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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 61

Special Art Section. — Special Art Section

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Special Art Section.

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Special Art Section.

667—Allan, Geollge, Dunedin.
  • Architectural Front of Warehouse.
668—Allen, Edward T., Carlyle street, Napier.
  • Ornamental Frame, suitable for illuminated address or water-colour portrait.
669—Ancell, Emma J., Dunedin.
  • Two Sepia Drawings of Landscapes. Copies from Sepias. One Piece of Illuminated Printing in Colours. Pen and Brush Work. All Printing done by hand and pen.
670—Archibald, M. H., Wellington.
  • Oil Painting: Stonycroft Bridge, Westmoreland.
671—Armstrong, Mrs. C. C., South Dunedin.
  • 3 Pictures, Fern Designs.
672—Atkins & Clere, Wanganui.
  • A Pen-and-ink Drawing, by F. de J. Clere, A.R.I. B.A., of a house built near Marton, N.Z., in Messrs Atkins and Clere's Patent Composite Method of Construction
  • A Pen-and Ink Drawing, by F.de J. Clere, A.R.I.B.A., of St. John'd Church, Feilding.
page 70
673—Baillie, John, Wellington.
  • Oil Painting: Tararua Ranges, from Clyde Quay (original)
  • Water-Colour Drawing: Sundown (original).
674—Baker, W. G. Wellington
£ s. d.
Study of Human Figure from life 3 0 0
Study of Fruit 2 10 0
675—Barr, George M., Dunedin.
  • Plan and Section shewing Otago Harbour Works.
676—Barraud, Charles D., Wellington.
  • Water-Colour Paintings from sketches made on the spot—
    £ s. d.
    1. Mount Cook, from the Tasman
    Valley, Sunrise
    50 0 0
    2. George Sound 25 0 0
    3. Entrance to Rio Janeiro 12 12 0
    4. Rua St. dementi, Rio Janeiro 12 12 0
    5. Upper Hutt Valley
    Animals painted in Oils, from life
    10 10 0
    6. Portrait of a Dog (not for sale)
    7. Study of a Normandy Horse 10 10 0
677—Barraud, Jessie, Wellington.
  • Drawing in Monochrome, Mount Cook Two Placques.
678—Barraud, Noel, Wellington.
  • Original Water-Colour Landscapes from Nature—
    £ s. d.
    1. View of Wellington Harbour 5 5 0
    2. View, near Stoke 5 5 0
    3. Moonlight, Waiwetu 3 3 0
679—Barraud William P., Wellington.
  • Water-Colour Landscape Pictures, viz.,
    £ s. d.
    1. Mount Cook, from Jack's Creek 10 0 0
    2. Killy's Creek, Hokitika Road 10 0 0
    3. Lake Tekapo 4 4 0
    4. Kapiti, from Waikanae 3 3 0
    5. Bealey River 3 3 0
page 71
680—Bartlett, Robert II., Auckland.
  • Photographic Portraits and Landscapes.
681—Bennett, Miss E., Johnsonville, Wellington.
£ s. d.
Three-fold Screen, painted in Oils 12 12 0
Four-fold Screen, painted in Oils 12 12 0
Two Mirrors, Mowers, in Oils, each 1 10 0
682—Bennett, Miss H. S., Johnsonville, Wellington.
£ s. d.
Eire-place Screen 3 0 0
Two Hand-painted Tables, each 1 10 0
Study of Clematis 5 5 0
683—Best, Madeline, Wellington.
  • Painting on Material
  • Terra Cotta Vases.
684—Best, Samuel, Dunedin.
  • Crayon Portrait of the Premier
  • Illuminated Address.
685—Bethune, Alexander W., Wellington.
  • Mechanical Drawing.
686—Blackey, Joseph, Horokiwi, Wellington.
  • Sculpture Work.
687—Bloomfield, Charles, Auckland.
£ s. d.
Mount Cook 12 12 0
Pink Terrace 10 10 0
Kauri Bush 8 8 0
Matukutu Gorge 4 4 0
Hot Waterfall 4 4 0
Whangaroa 2 10 0
688—Bock, Alered, Auckland.
  • Photographs of Natural Wild Flowers.
page 72
689—Boldini, Louis, Dunedin.
