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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 61

Department III

page 39

Department III.

Class 29.—Cotton Thread and Fabrics.

383—Teutenberg, Franziska, Auckland.
  • Art Needlework.

Class 30.—Thread and Fabrics of Flax, Hemp, &c.

384—Andrews, John C., Bangiora.
  • Binder Twine
  • Polished Shop Twine
  • Plough Guides and small Cordage.
385—Auckland Fibre Manufacturing Company, Auckland.
  • Rope and Cordage made from Manilla Hemp
  • Russian Hemp and New Zealand Flax
  • Binder and other Twines
  • Matting made from New Zealand Flax.
386—Barber, W. H. P., Wellington.
  • Samples of dyed New Zealand Flax.
page 40
387—Cossgrove, Andrew, Caversham, Dunedin.
  • Hand-made Ropes and Twine spun from New Zealand Flax.
388—Donaghy & Co., Dunedin.
  • Ropes, Lines, and Twines manufactured from New Zealand Flax and Manilla Hemp.
389—Gilberd, Henry I., Taradale, Hawke's Bay.
  • Specimens of Fibre made from bark of native shrub "Coprosma Linealis."
390—Hale, Throp & Co., Christchurch.
  • Cables
  • Lines
  • Ropes
  • Twines.
391—King, George, Christchurch.
  • New Zealand Flax dyed in a number of colours.
392—Monaghan, Hugh, N. E. Valley, Dunedin.
  • Twines and Clothes Lines.
393—Moore, Edward, Waipawa, Hawkes Bay.
  • Rope from New Zealand Flax
  • Reaping and Binding Twine
  • Shop Twine.
394—Oldham & Sons, A., Tuakau, Waikato.
  • Flax Matting
  • Binder Twine.
395—Saarland Brothers, Nelson.
  • Twine
  • Rope.
396—Webber, William, New Plymouth.
  • 4 Coils of Rope manufactured from New Zealand Flax
  • 1 Bundle of Twine manufactured from New Zealand Flax
  • 1 Bundle of Curled Hair.
page 41

Class 31.—Worsted Yarn and Fabrics.

397—Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Company, Limited, Christchurch.
  • Worsted Yarn and Fabrics.
398—Mitchell, Nimrod, Woolston, Canterbury.
  • Carpets.
399—Mosgiel Woollen Factory Company, Limited, Mosgiel, Otago.
  • Worsted Yarn and Fabrics.

Class 32.—Woollen Yam and Fabrics.

400—Barber, W. H. P., Wellington.
  • Samples of Dyed New Zealand Woollen Yarn.
401—Bush, Thomas, Wanganui
  • Woollen Knitted Goods.
402—Fawcett, James, Christchurch.
  • Horse Clothing.
403—Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Company, Limited, Christchurch.
  • Woollen Yam and Fabrics.
404—Mosgiel Woollen Factory Company, Limited, Mosgiel, Otago.
  • Woollen Yarn and Fabrics.
405—Ross & Glendining, Dunedin.
  • Woollen Yarn and Fabrics.

Class 33.—Silk and Silk Fabrics.

406—Stodart, Francis, Ponsonby, Auckland.
  • Raw Silk, produced by about 2000 worms, reared and fed by Exhibitor.
page 42

Class 34.—Shawls.

407—Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Company, Limited, Christchurch.
  • Shawls.
408—Mosgiel Woollen Factory Company, Limited, Mosgiel, Otago.
  • Shawls.
409—Ross & Glendining, Dunedin.
  • Shawls.

Class 35.—Lace, Net, Embroidery, and Trimmings.

410—Robert, Charles W., Pabnerston North.
  • Military and Naval Embroidery and Badges in Gold Silver, Silk, and Worsted.
411—Service, William, Auckland.
  • Fancy Frilling.
412—Townsend, Emma A., Hamilton, Waikato.
  • Lady's Reticule in Macrame Lace.
418—Townsend, George K., Hamilton, Waikato.
  • Bracket of Macrame Lace.

Class 36.—Hosiery and Underclothing, and Accessories of Clothing.

