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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 61

Department II

page 15

Department II

Class 9.—Agricultural Implements and Processes used in the Cultivation of Fields and Forests; Agricultural Machinery.

144—Acme Patent Barbed Wire Company Ti maru
  • Acme Patent Barbed Wire
  • Acme Patent Barbing Tools
  • Acme Concave Strainer, with key and Spanners
  • Acme Archimedian Strainer
  • Acme Patent Steel Barbs.
145—Andrews & Beaven, Christchurch.
  • Chaff Cutters
  • Horse Gears
  • Corn Crushers
  • Hand-power Grass Seed Thrasher Grass Seed Cleaners.
146—Carswell, White & Co., Invercargill.
  • Model of Tree Stump Extractor.
page 16
147—Duncan, P. & D Christchurch.
  • Agricultural Implements.
148—Finch, Frederick A., Karori, Wellington.
  • Iron Gates.
149—Fraser, George, Auckland.
  • Triumph Titree and Scrub Cutting Machine
  • Bushman's Log Jack.
150—Hat, Jabez, Invercargill.
  • Castings and Sawmill Machinery.
151—Lunt, Thomas, Seafield, Canterbuny.
  • Improved Connecting-rod for Reaper and Binder Machines.
152—Mackat, James, Wakapuaka, Nelson.
  • Standards and Strainers for Wire Fencing
  • Hand-strainers and Suspenders for Wire Fencing
  • Improved Hook for Sheep-dipping
  • Improved Sheep Foot Knife.
153—Murrat, William A., Piako, Auckland.
  • Appliance for Straining and Fixing the Wires in new
  • Wire Fences, and for effecting repairs to old ones.
154—New Zealand Implement Compant (Begg and Wilkinson), Dunedin.
  • Patent Central Archimedean Feed, Broadcast Grain and Grass-seed Sower
  • Patent Combined Turnip and Manure Drill
  • Patent Flexible Steel Harrows
  • Patent Self-locking Steel Fencing Standards
  • Patent Fencing Wire Clips
  • Patent Barbing Machine.
155—Norburt, George, Wellington.
  • Agricultural Field Tiles
  • Garden Borders.
156—Reid & Gray, Dunedin.
  • Agricultural Implements.
page 17
157—Wallace & Stotham, Otahuhu, Auckland.
  • "Triumph Hoe," fitted with patented Revolving Discs, suitable for cultivating Potatoes, Corn, Carrots, Beet and other drill crops. Hoe teeth can be altered to suit drills of any width, and revolving discs adjusted to cut immediately alongside growing crop, dividing weeds from plants, without danger of destroying same.

Class 10.—Apparatus and Processes used in Agricultural Works.

158—Atkinson, Thomas, Christchurch.
  • Cooking Ranges
  • Castings.
159—Barnard, Joseph, Greytown North.
  • Bar-framed Bee-Hive, and improved Apiary Appliances.
160—Barret, Edwin, Wanganui.
  • One Bee-Hive for raising Comb Honey or Extracted Honey—Raised over 700 sections last year.
161—Brickull, Thomas G., Dunedin.
  • Bee-Hives, Honey Extractors, and Apiarian Appliances.
162—Bryant & Pond, Auckland.
  • Enamel-lined Wooden Packages, for the export of Butter, Meats, &c.
163—Crawford, Walter W., Auckland.
  • Dairy Factory and other Models of Machinery (comprising a complete Cheese Factory Plant, on scale of 2in. to the foot.
161—Crompton, Thomas, Christchurch.
  • Ranges.
165—Dixon, Thomas, Masterton.
  • 3 Worksop Bee-Hives, made of White Pine, and with arrangements for surplus honey.
166—Dow, Thomas C., Christchurch.
  • Barrel Churn.
page 18
167—Ellis, Thomas, Goat Valley, Wanganui.
  • Patent Churn.

I claim for my exhibit that it produces six per cent, more butter than any other churn. It is self-cleaning by cross-action. It is manufactured entirely of New Zealand wood, and is uniform, so that any part can be replaced on application.