  • Front Elevation of Messrs Butterworth Brothers' New Warehouse, Dunedin
  • Front Elevation of the Grand Hotel, Dunedin
  • Front Elevation of Proposed New Building for the New Zealand Shipping Company, Dunedin.
690—Bothamley, Arthur T., Wellington.
  • Landscape Photographs.
691—Brandon, Constance, Wellington.
  • One Set (1 dozen) Hand Painted D'Oylies, on Silk or Satin.
692—Brandon, E. Wellington.
Looking-glass Bay West Coast
Chalky Inlet, Sunset West Coast
Near Shoal Cove, Sunrise West Coast
Mount Arthur West Coast
Milford Sound West Coast
Among the Ranges, Wakatipu.
693—Branfill, Col., B.A., Nelson.
£ s. d.
View from Saddle between Bishopdale and Brook Valley, Nelson. Mustering sheep 26 5 0
King Peach and his Court 15 15 0
694—Brown, William E., Nelson.
  • Photographs, Miniature colouring.
695—Beowning, Kate M., Nelson.
  • Study from Still Life, Original
  • Group of articles on table (Terra Cotta Vase, &c.).
696—Burton Bros., Dunedin.
  • Photographs.
697—Bush, William, Timaru.
  • Oil Painting reputed to be over 200 years old, subject: Cupia and Venus.
698—Cambridge, Allan A., Christchurch.
  • Oil Painting, Portrait of the late Rev. Buller.
page 73
699—Cane, Thomas, Christchurch.
  • Water-colour Drawing
  • Oil Painting
  • Etching, printed from Copper-plate.
700—Carnell, Samuel, Napier, Hawke's Bay.
  • Photographs in 3 show-cases.
701—Carrigham, H., Auckland.
  • Photographs.
702—Chapman, Ernest A., Burkes Pass, Canterbury.
  • Water-colour Paintings.
703—Chapman, George T., Auckland.
  • Photographs of New Zealand scenery.
704—Chapman, William E., Christchurch.
  • Shaded Study from the antique (Michael Angelo's Greek Slave).
705—Clark, Mrs. J. M., Remuera, Auckland.
  • Two Oil Paintings, viz.—
    • 1. "Good Night"
    • 2. "A Summer's Eve."
706—Cobb, Mrs. Joseph E., Napier.
  • Photographs, Vignette Studies from Life.
707—Collis, William A., New Plymouth.
  • Photographic "Views of New Plymouth and Taranaki Scenery
  • Enlarged Photograph, finished in Water-colour.
708—Corporation of Invercargill, Invercargill.
  • Photographs of Invercargill.
709—Dasent, Eye Lin, Karon, Wellington.
  • Gipsy Table in Black and Gold, Chinese Figures.
page 74
710—Davy, Alice, Wellington.
  • Landscape Paintings in Oil, viz.—
    £ s. d.
    "Moonlight Scene," Copy 5 5 0
    "A Grlimpse of July," Copy 5 5 0
    Oil Painting, "Stag at Bay," Copy from Engraving 5 5 0
  • Crayon Head from Copy Plaquits in Oil, viz.—
    • Moonlight Scene, Auckland Harbour
    • Lake Mavora, Otago
    • Lake Rotorua.
711—Deakin, Florence M., Christchurch.
  • Drawing, Coloured Crayons: "The Wetterhorn " Drawing Pencil: "A Street in Balavia" (from a photograph)
  • Painting, Water Colours (From Nature): Wisteria Cross, Water-Colours.
712—Dougall, William, Invercargill.
  • 1 Frame Portraiture
  • 1 Frame Architectural Photography.
713—Dransfield, Miss Stella, Wellington.
£ s. d.
Pair Hand-painted Mirrors, each 1 15 0
One long Hand-painted Mirror 2 0 0
Pair Hand-painted Placques, each 1 10 0
Maori Figure on glass 1 15 0
714—Duval, Lewis H., Wellington.
  • Etching in Sepia of view of Greenwich Royal Observatory. Original.
715—Edwin, Robert A., Wellington.
  • Gilding on satin, original design and work of exhibitor.
716—Elmsly, Thomas, Sydenham, Canterbury.
  • 3 Landscapes in Oils, all drawn from Nature.
717—England, Mrs. F. T., Wellington.