414—Greenshields, Walter, Auckland.
  • New Zealand Patent "Automatic" Suspenders
  • New Zealand Patent "Diamond" Suspenders
  • New Zealand Patent "Hygienic" Shoulder Brace
  • Ladies' New Zealand Patent "Hygienic" Shoulderettes
  • Ladies' New Zealand Patent "Hygienic" Shoulder Brace and Skirt Supporter
  • Ladies' New Zealand Patent "Hygienic" Kneelets.
page 43
415—Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Company, Limited, Christchurch.
  • Hosiery.
416—Mosgiel Woollen Factory Company Limited, Mosgiel, Otago.
  • Hosiery and Accessories.
417—Pickard, George, Auckland.
  • Gent's Socks and Long Hose
  • Boys' Socks and Long Hose
  • Ladies' Hose.
418—Ross & Glendining, Dunedin.
  • Hosiery.
419—Sharland, Mrs M. A., Christchurch.
  • Corsets and Surgical Belts, &c.

Class 37.—Clothing for both Sexes; Waterproof Clothing; Artificial Flowers and Feathers; Wigs and Works in Hair; Head-dresses; Boots and Shoes; Native Costumes.

420—Barber, W. H. P., Wellington.
  • Feathers—Cleaned, Dyed, and Curled.
421—Bertinshaw, George, Dunedin.
  • Hats of Fur, Wool, Rabbit, and Hare-skins, shewing process of manufacture from raw material.
422—Boyd, Matthew, Wellington.
  • Heels and Toeplates for Boots and Shoes.
423—Cartwright, Edward T., Auckland.
  • Boot and Shoe Uppers.
424—Crocker, George, Grahamstown, Thames.
  • Miners' Boots for Mineral Water. Made of leather that is not destroyed by the minerals in the water of drives, shafts, &c., in mines.
page 44
425—Eagleton, Randolph, Auckland.
  • One case of Human Hair Goods, consisting of Wigs, Scalps, Fringes, Frizzettes, Tails, &c.
426—Ellison, Charles J., Wellington.
  • Boot and Shoe Uppers.
427—Fisher, David P., Auckland.
  • Dyed Ostrich Feathers.
428—Georgeson & Co., George, Wellington.
  • Clothing.
429—Gill, John R., Wellington.
  • Manufactured articles of Clothing made in Wellington.
430—Hannah & Co., R., Wellington.
  • Boots and Shoes.
431—Hill & Sons, Charles, Wellington.
  • Hats and Caps.
432—Huxley, James, Wellington.
  • Clothing.
433—Hyde, D. D., Wellington.
  • Hair work, Wigs, and Perfumery.
434—Jones & Ashdown, Wellington.
  • Clothing.
435—Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Company, Limited, Christchurch.
  • Clothing.
436—Lightband, Allan, & Co., Christchurch.
  • Boots and Shoes.
437—Lindsay, Alfred, Wellington.
  • Boots and Shoes, principally made of Colonial Leather.
page 45
438—Litchfield & Son, Blenheim.
  • Millinery.
439—Matson, J. T., Papanui, Canterbury.
  • Ostrich Feathers.
440—New Zealand Clothing Factory, Dunedin.
  • Manufactured Clothing.
441—Nicholls, William, Christchurch.
  • Boots and Shoes.
412—Northern Boot & Shoe Manufacturing Company, Auckland.
  • Collection of Boots, Shoes, and Uppers.
443—Potter, Joseph E., Wellington.
  • Boots and Shoes. The whole of the leather used in the bottoms is manufactured in New Zealand, and also the tops of those Numbered 11, 13, 39, 40, 41, 42, 46, 57, 66, 69, 70 and 71.
444—Poynter, George H., Wellington.
  • Boots. Hand-sewn.
445—Price, Henry T., Wellington.
  • Hair-work, Wigs, &c.
446—Ross & Glendining, Dunedin.
  • Clothing.
447—Sloan, J. & R., Wellington.
  • Clothing.
448—Staples, William & John, Wellington
  • Boots and Shoes.
449—Wilson & Richardson, Wellington.
  • Clothing.

Class 38.—Jewellery and Precious Stones.

450-Kohn, Siegfried, Wellington.
  • Jewellery
  • Silver Plate.
page 46
451—Partridge & Son, James T., Christchurch.
  • Manufactured Gold and Silver Goods, and Articles of Vertu.
452—Sandstein, Marcus, Christchurch.
  • Sterling Silver Epergne and Plateau
  • Sterling Silver Coffee Pot, made of New Zealand Silver.
453—Tutenberg, Anton, Auckland.
  • Walking Sticks made of New Zealand Woods, inlaid and silver-mounted
  • Bronze and Silver Medals
  • Gold and Silver Work.

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