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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 61

Class 9.—Agricultural Implements and Processes used in the Cultivation of Fields and Forests; Agricultural Machinery

Class 9.—Agricultural Implements and Processes used in the Cultivation of Fields and Forests; Agricultural Machinery.

144—Acme Patent Barbed Wire Company Ti maru
  • Acme Patent Barbed Wire
  • Acme Patent Barbing Tools
  • Acme Concave Strainer, with key and Spanners
  • Acme Archimedian Strainer
  • Acme Patent Steel Barbs.
145—Andrews & Beaven, Christchurch.
  • Chaff Cutters
  • Horse Gears
  • Corn Crushers
  • Hand-power Grass Seed Thrasher Grass Seed Cleaners.
146—Carswell, White & Co., Invercargill.
  • Model of Tree Stump Extractor.
page 16
147—Duncan, P. & D Christchurch.
  • Agricultural Implements.
148—Finch, Frederick A., Karori, Wellington.
  • Iron Gates.
149—Fraser, George, Auckland.
  • Triumph Titree and Scrub Cutting Machine
  • Bushman's Log Jack.
150—Hat, Jabez, Invercargill.
  • Castings and Sawmill Machinery.
151—Lunt, Thomas, Seafield, Canterbuny.
  • Improved Connecting-rod for Reaper and Binder Machines.
152—Mackat, James, Wakapuaka, Nelson.
  • Standards and Strainers for Wire Fencing
  • Hand-strainers and Suspenders for Wire Fencing
  • Improved Hook for Sheep-dipping
  • Improved Sheep Foot Knife.
153—Murrat, William A., Piako, Auckland.
  • Appliance for Straining and Fixing the Wires in new
  • Wire Fences, and for effecting repairs to old ones.
154—New Zealand Implement Compant (Begg and Wilkinson), Dunedin.
  • Patent Central Archimedean Feed, Broadcast Grain and Grass-seed Sower
  • Patent Combined Turnip and Manure Drill
  • Patent Flexible Steel Harrows
  • Patent Self-locking Steel Fencing Standards
  • Patent Fencing Wire Clips
  • Patent Barbing Machine.
155—Norburt, George, Wellington.
  • Agricultural Field Tiles
  • Garden Borders.
156—Reid & Gray, Dunedin.
  • Agricultural Implements.
page 17
157—Wallace & Stotham, Otahuhu, Auckland.
  • "Triumph Hoe," fitted with patented Revolving Discs, suitable for cultivating Potatoes, Corn, Carrots, Beet and other drill crops. Hoe teeth can be altered to suit drills of any width, and revolving discs adjusted to cut immediately alongside growing crop, dividing weeds from plants, without danger of destroying same.