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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 61

Class 45.—Preserved Meat and Fish

Class 45.—Preserved Meat and Fish.

538—Akaroa Local Committee, Canterbury.
  • Alimentary Products.
page 55
539—Anglo - Italian Meat Preserving Company. Wellington.
  • Preserved Meats
  • Preserved Soups, &c.
540—Banks & Dimock, Kaiwrawara, Wellington.
  • Hams and Bacon.
541—Beetham, W. & H., Masterton.
  • Sausages.
542—Blake & Sons, C. R., Picton, Marlborough.
  • Preserved Fish.
543—Cummins, Thomas D., Wanganui
  • Hams
  • Bacon.
544—Foster & Gosling, Blenheim.
  • Preserved Rabbits.
545—Gear Meat Preserving & Freezing Company of New Zealand, Limited, Wellington
  • Corned Beef in Tierces
  • Bacon
  • Smoked Provisions
  • Frozen Meat
  • Game
  • Preserved Meats and Fish
  • Soups in Tins.
546—Green, Thomas H., Christchurch.
  • Hams and Bacon, fed and cured in Canterbury.
547—Hellaby, R. & W., Auckland.
  • Preserved Meats in Tins.
548—Mcconnell Brothers, Christchurch.
  • Bacon, Hams, and Pork.
549—McFarlane, A. & J., Dunedin.
  • Hams and Bacon.
550—Masefield & Sons, Helensville, Kaipara.
  • 8 doz. Mullet, in 1lb Tins
  • 4 doz. Mullet 21b Tins
  • 5 doz Smoked Mullet
  • 5 doz Smoked Schnapper.
page 56
551—Mitchell & Richards, Wanganui.
  • Preserved Meats
  • Preserved Soups.
552—Moore, Frederick A., Wellington.
  • Skin-packed Portable Condensed Soups.

Containing the largest amount of nourishment in the smallest a nou at of space.

553—New Zealand Frozen Meat & Storage Company, Auckland.
  • Preserved Meats and other goods.
554—Norgrove, Horace, Picton, Marlborough.
  • Salt Fish in kegs, 1cwt.
  • Salt Herrings in kegs, 1cwt.
  • Red Herrings in tins (4 doz.)
  • Fresh Herrings in tins each 1lb.
  • Herrings in tin à, la sardine, each #x00BD;lb.
555—Retemeyer, W. B., Greatford, Wellington.
  • Hams and Bacon.
556—Shaw, Dugald, Timaru.
  • Hams
  • Bacon.
557—Sheedy, Edward, Dunedin.
  • Hams and Bacon.
558—Thomson Brothers, Port Chalmers.
  • Fish in Tins.
559—Wellington Meat Preserving & Refrigerating Company, Wellington.
  • Preserved Meat.
560—Wilson, James, Newton, Auckland.
  • Variety of Preserved Fish.
561—Young, Bazzet N.,Auckland.
  • Calfsfoot Jellies.
page 57