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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 62


North New Zealand.

  • Introductory—Discovery—Captain Cook's Arrival—Further Visits—New Zealand Quadrupeds—No Snakes—The Captain's Reception—A Semicircle of Chiefs—Cook's Lively Presents--Taipo te Taipo—Arrival of Missionaries—First Immigrants-Proclaimed a Colony—Causes which induced Civilization—Marvellous Success of Mission—The Drink Fiend—Treaty of Waitangi—An Unusual Scene—The Maories' Dress—An Old Warrior Speaks—A Chief Declaims—Shakes hands with Governor Hobson—The Treaty Signed -Extent of North Island—Watershed—Mountains—Hot Springs and Lakes—Harbours—Population—Temperature—Death Rate of whole Colony—No Fogs—Slight Frosts—Capabilities of Soil—Land under Grass—Areas under Grass Compared—The Dairy Industry—Fruit Industry—Kauri Gum—Timber—Land Laws.

South New Zealand.

  • Extent—Southern Alps—Mountains—Provincial Districts—Chief Towns—Harbours—Mean Temperature—Rainfall—Area of Land—Population—New Zealand Railways—Government Income and Expenditure—Imports and Export s—Wool—Number of Sheep—Frozen Meat Trade—Killing the Goose -Stout Hands and Willing Hearts—Lands under Crop and Yield per Acre—Hides and Skins—Potted Meats—Phornini Tenax—Coal—Summary of Industries—Gold—Comparison of Total Trade—Educational Facilities—Social Life—People not Required—The Clerk—The Remittance Man—The Scapegrace Son—Those who are Warned—What Shall we do with Our Boys?—Domestic Servants—Independent People.

The Tourists' Paradise.

  • Modes of Travel—The Bluff—Kingston—Lake Whakatipu—Queens town—Ascent of Ben Lomond—Glenorchy—Humboldt Mountains—Mount Earnslaw—Mount Aspiring—Blue Glaciers—Resistless Avalanche—Wast Coast Sounds—Moving Panoramas—Aorangi—An Incident on the Road—Round Wheels, or Square, Which?—The Hermitage—Tasman Glacier—Between Heaven page 6 and Earth—A Perilous Ride—A Cascade of Ice—The White City—Hammer Plains—Hot Springs—The West Coast Road—Highest Telegraph Post—The Waimakiriri—The Devil's Punch Bowl—The Bridal Veil—Otira Gorge—Kumara—The Teremakau—A Cage Bridge—The Barber—Reefton—Westport—Picton—Wellington—Mount Egmont—Mananutu Gorge—Napier—Overland to the Hot Lakes—Road Metal Extraordinary—The Lone Lover—Taupo—Porridge Pot—Crows' Nest—A Vast Cooking Range—Huka Falls—The Wizard's Vale—Steam Hammer—Champagne Pool—Rotorua—The Victim of the Eruption—A Scene of Desolation—Whakarewarewa—Maori Diving Girls—How we are Sold—The Gate Pah—Waitemata Harbour—The Queen of the North-Good-bye—Conclusion.