168—Firth, Josiah C., Matamata Apiary, Auckland.
  • Artificial Comb Foundation.
169—Fleming, John, Geraldine, Canterbury.
  • 3 Milk Tins; cost, Is per gallon.
170—Harbutt, Thomas J., Auckland.
  • Corn Brooms, manufactured in Auckland by Colonial youths
  • Hand Whisps, manufactured in Auckland by Colonial youths.
171—Harrington, James, Invercargill.
  • 1 Case Horse Shoes and Shod Feet.
172—Jensen, Jens, Feilding, Wellington.
  • Combination Firestand and Boiler, for kitchen use.
173—Laurie, William, Thames.
  • Water Wheel, for domestic use.
174—Luke & Sons, S., Wellington.
  • Machinery and Cooking Ranges.
175—Murray, David, Wanganui.
  • One 6-Horse Power Horizontal Stationary Engine
  • One Double Cheese Press
  • One Single Cheese Press
176—Papworth, David S., Masterton.
  • Artificial Incubator, for hatching the eggs of fowls, ducks, turkeys, geese, etc.
  • Manufactured entirely of New Zealand timber.
177—Scott, Brothers, Christchurch.
  • Kitchen Ranges.
page 19
178—Shacklock, Henry E., Dnnedin.
  • Cooking Ranges of artistic design, portability, ease of management, economy of fuel, adaptability to the various fuels in use in the Colony, and dispensation of brickwork.
179—Smith, Herbert H., Auckland.
  • 2 Stoves, made in Auckland.
180—Watters, Thomas J., Christchurch.
  • Cooking Ranges.

Class 11.—Apparatus and Processes used in Mining and Metallurgy.

181—Alves, John, Dunedin.
  • Gold Mining Machinery.
182—Ashcroet, George, Petone.
  • Quartz Crushing and Gold Saving Machine.
183—Brunner Coal Company, Brunnerton, Greymouth.
  • Fire-clay Retorts, for Gas-making, and other Fire-clay goods.
184—Burt, A. & T., Dunedin.
  • General Metal Manufactures.
185—Danes, I. & T., Christchurch.
  • Pumps in Motion.
186—Foothead, Edward I., Wellington.
  • Metal Work.
187—Fraser, George, Auckland.
  • Hydraulic Mining Jet.
188—Hopkinson, Joseph, Marlon, Rangitikei.
  • New Design of Furnace, for Smelting Virgin Iron Ore.
189—Malfroy, Camille, Ross, Westland.
  • Hydraulic Motors, to be worked by Water Pressure by means of a one-inch supply pipe
  • Drawings of Direct Acting Pumping Engine.
page 20

Class 12.—Apparatus used in Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Tanning.

190—Chatfield, A.W., Auckland.
  • New Zealand Patent "Triumph" Celluloid Base, for Artificial Teeth; also Base and Dental Specimens.
191—Hall, Walter E., Wellington.
  • Artificial Teeth on Vulcanite, Platina, Gold, Celluloid, &c.
192—Hatch, Joseph, Invercargill.
  • Sheep Dip, and "Wool dipped with same.
193—Michaelis, Hallenstein, & Farquhar, Dunedin.
  • Tanning Material.
194—Monckton, Francis A., Kumara, Westland.
  • Compound decoction of Phormium Tenax, prepared as an Antiseptic Granulating agent in the practice of Surgery.
195—Robinson, Dr. Horace, Dunedin.
  • Prosthetic Dentistry.
196—Tripe, Dr. Julius D., Wanganui.
  • 1. Improved Aspirator for evacuating the contents of large cysts, &c.
  • 2. Improved Leg Splint
  • 3. Apparatus for treatment of severe injuries to the arm
  • 4. Craniotamy Crochet
  • 5. Forceps for removing foreign bodies from the ear, &c.
  • 6. Self-acting Galvanic Ecraseur.
197—Wilson, Henry C., Napier, Hawke's Bay.
  • Artificial Dentistry.
page 21

Glass 13.—Machines and Apparatus in General.