  • Cabinet made of New Zealand Woods, hand-painted in Oils by Exhibitor, original design. For Exhibition only.
    £ s. d.
    One Hand-painted Pan 1 5 0
    Two Terra Cotta Vases, the pair 1 10 0
    Two Door Panels, 2 10 0
    One Hand-painted Table 10 0 0
page 75
718—Fereday, Richard W., Christchurch.
  • 1. Water-Colour Painting, being a study for a larger picture," Accusing Conscience," representing Eve's first sight of death after the fall. Original.
  • 2. Water-Colour Painting, being a Landscape study direct from Nature "Mount Somers," from Taylor's Stream looking over Alford Forest. Original.
719—Ferrier, William, Timaru,
  • Photographic Views.
720—Fox, Morris, Wellington.
  • Lithographic Drawings.
721—Gapes William, Geraldine, Canterbury.
  • Four Water-Colour Drawings, viz.,
    • 1. Ben Lomond, from chromograph after E. Penley
    • 2. Sydfardinfa from chromograph after E. Penley
    • 3. Mount Four Peaks, in Geraldine District
    • 4. View from the Kakahu Marble District.
722—Gardner, Mrs A., Wellington.
  • Study in Crayon.
723—Geisher, Wilhelm, Athenceum, Wellington.
  • Oil Paintings.
724—George & Walton, Christchurch,
  • Photographs.
725—George, Thomas, Dunedin.
  • Art Illumination.
726—Georgeson, Peter C. McE., Wellington.
  • A Specimen of minute Penmanship.
727—Gibb, John, Christchurch.
£ s. d.
Gloaming on the Avon 8 10 0
Railway Wharf, Wellington 5 5 0
Queen's Wharf, Wellington 5 5 0
728—Gibb, William M., Christchurch.
  • Oil Painting: Portrait of Sir Julius Vogel
  • Oil Paintings: Portraits and Landscapes.
page 76
729—Gifford. Edward A., Auckland.
  • 3 Water-Colour Paintings, viz.:
    £ s. d.
    1. A Heavy Swell on the East Coast, New Zealand 25 0 0
    2. An Opening to the Sea, Morraki 15 0 0
730—Gore, Henry M., Wellington.
£ s. d.
Ruamahunga Crossing (not for sale) Upper Hutt Valley 4 0 0
View from Botanical Gardens, Wellington 6 0 0
Copy from an Engraving 3 0 0
731—Gowland, Annie E., Patea, Taranaki.
  • Oil Painting of Mount Arthur, Nelson, by Lady Amateur, 20 years of age and born in the Colony. Selling price £5 5s.
732—Graham, Ernest J., Oriental Bay, Wellington.
  • Two Portraits in Black and White.
783—Green, Mrs. E. E., Wellington.
  • Tasmanian Wild Flowers, from Nature
  • Etched Table Top.
734—Gully, John, Nelson.
  • Water-Colour Paintings, viz.:—
    • 1. Western Coast of Tasman Bay
    • 2. Kaikora Mountains
    • 3. South Coast of Kaikora
    • 4. Milford Sound.
    • 5. Port of Kaikora
    • 6. West Coast Road looking down the Bealey
    • 7. Sunset on the Sands, Nelson.
735—Hale, Helen, Christchurch.
  • Flowers painted in Oils.
736—Harris, Emily C., Nelson.
  • Oil and Water-Colour Painting on Satin; all original
page 77
737—Hart, Campbell, & Co., Invercargill.
  • Photographic Portraiture
  • Landscape Photography.
738—Hemus & Hanna, Auckland.
  • Photographs, various sizes.
739—Hetley, Mrs., Auckland.
£ s. d.
Rata and Erina 1 15 0
Nikau Berries and Euphrasia 1 10 0
Guelder Roses, by Miss Stoddart 4 10 0
740—Hill, Charles I., Upper Riccarton, Canterbury.
  • Machine Wood Carvings.
741—Hodgkins, Isabel, Dunedin.
  • Design for Wall Paper: New Zealand Foliage (Wild Jasmin and Lawyer).
742—Hodgkins, William M., Dunedin.
  • 2 Water Colour Paintings, viz.—
    • 1. "Dusky Sound, Weather clearing after a Nor-Easter"
    • 2. A rough day on the Rock and Pillar, Otago, the old Gold Escort.
