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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 61

Class 18.—Apparatus and Processes used in the Manufacture of Furniture and Objects for Dwellings

Class 18.—Apparatus and Processes used in the Manufacture of Furniture and Objects for Dwellings.

248—Bates, Jr., William, Christchurch.
  • Eurniture.
249—Beadnall, Thomas, Wellington.
  • Picture Frames
  • Ornaments for Picture Frames
  • Cardboard Mounts for Pictures.
page 26
250—Begg & Co., Charles, Dunedin.
  • Piano.
251—Bills, Charles, Dunedin.
  • Woven Wire Mattresses
  • Bird Cages
  • Garden Wire Work
  • Sieves, Riddles, &c.
252—Calman, John, Wanganui.
  • Bedroom Suite of Furniture complete. About 20,000 pieces of wood used in construction. Carving made of Cedar, the rest entirely of New Zealand woods.
253—Carey, Patrick J., Nelson.
  • Curled Hair for Upholstery, superior to the imported article.
254—Cheltenam, Richard, Auckland.
  • 2 Marble Chimney-pieces, with Fittings for same.
255—Cooper, James, New Plymouth.
  • 1 Garden Lounge.
256—Cording, Edmund, Featherston.
  • Table inlaid with New Zealand woods, taken entirely from Featherston Bush.
257—Craig & Gillies, Dunedin.
  • Furniture.
258—Crompton, Thomas, Ghristchurch.
  • Mangles.
259—Dunedin Iron & Woodware Company, Dunedin.
  • Furniture
  • Bentwork and Woodwares.
260—Effey, Charles, Christchurch,
  • One Drawing-room suite of furniture in Maroon rep.
  • One Dining-room suite of furniture in Morocco
  • One Parlour suite of furniture in Hair-cloth.
page 27
261—Fraser, John C., Coromandel, Auckland.
  • 1 Bed Mattress.
262—Gcldsmid, Abraham B. W., Wanganui.
  • Two Infant's Safety Swings.
263—Gosling, Benjamin, Feilding, Manawatu.
  • Memorial Tablets on Glass, for Churches and Dwellings Inside decorative works and writing.
264—Henderson, David, Thames.
  • Improved Hand Bellows.
265—Henn & Hansen, Wellington.
  • Venetian Blinds, &c.
266—Hooker, William, Christchurch.
  • House Furniture: Drawing-room, Bedroom, and Sitting-room.
267—Hucker, Joseph, Dunedin.
  • Ebonised Cabinet.
268—Jago, Thomas, Masterton.
  • Large Chest of Drawers.
269—Kilworth, Thomas E., Ashburton, Canterbury.
  • Sideboard, manufactured from Red and Black Pine Timber.
270—Kimbell, J. L., Wellington.
  • Furniture manufactured in "Wellington.
271—Langbein, A. A., Timaru.
  • 1 Clock Stand made of Colonial wood
272—Levett, Robert, Auckland.
  • 2 Marble Chimney-pieces, with Fittings for same.
273—Matthews & Glass, Oamaru.
  • 12 Grained and Marbled Pannels
  • 3 Freehand Drawings
  • Embossed Glass.
page 28
274—Moffltn, Arthur, New Plymouth, Taranaki.
  • Model, half size, Extending Dining Table.
275—Norr1E, William, Auckland.
  • A Gem "Wardrobe, of New Zealand woods.
276—North & Scoullar, Dunedin,
  • Furniture.
277—Oakden & Howell, Dunedin.
  • Pianoforte.
278—Poole, Richard, Dunedin.
  • Patent Safety Folding Fire-Screen, Guard, Damper, and Fuel Economiser.
279—Shone, Thomas, Nelson.
  • Inlaid Table-Top of New Zealand woods.
280—Stonebridge, Thomas, Dunedin.
  • Cabinet Work.
281—Tiller, George, Wellington.
  • Sideboard in New Zealand Wood
  • Suite of Furniture.
282—Townlet, John, Gisborne.
  • Furniture.
283—Trevethick, Charles, Lower Hutt, Wellington.
  • Brushware.
284—White, Alfred J., Ghristchurch.
  • Household Furniture
  • Organ made by E. H. Jenkins.
285—Whitt & Donaldson, Masterton.
  • Sideboard in various New Zealand woods.
286—Windelev, John, Wellington.
  • House Bellows
  • Knife Board.
page 29
287—Winks & Hall, Auckland.
  • Bedroom Suite.