193—Ballinger Brothers, Wellington.
  • Ironware, &c.
199—Beaumont Brothers, Wellington.
  • Tin and Sheet Ironware.
200—Bedell, Henry G., Wellington.
  • "The New Zealand Wonder," Machine for Drilling and Tapping Pipes and Boilers under High Pressure
  • "The Permanent Magnet Machine:" Electric Light and Shock Dymo Machine.
201—Bernasconi, Giuseppe, Wellington.
  • A Machine calculated to perform 7 different kinds of work at the same time, viz., Band-saw work, Fretsaw work, Oval Turning, Drilling, Circular-saw work, Grindstone work, and Lathe work, either by Hand, Treadle, or Steam Power. Invented and made by the Exhibitor
  • Sundry other Machinery.
202—Booth, Macdonald, & Co., Christchurch and Invercargill.
  • Carlyle Iron Windmill for Pumping Water. Erected complete.
203—Cameron, Maurice P., Wellington.
  • Tinware
  • Galvanized Ware
  • Japan Ware
  • Lead-headed Nails.
204—Climo & Bawden, Thames.
  • Patent Water Motor.
205—Collie, John, Wellington.
  • Improved Saw Frame, with Crank and Handle.
206—Crompton, Thomas, Christchurch.
  • Sundry Castings.
page 22
207—Cutten & Co., Dunedin.
  • Eire-Proof Safe
  • Strong Room Door
  • Bicycle, &c.
208—Donald, Donald, Masterton.
  • One "Solway" Wool Press.
209—Earle, John, Auckland.
  • A machine for mixing Teas, Seeds, or Grains, and called the "Zealandia Combination Tea Mixer," (Patent).
210—Eairweather, William, Blenheim.
  • Foundry Work.
211—Fisher, Hugh, Grahamstown, Thames.
  • Two Sets of Pulley Blocks.
212—Fraser, George, Auckland.
  • Marine Compound Engine of 16 H.P. nominal Valveless Horizontal Steam Winch.
213—Fraser, John C., Coromandel, Auckland.
  • Clothes-washing Machine.
214—Garland, Thomas, Wellington.
  • Tin and Japanned Ware.
215—Gascoigne, Charles J., Marton, Wellington.
  • Model of Wool Press. Entirely of New Zealand Products.
216—Hibberd & Legge, Auckland.
  • Artificial Stone, and Working Models of Machinery.
217—Hurrey & Gibbons, Gishorne.
  • Saws, patented for New Zealand.
218—Jenkins, Thomas C. Wellington.
  • Recording Billiard Marker.
219—Jowsey & Jackson, Timaru.
  • Invalid Bedstead
  • A Bedstead suitable for Invalids and treatment of Fractures.
page 23
220—Judd, Charles, Thames.
  • Jacks.
221—Kincaid, Mcqueen, & Co., Dunedin.
  • Machinery.
222—Knuckey, Richard, Wellington.
  • A Washing Machine.
223—Mcduff, John W., Wanganui.
  • Fire Hose Reel.
224—Mills & Cable, Wellington.
  • General Machinery.
225—Murray, David, Wanganui.
  • 1 Murray's Patent Wool Press.
226—New Zealand Implement Company (Beggh and Wilkinson) Dunedin.
  • Patent Traegerwellblech: Weight-bearing Iron
  • Patent Domestic Washing Machine.
227—Osborne & Baker, Invercargill.
  • Steam Engine.
228—Packer, Jabez A., Nelson.
  • Artificial Limbs.
229—Price, A. & G., Thames.
  • Machinery.
230—Price, William H., Sydenham, Canterbury.
  • Garden Engine
  • Hand Fire Engine
  • Force Pump.
231—Prince, Walter, Dunedin.
  • One Dynamo-electric Machine for 50 Incandescent Lamps of 20 C. Power each
  • Set of Mining (electric) Lamps and sundry fittings for Electric Light as applied to domestic purposes.
232—Remington, George, Wellington.
  • Hardware.
233—Robertson & Co., Wellington.
  • Machinery, Ironwork, Forgings, and Castings.
page 24
234—Scott Brothers, Christchurch.
  • Steam Engines
  • Steam Pump Turbine
  • Ely Press
  • Register Grates
  • Fountains
  • Garden Seats
  • Architectural and other Ornamental Castings.
235—Sexton, James, Wellington.
  • 1 Case Assorted Steel Polished Horse Shoes, highly finished and slated.
236—Sparrow & Co., R. S., Dunedin.
  • Machinery.
237—Stevens & Harding, Fielding, Wellington.
  • Model of Patent Fire Locator, an electric apparatus by means of which the direction or locality of a fire is indicated at a Brigade Station; or a means of indicating when a hostile vessel passes immediately over the spot at which a torpedo is sunk in a harbour.
238—Swann & Koertz, Waverley, Patea.
  • 1 Wool Press.
239—Waddell, T., Sydenham, Christchurch.
  • Steel Castings, general assortment.
240—Wellington Gas Company, Wellington.
  • Gas Cookers
  • Gas Heating Stoves
  • Ventilating Stoves
  • Water Heaters
  • Gas Engine
  • Coke Stoves.
241—Willson, R. J. Fermor, Dunedin.
  • Patent Washing Machine.
page 25

Class 14.—Machine Tools.

