trustee.

Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

New Zealand Geological Survey Reports (various).

"Catalogue and Guide to the Geological Exhibits at Indian & Colonial Exhibition, 1886; with Geological Map and Index."

Price List of Acts and Official Publications of the New Zealand Government.

Abstracts of the Trade and Revenue Returns of New Zealand.

Tourist Maps of various Districts.

"Tourist Guide to the Lake Districts of Otago."

"New Zealand for the Emigrant, Invalid, and Tourist," by J. M. Moore, M.D.

"A Scramble over the Lake Mountains," by S. H. Moreton.

"Milford Sound and the Scenery of the West Coast of the Middle Island of New Zealand," by S. H. Moreton.

"Maoriland: The Britain of the South ": Lectures by J. R. Randerson.

"Maoriland: An Illustrated Handbook of New Zealand," Issued by Union Steam Ship Co. of New Zealand, 1884.

"Official Record of the New Zealand and South Seas Exhibition."

"A Compilation of Acts relating to the Constitution of New Zealand."

Catalogue of the General Assembly Library in New Zealand.

Various other Books and Pamphlets on New Zealand, by private Authors.

The Information Bureau is also supplied with a good collection of Lantern Slides, which are available for illustrating Lectures on the Colony with lime-light views.