743—Holliday, Captain, Wellington.
  • Plan of Wellington Harbour.
744—Holmes, Miss Alice H.
£ s. d.
One Terra Cotta Placque 1 10 0
One Terra Cotta Placque 1 0 0
745—Holmes, E. T., Wellington.
  • Specimen of Photo-printing.
746—Hood, Mrs. M. J., Oamaru, Otago.
  • Gipsy Table, in Prismatine Bronze Painting.
747—Howorth, Charles H., Invercargill.
  • Original Landscape, in Water Colours.
748—Hutchinson, Dr. F. B., Wellington.
  • Photographs of Yacht.
page 78
749—Jones, E. F., Architect, Wellington.
  • Design for a Gentleman's Residence in Caswell Sound Marble, suitable for the Climate and Scenery or New Zealand.
The Plans, being of a descriptive nature, speak for themselves. The whole of the proposed materials can be provided by New Zealand. The probable cost of the building, constructed as shewn by the plans, would be about £50,000.
  • Design for a Public Building in Caswell Sound Marble' suitable for the Colony of New Zealand, to accommodate the General Government Departments.

It is proposed to include the City Offices of Local Government and a Public Town Hall. The principal elevation shows the Town Hall entrance. The left of the picture shows the Vice-regal and Parliamentary Departments. To the right the Offices of the Law and Defence Departments. The basement to be appropriated for Resident Officer's apartments.

750-Jones, Degar F., Newtown, Wellington.
£ s. d.
Oil Painting from imagination, "After the Storm 10 0 0
Oil Painting from imagination, "The Last Large Comet 3 3 0
751—Jordan, Emma S., Wellington.
  • Oil Painting, "Noureddin and the Beautiful Persian."
752—Kebbell, F. A., Wellington.
Three-fold Screen, painted in Oil on Ebonised Wood 6 6 0
753—Knowles, Henry J., Wellington.
  • Landscape Photography (amateur).
754—Koch, August, Wellington.
  • Pen-and-ink Etchings
  • Architectural Drawing. Special Drawing to be reproduced by Photo-Lithography.
755—Kreeft, Charles N., Wellington.
  • Landscape Photographs, &c.
page 79
756—Lamb, Robert, Napier, Hawke's Bay.
  • Drawings of Timber-framed Churches, suitable for the Colonies.
757—Lambert, Thomas S., Christchurch.
  • Architectural Designs—Street Architecture.
758—Lang, Andrew, Wellington.
  • Two Pictures drawn in Black Crayon, viz.—
    • 1. "The Judgment of Solomon"
    • 2. "Cbrist Walking on the Sea."
759—Langbein, A. A., Timaru.
  • 1 Water-colour Painting.
760—Lawson, Robert A., Dunedin.
  • Architectural Perspectives.
761—Leonard, George, Wellington.
  • Ship in Woolwork.
762—Leslie, Walter J., Wellington.
  • Water-colour Drawing.
763—Liffiton, Mrs. Edward N., Wanganui.
  • 2 Oil Paintings.
764—Lloyd, Henry Grant, Artist, Dunedin.
  • 2 Water-colour Paintings—
    • 1. Mount Cook and Vale of Tasman
    • 2. Dawn Effect: the Hooker Glacier.
765—Luff, Henry, Wellington.
  • Four Architectural Drawings.
766—McCardell, James F., Christchurch.
  • Specimen of Illumination: Epitome of the History of Canterbury.
767—McDonald, Jessie L., Wellington.
  • Flowers and New Zealand Ferns, from Nature, with Crayon View introduced.
768—Macey & Ogilvie, Blenheim.
  • Enlarged Photographs, finished in Oils.
page 80
769—Macy, William, Blenheim.
  • Figure Photographs
  • Landscape Photographs.
770—Maetin, Josiah, Auckland.
  • Mezzotint Photographs of New Zealand Scenery, comprising: Auckland Bush and Lake Scenery, and Three Views of Rotomahana.
771—Maxwell, E. B., Wadestown, Wellington.
  • Splasb-work Curtains of New Zealand Ferns.
772—Maxwell, Edith, Wadestown, Wellington.
  • Flower Paintings on Satin—
    • 1. Table Border
    • 2. Centre-piece for Dinner Table.