242—Bedell, Henry G., Wellington.
  • "The Lightning" Lead-Headed Nail Machine.
243—Coopee, James, New Plymouth.
  • 1 Improved Nail-puller
  • Sundry Machine Tools.
244—Hudson, Joseph H., Wellington.
  • Model of Machine Tools.
245—Nees, Charles, Wellington.
  • Machine for grinding or reducing Circular or other Saws.

Class 17.—Apparatus and Processes for Sewing and Making-up Clothing.

246—Chambers, David S., Auckland.
  • Sewing Machine Apparatus, &c.
247—Schlaadt, Brothers, Dunedin.
  • Water Motors
  • Boot Manufacturing Machinery
  • Sample Cutter Knives.

Class 18.—Apparatus and Processes used in the Manufacture of Furniture and Objects for Dwellings.

248—Bates, Jr., William, Christchurch.
  • Eurniture.
249—Beadnall, Thomas, Wellington.
  • Picture Frames
  • Ornaments for Picture Frames
  • Cardboard Mounts for Pictures.
page 26
250—Begg & Co., Charles, Dunedin.
  • Piano.
251—Bills, Charles, Dunedin.
  • Woven Wire Mattresses
  • Bird Cages
  • Garden Wire Work
  • Sieves, Riddles, &c.
252—Calman, John, Wanganui.
  • Bedroom Suite of Furniture complete. About 20,000 pieces of wood used in construction. Carving made of Cedar, the rest entirely of New Zealand woods.
253—Carey, Patrick J., Nelson.
  • Curled Hair for Upholstery, superior to the imported article.
254—Cheltenam, Richard, Auckland.
  • 2 Marble Chimney-pieces, with Fittings for same.
255—Cooper, James, New Plymouth.
  • 1 Garden Lounge.
256—Cording, Edmund, Featherston.
  • Table inlaid with New Zealand woods, taken entirely from Featherston Bush.
257—Craig & Gillies, Dunedin.
  • Furniture.
258—Crompton, Thomas, Ghristchurch.
  • Mangles.
259—Dunedin Iron & Woodware Company, Dunedin.
  • Furniture
  • Bentwork and Woodwares.
260—Effey, Charles, Christchurch,
  • One Drawing-room suite of furniture in Maroon rep.
  • One Dining-room suite of furniture in Morocco
  • One Parlour suite of furniture in Hair-cloth.
page 27
261—Fraser, John C., Coromandel, Auckland.
  • 1 Bed Mattress.
262—Gcldsmid, Abraham B. W., Wanganui.
  • Two Infant's Safety Swings.
263—Gosling, Benjamin, Feilding, Manawatu.
  • Memorial Tablets on Glass, for Churches and Dwellings Inside decorative works and writing.
264—Henderson, David, Thames.
  • Improved Hand Bellows.
265—Henn & Hansen, Wellington.
  • Venetian Blinds, &c.
266—Hooker, William, Christchurch.
  • House Furniture: Drawing-room, Bedroom, and Sitting-room.
267—Hucker, Joseph, Dunedin.
  • Ebonised Cabinet.
268—Jago, Thomas, Masterton.
  • Large Chest of Drawers.
269—Kilworth, Thomas E., Ashburton, Canterbury.
  • Sideboard, manufactured from Red and Black Pine Timber.
270—Kimbell, J. L., Wellington.
  • Furniture manufactured in "Wellington.
271—Langbein, A. A., Timaru.
  • 1 Clock Stand made of Colonial wood
272—Levett, Robert, Auckland.
  • 2 Marble Chimney-pieces, with Fittings for same.
273—Matthews & Glass, Oamaru.
  • 12 Grained and Marbled Pannels
  • 3 Freehand Drawings
  • Embossed Glass.
page 28
274—Moffltn, Arthur, New Plymouth, Taranaki.
  • Model, half size, Extending Dining Table.
275—Norr1E, William, Auckland.
  • A Gem "Wardrobe, of New Zealand woods.
276—North & Scoullar, Dunedin,
  • Furniture.
277—Oakden & Howell, Dunedin.
  • Pianoforte.
278—Poole, Richard, Dunedin.
  • Patent Safety Folding Fire-Screen, Guard, Damper, and Fuel Economiser.
279—Shone, Thomas, Nelson.
  • Inlaid Table-Top of New Zealand woods.
280—Stonebridge, Thomas, Dunedin.
  • Cabinet Work.
281—Tiller, George, Wellington.
  • Sideboard in New Zealand Wood
  • Suite of Furniture.
282—Townlet, John, Gisborne.
  • Furniture.
283—Trevethick, Charles, Lower Hutt, Wellington.
  • Brushware.
284—White, Alfred J., Ghristchurch.
  • Household Furniture
  • Organ made by E. H. Jenkins.
285—Whitt & Donaldson, Masterton.
  • Sideboard in various New Zealand woods.
286—Windelev, John, Wellington.
  • House Bellows
  • Knife Board.
page 29
287—Winks & Hall, Auckland.
  • Bedroom Suite.

