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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 61

Glass 13.—Machines and Apparatus in General

page 21

Glass 13.—Machines and Apparatus in General.

193—Ballinger Brothers, Wellington.
  • Ironware, &c.
199—Beaumont Brothers, Wellington.
  • Tin and Sheet Ironware.
200—Bedell, Henry G., Wellington.
  • "The New Zealand Wonder," Machine for Drilling and Tapping Pipes and Boilers under High Pressure
  • "The Permanent Magnet Machine:" Electric Light and Shock Dymo Machine.
201—Bernasconi, Giuseppe, Wellington.
  • A Machine calculated to perform 7 different kinds of work at the same time, viz., Band-saw work, Fretsaw work, Oval Turning, Drilling, Circular-saw work, Grindstone work, and Lathe work, either by Hand, Treadle, or Steam Power. Invented and made by the Exhibitor
  • Sundry other Machinery.
202—Booth, Macdonald, & Co., Christchurch and Invercargill.
  • Carlyle Iron Windmill for Pumping Water. Erected complete.
203—Cameron, Maurice P., Wellington.
  • Tinware
  • Galvanized Ware
  • Japan Ware
  • Lead-headed Nails.
204—Climo & Bawden, Thames.
  • Patent Water Motor.
205—Collie, John, Wellington.
  • Improved Saw Frame, with Crank and Handle.
206—Crompton, Thomas, Christchurch.
  • Sundry Castings.
page 22
207—Cutten & Co., Dunedin.
  • Eire-Proof Safe
  • Strong Room Door
  • Bicycle, &c.
208—Donald, Donald, Masterton.
  • One "Solway" Wool Press.
209—Earle, John, Auckland.
  • A machine for mixing Teas, Seeds, or Grains, and called the "Zealandia Combination Tea Mixer," (Patent).
210—Eairweather, William, Blenheim.
  • Foundry Work.
211—Fisher, Hugh, Grahamstown, Thames.
  • Two Sets of Pulley Blocks.
212—Fraser, George, Auckland.
  • Marine Compound Engine of 16 H.P. nominal Valveless Horizontal Steam Winch.
213—Fraser, John C., Coromandel, Auckland.
  • Clothes-washing Machine.
214—Garland, Thomas, Wellington.
  • Tin and Japanned Ware.
215—Gascoigne, Charles J., Marton, Wellington.
  • Model of Wool Press. Entirely of New Zealand Products.
216—Hibberd & Legge, Auckland.
  • Artificial Stone, and Working Models of Machinery.
217—Hurrey & Gibbons, Gishorne.
  • Saws, patented for New Zealand.
218—Jenkins, Thomas C. Wellington.
  • Recording Billiard Marker.
219—Jowsey & Jackson, Timaru.
  • Invalid Bedstead
  • A Bedstead suitable for Invalids and treatment of Fractures.
page 23
220—Judd, Charles, Thames.
  • Jacks.
221—Kincaid, Mcqueen, & Co., Dunedin.
  • Machinery.
222—Knuckey, Richard, Wellington.
  • A Washing Machine.
223—Mcduff, John W., Wanganui.
  • Fire Hose Reel.
224—Mills & Cable, Wellington.
  • General Machinery.
225—Murray, David, Wanganui.
  • 1 Murray's Patent Wool Press.
226—New Zealand Implement Company (Beggh and Wilkinson) Dunedin.
  • Patent Traegerwellblech: Weight-bearing Iron
  • Patent Domestic Washing Machine.
227—Osborne & Baker, Invercargill.
  • Steam Engine.
228—Packer, Jabez A., Nelson.
  • Artificial Limbs.
229—Price, A. & G., Thames.
  • Machinery.
230—Price, William H., Sydenham, Canterbury.
  • Garden Engine
  • Hand Fire Engine
  • Force Pump.
231—Prince, Walter, Dunedin.
  • One Dynamo-electric Machine for 50 Incandescent Lamps of 20 C. Power each
  • Set of Mining (electric) Lamps and sundry fittings for Electric Light as applied to domestic purposes.
232—Remington, George, Wellington.
  • Hardware.
233—Robertson & Co., Wellington.
  • Machinery, Ironwork, Forgings, and Castings.
page 24
234—Scott Brothers, Christchurch.
  • Steam Engines
  • Steam Pump Turbine
  • Ely Press
  • Register Grates
  • Fountains
  • Garden Seats
  • Architectural and other Ornamental Castings.
235—Sexton, James, Wellington.
  • 1 Case Assorted Steel Polished Horse Shoes, highly finished and slated.
236—Sparrow & Co., R. S., Dunedin.
  • Machinery.
237—Stevens & Harding, Fielding, Wellington.
  • Model of Patent Fire Locator, an electric apparatus by means of which the direction or locality of a fire is indicated at a Brigade Station; or a means of indicating when a hostile vessel passes immediately over the spot at which a torpedo is sunk in a harbour.
238—Swann & Koertz, Waverley, Patea.
  • 1 Wool Press.
239—Waddell, T., Sydenham, Christchurch.
  • Steel Castings, general assortment.
240—Wellington Gas Company, Wellington.
  • Gas Cookers
  • Gas Heating Stoves
  • Ventilating Stoves
  • Water Heaters
  • Gas Engine
  • Coke Stoves.
241—Willson, R. J. Fermor, Dunedin.
  • Patent Washing Machine.