773—Medley, Adela M. C., Wellington.
£ s. d.
Oil Painting, "Study of Flowers" 3 3 0
Single Hand-painted Placquet, "Wellington Harbour" 1 1 0
Fire Screen, in Oil, Single Panel 4 10 0
774—Mentiplay, James H., Wellington.
  • Mechanical Drawing.
775—Merritt, Thomas E., Wellington.
  • Oil Painting.
776—Miller, Mrs. Lonez, Wellington.
  • Oil Painting, "The Penitent Magdalene." Copied from oleograph. Original by Correggio.
  • Martin's Mill, Nelson
  • Lake Canary, Hokitika, on Terra Cotta
  • Photographs enlarged.
777—Miller, Thomas, Wellington.
  • Medallion (marble).
778—Mills, Ada E., Wellington.
  • 3 Oil Paintings. Copies of Original Portraits
  • Oil Painting: "Mitre Peak"; enlarged copy from photograph
  • 2 Placquets (copies), Maori Man and Woman.
page 81
779—Mills, Hetty C., Wellington.
  • Oil Paintings, enlarged copies of photographs, viz.: —
    • 1. "George Sound"
    • 2. "The Devil's A.rm Chair, Lake Ada"
  • Oil Painting (copy):
    • 3. "The Squire's Favourite"
  • Placquets:
    • 4. Moonlight Scene. Copy
    • 5. Lake Scenery, New Zealand.
780—Moorhouse, Jessie, Wellington.
£ s. d.
Landscape in Oils, from Nature
Three-fold Screen of Black Satin painted in Oils (Winter Flowers)
7 0 0
781—Moorhouse, Mart L., Wellington.
  • Hand-painted Door Panel in Oils; Autumn and Winter Flowers (original design),
782—Moreton, Samuel, Invercargill.
£ s. d.
Cosmos Peaks from Diamond Point, Wakatipu 21 0 0
783—Morris, J. R., Junior, Dunedin.
  • Photographs.
784—Muntz, Charles A., Richmond, Nelson.
£ s. d.
Lake Rotoiti, Nelson 10 0 0
Bush Scene, Nelson 10 0 0
785—Murray, James P.
  • Three Oil Paintings.
785A—New Zealand Public Works Department, Wellington.
  • 1. Timber: Specimens Polished and Unpolished, and Veneer
  • 2. Stone: Dressed and Polished
  • 3. Photographs of Works, &c.
  • 4. Drawings, &c.
  • 5. Models.
page 82
786—Paine, Frank M., Blenheim.
  • 2 Hand-painted Door Panels.
787—Palmer, Miss C. E.
£ s. d.
Terra Cotta Placque Pansies 0 15 0
Terra Cotta Placque Passion Flowers 0 15 0
Two Satin Brackets, each 0 10 0
Three Birthday Cards, each 0 2 6
788—Palmer, Robert G., Foxton, Mamwatu.
  • 2 Landscapes in Oils, of New Zealand scenery. Originals. "Sunset from Anaponaiti Point, Kapiti Island," "Fern Tree Gully, Kapiti Island."
789—Pamely, George, Nelson.
  • Perforated Card-board cut with penknife into various patterns, and forming one large mount or picture. Exhibitor's own design.
790—Parsons, William F., Wellington.
  • Landscape in Oil, symbolical of the advance of civilization and the decadence of the Maori.
791—Partington, William H. T., Auckland.
  • 1 Case Photographs.
792—Payton, Edward W., Auckland.
  • Four Oil Paintings, viz.—
    £ s. d.
    1. "Deep in the Greenwood," sale price 15 15 0
    2. "Cabbage Trees and Pukatea" price 15 15 0
    3. "A Pohutukawa" price 7 7 0
    4. "Tree Fern at Waiwera" price 7 7 0
793-Peele, James, Amberley, Canterbury.
  • 2 Oil Paintings, viz.—
    • 1. Phantom Ship, "Flying Dutchman" £42.

      "There Vanderdecken beats
      For ever night and day;
      In vain he tries his oath to keep,
      By entering the Bay.

    • 2. Wreck of the "Hesperus," £42.

      "At daybreak on the bleak sea beach
      A fisherman stood aghast,
      To see the form of a maiden fair
      Lashed to a drifting mast."