Class 19.—Apparatus and Processes used in Paper-making, Dyeing, Printing, Stereotyping, and Lithography.

288—Best, Samuel, Dunedin.
  • Specimens of Lithographic Drawing and Writing.
289—Bock & Cousins, Wellington.
  • Specimens of Engraving
  • Specimens of Die Sinking
  • Specimens of Lithographic and Letterpress Printing Letterpress Printing Machine.
290—Buebett, Robert, Wellington.
  • Samples of Lithography, Printing, Engraving, and Bookbinding.
291—Didsburt, George, Wellington.
  • Apparatus and Processes used in Printing, Bookbinding and Stereotyping
  • Specimens of Bookbinding and Electrotypes.
292—Edwards & Green, Wellington.
  • Show Frames of Printing, &c.
293—Fergusson & Mitchell, Dunedin.
  • Account Books, Letterpress, Binding, &c.
  • Brown, Grey, and Coloured Wrapping Paper and Paper Bags.
294—Ffrost & Manlet, Wellington.
  • Rubber Stamps
295—George, Thomas, Dunedin.
  • Lithography and General Printing.
page 30
296—Griffin, S. U., Auckland.
  • Brass Plate Engraving
  • Stencil Cutting
  • Gun Engraving
  • Jewellery Engraving
  • Rubber Stamps.
297—Lanskheae, William I., Wellington.
  • Letterpress and Account Books Stationery and Bookbinders' Machinery.
298—Lyon & Blair, Wellington.
  • Manufactured Stationery, &c.
299—Mataura Falls Paper Mill Company, Dunedin.
  • Brown Wrapping Paper
  • Grey Paper
  • Paper Bags.
300—Murray & Spencer, Auckland.
  • Rubber Stamps of our own manufacture
  • Patent Self-Inking Stamps, fitted with Rubber
  • Dies of our own manufacture.
301—New Zealand Paper Bag Manufacturing Company, Dunedin.
  • Paper Bags
  • Stereotype Blocks.
302—"New Zealand Times," Wellington.
  • Posters, Circulars, Cards &c.
303—Palethorpe, Harold, Wellington.
  • Engraved Wood Blocks and Proofs.
304—Surveyor-General, Wellington.
  • Lithographs.
305—Thames Newspaper & Printing Company, Thames.
  • Specimens of Letterpress Printing.
306—"Timaru Herald" Company, Timaru.
  • 1 Case of Samples of Printing by Letterpress Process.
page 31
307—Whitcombe & Tombs, Limited, Christchurch.
  • All kinds of Manufactured Stationery, including Account Books, Blank Books, Diaries and Packed Note Paper, Publications, Specimens of Lithography, Printing, Bookbinding, &c.
308—"Williams, Chaeles H., Wellington.
  • Specimens of Ornamental Engraving.
309—Young, Heney W., Wanganui.
  • Design for Card Cutting Machine.

Class 20.—Machines, Instruments, and Processes used in various Works, including Horological Appliances.

310—Barnes, Richard J., Wellington.
  • Clock, with iserhronal pendulum.
311—Forrest & Son, J., Sydenham, Canterbury.
  • Cardboard Boxes, for Jewellery, Hats, etc.
312—Hess & Mothes, Petone, Wellington.
  • Violin Strings
  • Clock and Bow Strings, for watchmakers
  • Belt, for machinery.
  • All manufactured from sheep gut.
313—Hickson, Theodor W., Auckland.
  • Triumph Totalisator, or Automatic Multiplex Registering Machine.
314—Littlejohn & Son, W., Wellington.
  • Clocks
  • Turret Clock
  • Astronomical Clock
315—Procter, Thomas R., Christchurch.
  • Optical Goods.
316—Service, William, Auckland.
  • Cardboard Boxes.
317—Tracey, Thomas J., Dunedin.
  • Cardboard Boxes.
page 31

Class 21.—Carriages and Wheelwrights' Work.

318—Balme, Henry, Nelson.
  • Denmark Phaeton.
319—Bohan, Michael, Wellington.
  • Buggies.
320—Boon & Stevens, Christchurch.
  • Hansom Cab
  • Buggy.
321—Cameron, Daniel, Greytown North.
  • Double-seated Buggy, made by Exhibitor.
322—Cousins & Aitken, Auckland.
  • 1 Cart
  • 1 Zealandia Fine Glass Landau.
323—Elmslt & Curlett, Christchurch.
  • 1 Double Buggy
  • 1 two-wheeled Vehicle (either Dog Cart, Whitechapel Cart, or Pony Cart).
324—Fitchett, John, Wellington.
  • Spring Cart.
325—Howland, A. G., Christchurch.
  • Buggy, fitted with Eccentric Lock
  • Waggonette with Eccentric Lock
326—Langdown & Co., William, Christchurch.
  • Carriage Material.
327—Moore & Co., W., Christchurch.
  • 2 Carriages.
328—Muir & Dixon, Coach Builders, Masterton.
  • 1 Double Buggy, with Polo and Shafts, Lamps, Brake, and Leather Trimmings.
329—Rafton, Henry, Auckland.
  • Rafton's Patent Spring-seat Four-wheel Peramubulator
  • Rafton's Patent Improved Portable-seated Peramubulator
330—Robin & Co., J., Dunedin.
  • Carriages.
page 33
331—Rouse & Hurrell, Wellington.
  • Carriages.
332—Service & Fitton, Auckland.
  • Bicycles and parts.
333—Sinclair, Mark, Coachbuilder, Dunedin.
  • Sinclair's Combination Buggy.

Can be used as a Dog Cart, Double or Single Seat Buggy, without any extra fixings; the whole thing being complete in itself, and can be instantly converted into either of the above, as may be desired. The design and improvements are entirely of my own invention. The Panels are of Kauri wood, the Framework, Gear and Wheels of Hickory and Ash.

334—Stewart, J. & W., Dunedin.
  • Single Buggy.

Class 22.—Harness and Saddlery, Portmanteaux, Belts, Purses, and Manufactured Leather Goods.

335—Ballantine, Jane, Wanganui.
  • Leather Work.
336—Bruce & Co., Henry, Limited. Auckland.
  • 1 Lady's Saddle
  • 5 Gents' Saddles.
337—Evans, John E., Wellington.
  • Saddlery
  • Harness
  • Leather Cases.
338—Field, Edmund A., Dunedin.
  • Portmanteaux, Basils, Straps, etc.
339—Greatrex & Son, Wellington.
  • Saddlery
  • Whipthongs
  • Collars.
page 34
340—Hatfield, George, Auckland.
  • Solid Leather Portmanteaux
  • Gladstone Bags
  • Hat Cases.

All made from New Zealand leather.

341—Mackay, James, Wakapuaka, Nelson.
  • Improved Harness
  • Safety Roller Stirrups
  • Safety Spring Bar for Saddles.
342—Wiggins, William, Wellington.
  • Saddlery
  • Harness.

Class 23.—Railway Apparatus.

343—Darrow, James, Thames.
  • Railway Sleepers.
344—Hopkinson, Joseph, Morton, Rangitikei.
  • New Designs for Railway Carriage Wheels of all kinds.

Class 24.—Telegraphic Apparatus and Processes.