page 83
794—Penlin Gton, Willi A. M, Jus., Akaroa, Canterbury.
  • Coloured Crayon Drawing.
795—Petre, E. W., Engineer and Architect, Dunedin.
  • Elevations, &c., of Cathedral, Australian Mutual Provident Society's Building, Monument, Cathedral Altar, and Elevation of large Church.
796—Power, Peter, Artist, Dunedin.
  • Pictures (Oil Paintings) from Nature, all original, viz.:—
    £ s. d.
    1. View of Mount Cargill 15 15 0
    2. Water of Leith, Dunedin 8 8 0
    3. View of Flagstaff Hill 10 0 0
797—Pownall, Robert W., Wanganui.
  • Paintings
  • Drawings
  • Water-colour Drawings.
798—Preston, William, Masterton.
  • Cork Picture Frames.
799—Ptnsent, Miss, Wellington.
  • One Placque, "Roman Peasant Girl," £1.
800—Rawnsley, Madeline, Wellington.
  • Crayon Copy of "Wedded," after Sir Frederick Leighton.
801—Rawson, Arthur J., Masterton, Wellington.
  • Oil-colour Paintings.
802—Rawson, Eenest, Wellington.
  • Study of Animals from Nature, in Water Colorns.
803—Reader, Mabel, Wellington.
  • 3 Pictures, viz.:—
    • "Lili"
    • "Faust and Marguerite "
    • "Marguerite Penitent"
  • Copies from William Kaulbach's Pictures.
page 84
804—Richardson. Francis E., Wellington.
  • 2 Terra Cotta Placquets (Flowers in Oils)
  • 1 Decorated Mirror.
805—Richmond, James Crowe, Nelson.
  • Oil and Water Colour Paintings and Pencil Drawings.
806—Ridings, Kate M., Auckland.
  • Six Paintings of Natural Flowers
  • Three-fold Screen.
807—Ring, James Greymouth.
  • Series of Photographs.
808—Schotjrup, Niels P., Christchurch.
  • Photographs.
809—Shannon, Maggie, Wellington.
  • Crayon Drawing, "St. Cecilia."
810—Sheriff, George, Wanganui.
  • Picture: Portraits from life.
811—Silk, Thomas, Wellington.
£ s. d.
On the beach "Happy Valley" 21 0 0
Stronghold of Clan Ronald, Western Highlands 15 15 0
Launching Life-boat on the French Coast 12 12 0
Study of Cattle 8 8 0
French Luggers in a breeze 6 6 0
Glen Rhuben, Loch Figne 4 4 0
Dutch Fishing Boats 6 6 0
812—Sinclair, Donald, Hastings, Hawke Bay.
  • Works of Art. Paintings.
813—Slack, John A. Gisborne.
  • Photographic Pictures.
814—Smidt, Mart Ann, Wanganui.
  • Work of Art.
815—Smith George, F., Wellington.
  • Track Chart, shewing the Intercostal, Intercolonial and Foreign communications of New Zealand, with the existing lights, and Statistics shewing the progress of the Colony for the past 30 years in Trade, Population, Shipping, and Railways, in diagram form.
page 85
816—Snowball, Edward, New Plymouth, Taranaki.
  • Two Mechanical Drawings.
817—Sperret, Eleanor C., Wellington.
  • Paintings and Portraits, viz.—
    • 1. Portrait (oil)
    • 2. "Italian Goat-herd"
    • 3. "lone" (oil)
    • 4. Portrait (oil)
    • 5. "Old Woman Spinning" (water-colour)
    • 6. "My Pussy" (oil)
    • 7. Contadino (oil)
    • 8. "Charcoal Head"
    • 9. Landscape—"Piedilugo" (oil)
    • 10. "Nydia" (oil)
    • 11. Portrait (basso relievo).
818—Stowe, Mrs., Wellington.
£ s. d.
Monochrome: "Burial of St. Katerina"
From an engraving by Von Mücké
3 3 0
Study of a Head 2 2 0
Study of Flowers 3 8 0
7 Door Panels, Flowers in Oils
Three-fold Screen
819—Strachan, Bertha, Dunedin.
  • Photograph Painting in Water-colours.
820—Stuart, Helen, Kingsland, Auckland.