345—Welch, Herbert L., Christchurch.
  • Telephone Companion, for the purpose of conveniently writing down messages received or to be transmitted through the Telephone.

Class 25.—Apparatus and Processes of Civil Engineering, Public Works, and Architecture.

346—Akersten, William, Nelson.
  • Plans of Bridges.
347—Atkins, Alfred, Wanganui.
  • Wire Measure for surveying.
page 35
348—Auckland Brick & Tile Company, Auckland.
  • Dry Pressed Plain Bricks
  • Fancy Bricks.
349—Austin, Kirk & Co., Limited, Christchurch.
  • Building Material.
350—Ballinger, Thomas, Wellington.
  • Plumbing, Gasfitting, and Sheet Metal Goods.
351—Crompton, Thomas, Christchurch.
  • Water-barrows
  • Wheelbarrows.
352—Danks, J. & T., Christchurch.
  • Pumps, Steam, Water, and Gas Fittings.
353—Falkner, Alfred, Wellington.
  • Map, showing the topographical features of the lands belonging to the Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company, and the district served by its Railway between Wellington and Junction with Fox-ton and Taranaki Railway.
354—Ford & Ogden, Christchurch.
  • Bricks.
355—Gaby, Herbert, Wellington.
  • Gas, Fire, and other Gas Appliances.
356—Gisborne Harbour Board, Gisbome.
  • Model of proposed Harbour and Breakwater.
357—Grothe, Albert, Devonport, Auckland.
  • Plans of an improved Slipway for ships.
358—Hill, Herbert, Wellington.
  • Chimney Pots.
359—Luke & Sons, S., Wellington.
  • Builders' Material, etc.
page 36
360—Norbury, George, Wellington.
  • Building Bricks
  • Chimney Tops.
361—Pentelow, Ebenezer, Greymouth, Westland.
  • Picture: Bird's-eye View of Greymouth Harbour.
362—Springeield Coal Company, Limited, Canterbury.
  • Bricks, Tiles, etc.
363—Thompson, Thomas J., Bluff Harlour, Campbelltown.
  • Brickets and Powder Portland Cement, manufactured at Bluff Harbour. Of good quality, and equal to the imported article.
364—Warkworth Cement Company, Auckland.
  • Portland Cement
  • Hydraulic Lime.
365—Wellington Gas Company, Wellington.
  • Model Gas Works
  • Photometer
  • High Power Burner in avenue
  • Gas Burners of various designs
  • Regenerative Gas Burners.

Class 26.—Navigation and Life Saving.

366—Akeesten, William, Nelson.
  • Compasses
  • Life Buoys
  • Boat Lowering Apparatus
  • Other Marine Contrivances.
367—Coventry, James, Wellington.
  • Coventry's Patent Mechanical Swimming Instructor.
368—Green, H. T., Boat Builder, Dunedin.
  • 1 set Racing Oars, and 1 pair Racing Sculls.
page 37
369—Hoskins, Edwin, Wellington.
  • Model of Ship.
370—Huffam Brothers, Nelson.
  • 3 Models of Boats.
371—Mills & Cable, Wellington.
  • Steam Engine and Boiler Propellers.
372—Sinclair, Duncan, Lower Hutt, Wellington.
  • Improvement in Marine Record Preservers.
373—Webster, William, Timaru.
  • Nautical Instrument.

Class 28.—Sanitary Appliances.

374—Auckland Brick & Tile Company, Auckland.
  • Socket Drain Pipes, &c.
  • Tiles.
375—Austin, Kirk, & Company, Limited, Christchurch.
  • Sanitary Appliances and Draining Pipes.
376—Boyd, George, Newton Pottery, Auckland.
  • Sanitary Appliances.
377—Ford & Ogden, Christchurch.
  • Drain Pipes.
378—Hayes, John E., Wellington.
  • Mechanical and Sanitary Manufactures.
379—Hement Brothers, Christchurch.
  • Syphon Bath Fittings.
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380—Norbury, George, Wellington.
  • Sewage Pipes
  • Sewage Bends
  • Sewage Junctions
  • Sewage Traps.
381—Ross, David, F.R.I.B.A., Dunedin and Auckland,
  • Ross's Patent Double-purpose Sanitary Self-acting Closet Seat.
382—Springfield Coal Company, Limited, Canterbury.
  • Drain Pipes, Junctions, &c.

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