  • Photographs painted in Water-colours Drawings in Crayon.
821—Stuart, Samuel, Kinglsand, Auckland.
  • Oil Paintings: "Cemetery Gully, Auckland"
  • Oil Paintings: "A Bush-settler's Home in New Zealand."
822—Swain, Thomas, Wellington.
  • Diagrams illustrating the mortality of life and the effect of accumulations at compound interest over extended periods; compiled in Wellington.
823—Temple, Edwtn F., Geraldine, Canterbury,
  • 2 Oil Paintings of New Zealand Scenery—
    • No. 1, "The Gates of Erewhon"
    • No. 2, "Gorge in Southern Alps."
page 86
824—Tidswell, Joseph, Marton, Rangitikei.
  • 9 Pictures
  • 8 Oil Paintings
  • 1 Steel Plate Engraving.
825—Hzard, Mrs Edward P., Thames.
  • Water-Colour of New Zealand Flowers
  • Water-Colour of New Zealand Wild Flowers Berries, &c.
826—Todd, Harry, Wellington.
  • 12 Pen and Ink Sketches.
827—Topliss, Juliet Alice, Nelson.
  • Drawing in Chalk from the round.
828—Tea Vers, William T. L., Wellington.
  • Photographs of New Zealand Scenery.
829—Tregear, Edward, Wellington.
  • 2 Water-Colour Paintings.
830—Tripp, Hariett, L. M., Ponsonby, Auckland.
  • Painting in Water-Colours: Native Convolvulus and Fantails
  • Design for Cushion: Native Flowers on Satin
  • Painting in Water-Colours: Land Mail and Nabatal.
831—Turner, Henry D., Wellington.
  • Freehand Outline from the cast
  • Shading in Chalk from cast
  • Group of Models in Sepia.
832—Tuttle & Co., Auckland.
  • Photographs, Enlargements on Opal, Paper, &c.
833—Tyree & CO., James, Dunedin.
  • Photographic Views.
834—Tyree, William, Nelson.
  • 2 Cases of Photos.
835—Valentine, George D., The Port, Nelson.
  • Photographs of New Zealand Scenery.
836—Vogan, Emma M., Tawanga, Bay of Plenty.
  • 2 Door Panels.
page 87
837—Wakelin, George, Qreytown North, Wairarapa.
  • Sculpture. Busts, &c., from Family Portraits.
838—Walegrave, Mrs. F., Wellington.
  • Water-colour Painting: Brighton Beach, near Dunedin.
839—Wales, N. Y. A., Dunedin.
  • Architectural Perspectives.
840—Watson, J. & J., Grand Hotel, Dunedin.
  • Photographs of different parts of the Grand Hotel, Dunedin.
841—Waymouth, Elizabeth, Invercargill.
  • 2 Oil Paintings.
842—White, Kate, Parnell, Auckland.
  • Hand-painted Table.
843—White, Louisa, Parnell, Auckland.
  • Hand-painted Door Panel, Original Design: "Kauri Foliage and Cones
  • Water-colour Study of Wild Fruit
  • Six Pen and Ink Etchings of Auckland Scenery
  • Water-colour Painting, "New Zealand Wild Fowl."
  • Water-colour Painting, "New Zealand Fish."
844—Williams, Hanwell, Greymouth,
  • Photographs.
845—Williams, William, Wellington.
  • Figure Photographs Landscape Photographs.
846—Willis, Archibald D., Wanganui.
  • Chromo-Lithography of Christmas Cards, Ball Programmes, Playing Cards, Views of Towns, Portraits, &c.
847—Wilson, Lawrence W., Dunedin.
  • 1 Landscape Oil Painting
  • 2 Water-colour Drawings.
page 88
848—Wimperis, Frances M., Duncdin.
£ s. d.
"Study of Peonies," in Water-colours 10 0 0
849—Wimperis, Jane, Dunedin.
£ s. d.
"Bush Study" 35 0 0
850—Wrigglesworth & Binns, Wellington.
  • Photographs.
851—Wyvill, Edward C., Picton, Marlborough.
£ s. d.
Clarence Valley and Kaikoura Mountains
Queen Charlotte Sound, Picton
Picton, from Waikawa Eoad
7 7 0
852—Young Brothers, Wanganui and Westport.
  • Architectural Designs.

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